How To Decorate A Modern Loft

Some houses have the privilege of having attic, which is the highest part of a house, just below the roof. The attics have the peculiarity of having the roof sloping, which makes it more interesting to play with the decoration. Next, we give you the keys to decorating a modern loft.Modern loft decor

How to decorate a modern loft?

1. Straight lines instead of curves

In a modern decoration, straight and simple lines are very important. In the case of the garret is much easier, since you can follow the inclination of the ceiling and play with it when composing. They can be horizontal, vertical or inclined.

2. Lighting is important

As in all decorative styles lighting is a very important point. Giving a greater sense of luminosity to your loft is very important. That is why, if you want to give a modern style, the essential thing is to prioritize natural light and that the artificial light used is halogen white light. The good thing that most garrets have is that they usually take advantage of the slope of the roof to put large slanted windows where large amounts of light. Find out what types of dormer windows there are.

3. Less is more

In the modern style, less is more, not more quantity of elements means that it is more decorative. In this case tends to the minimalist style, using only the necessary elements. In small garrets it is very important that there are few things so that the space does not become overwhelming, since the inclination of the ceiling takes away space and, if you fill the room with many things, can be overloaded.


4. Use bright materials

In this type of style, the use of bright materials such as glass, steel and artificial woods such as agglomerate and plywood stands out. The best option is the combination of these materials with elegance, you can always give a small touch of warmth, the mixture of the bright and warm feeling will be the one that closes the perfect composition of our loft.

5. Most used colors

The key colors for the modern style are: white, gray and brown, are the best base to start decorating a loft. But they are not the only colors to use; you can give brushstrokes of vivid colors to give life and personality. Use decorative accessories with a bright color point such as cushions, rugs, paintings, frames, etc.

The loft is a special part of the house and decorating it so that it is part of you is very important. If you have an attic and you are encouraged to decorate it using these tips, you can share it with us in the Projects section. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or open a new thread in the comment session.

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