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How to Choose the Best Wall Colors for Small Bedrooms

Wall Colors for Small Bedrooms – The large house in the suburbs with the spacious yard is losing its popularity in some demographic segments.

Generation Y is eschewing their parents’ taste for space and heading to urban centers, where they are living small. Not only do they see this as an environmentally responsible move, but the prime location and short commute is more important to them than a lavish lifestyle. Small homes and apartments usually come with even smaller bedrooms, but some wall colors for small bedrooms will make your bedroom appear larger and still welcome you with a serene space at the end of the day.

Best Wall Colors for Small Bedrooms

Wall Colors for Small Bedrooms
Neutral Wall Paint Colors Contemporary Small Bedroom Decor Ideas by Tanna Green Architects


A neutral palette of off-whites is not only soothing to many people, but it can brighten and open up a small bedroom. Vary the colors by using tones of cream and beige to set the base. Too add interest to the otherwise-colorless space, use textured fabrics and natural elements that will create depth without deviating from the color scheme. Inserting pops of your favorite Wall Colors for Small Bedrooms throughout the space will also add visual appeal. If you like green, use it in accent pillows on the bed or chairs, in prints on the wall or through a variety of potted plants.

Green wall paint color schemes small bedroom decor designs


If your house is in the country or your bedroom has a view of Mother Nature, think green for your bedroom walls. Choose a shade of green that is crisp and bright, and one that reflects the colors in the yard. Mimic the color of the leaves on the trees or the stems of the flowers in the garden to give you a sense that the room continues past the windows. Interior designer Jay Jeffers says that green “elevates your spirit, which is going to make any room feel larger.” When adding art and other accents to the room, stay with the natural color theme and use shades of cream, brown and terracotta.

Shooting blue transitional small bedroom wall paint color combinations

Soothing Blue

Create a soothing space to sleep with a deep Mediterranean blue. Keep the ceiling white, but continue the blue past the walls and into the molding and carpet. Repeat the color in fabrics in the room, either as the main color or as part of a pattern, into the mats around your artwork, on your lampshades and even into floral arrangements. By using the color so completely, you create a unified space that has no beginning or end, and where the walls tend to fade into the background instead of taking center stage.

Espresso Wall Paint Colors Traditional Small Bedroom Furniture by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID


Do not be afraid to choose dark colors to warm up your space, even in small rooms. Coat the walls in a smooth espresso or coffee bean color. To give the walls some added interest, use a paint with some texture, like the paints now available with a suede finish. For a sophisticated look, use tones of cream, beige and pale blue in the accents, art and fabrics. If you are after a more chic and trendy look, paint the moldings white, place white furniture in the room and use lime, bright pink and aqua as accent colors.

Wall Colors for Small Bedrooms

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