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How to Choose Warm and Cozy Small Living Room Colors

Small Living Room Colors – Warm colors and textures make a small living room cozy and inviting.

Small Living Room Colors
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Comfort is when you walk into a room and feels embraced by your surroundings. The furniture, accessories, wall colors, flooring and its textures all contribute to the feeling of being warm and cozy. A living room’s size is either diminished or increased by its design and colors, and turning a small living room into a welcoming, peaceful retreat starts with your small living room color schemes.

Choosing Small Living Room Colors

Gold Wall Paint Colors Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

Select Small Living Room Colors that’s pleasing to your eye and taste. Warm colors feel cozy, and they range from pale yellow, through all the shades of orange, the tints of brown, and finally into red, from vivid Cadillac red to delicate pale pink. Your small living room glows with walls painted marigold, the lightest pink or salmon. Create a feature wall with a darker hue of paint, either glossy or eggshell, or cover it with patterned wallpaper. Paint the ceilings warm white or oatmeal.

Window Coverings

Note the position of the room’s windows and the amount of light coming through. East-, south- and west-facing windows receive an intense amount of light at different times of day, while north-facing windows maintain a constant stream of milder light all day. A heavy cotton drapery in a rust, pale gold, taupe and brown pattern hangs from the ceiling and pools on the floor to quieten the room. Use bronze-netting sheers underneath, allowing light into the living area. Garnet-and-gold-striped fabric is less busy but still substantial in weight and appearance. If you’ve chosen wallpaper, draperies in a matching pattern close in the space to make it feel more cozy.

Eclectic Living Room Furniture Paint Colors For Small Rooms Home Design Photos


Scale down your individual pieces to accommodate the room’s size. Floating furniture off the walls makes furniture placement interesting and opens up the space for additional seating. Two chenille, rolled-arm loveseats in a “V” shape with a glass-topped cocktail table or upholstered ottoman in the center create a welcoming seating area. Use coordinating plaid, tweed or velvet on wood-framed side chairs or an upholstered parson’s bench. A Queen Anne wing chair fitted in solid fabric or the softest buttery leather add to the cozy feeling of your room.



Reserve your Small Living Room Colors for the accessories you select to enhance your room. A glazed red ceramic floor pot with stalks of bamboo or pussy willows reaching high makes a dramatic focal point, and paintings in your accent colors and framed in gold highlight a feature wall. Install an actual wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace. Lining one wall with wooden bookcases adds to the coziness of your room. Tuck a loose-woven, multi-colored throw onto the back of the sofa, and use table lamps for intimate lighting.

Contemporary Furniture Small Living Room Colors Home Interior Decor Design Photos

Small Living Room Flooring

Natural warm, wood flooring is ideal for displaying a Persian or Oriental carpet. Sculpted carpeting in deep, jewel tones warms the room as does a deep-pile carpet. Tile and stone feel cold and hard and need the softness of area rugs to send them into the background. For a bold look, lay a plaid wall-to-wall carpet and decorate in the same colors as in the plaid.

Small Living Room Colors

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