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How to Create a Soccer Field At Home

Create a soccer field for the children’s room. An idea of ​​practical and ingenious decoration for children’s rooms is to create a soccer field with artificial turf, few tools and a bit of skill.How to Create a Soccer Field At Home

Create a fun soccer field for children’s bedroom or playroom. It is a simple task, which does not require much time, but which decorates, isolates from the cold and will become an ideal playground for children’s room.

Follow the step by step and create your own artificial soccer field.

What materials do I need?

To construct the goals:

  • Coarse washed sand
  • PVC pipes and elbows Plastic
  • mesh (to make the net)
  • Spray in matt white
  • Nylon braided rope
  • Adhesive PVC rigid-gel

To create the field:

  • Spray in matte white
  • Artificial
  • Turf

What tools do I need?

  • Metro
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Hacksaw

Step by Step

Step 1

Cut the artificial turf roll into the measures you want with a cutter to create the football field.

Step 2

With the help of bodybuilder tape, trace the lines of the football field on the grass that you will then fill with spray paint. The bodyguard tape will serve as a template to define the lines of the field.

Step 3

Fill in the holes that you have drawn with white paint spray suitable for plastic. We recommend that you choose a quick-drying spray.

Step 4

While letting the paint dry, always follow the manufacturer’s recommended time, measure the PVC pipes and cut them with a sawing bow to create the goals (do not forget to wear protective gloves).


Step 5

Fill the tubes with thick washed sand for consistency. You can use a bottle cut out as a funnel.

Step 6

Use the PVC elbows to mount the goal structure. Glue these small pieces to the tubes with adhesive for rigid PVC.

Step 7

Use this design to achieve a similar goal.

Step 8

Once assembled, paint your goalposts with white paint spray for PVC. Protect your hands with disposable plastic gloves and your furniture or floor with newspaper or cardboard.


Step 9

Once the paint finishes of the goals, it measures the necessary dimensions and cuts with scissors the plastic mesh that is going to make of net. Leave a margin of at least about 30 cm more.

Step 10

Tie the mesh to the goal with nylon braided rope, coating the tubes.

You only have to remove the bodyguard tape from the grass and place the goalposts on the sides. Enjoy your creation!

Source: http://www.leroymerlin.es


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