How To Decorate A Rustic Loft

The attic is a space that can be used much, not only in order and space, but also in the way we decorate it. There can be many styles according to the use you want to give this stay and, if you want to know how to apply a very specific, in this post we give you some tips about how to decorate a rustic attic.Rustic loft decor

The rustic style stands out for the use of natural materials that are untreated reminiscent of nature and the countryside , such as wood, wicker or mat, always giving importance to craftsmanship using hard fabrics, brick or stone walls and earth color shades . In this post you can learn to decorate your living room with earth tones.

How to decorate a rustic loft?

1. Paint the room with warm colors

The colors used in the rustic style are earth tones, such as browns, tiles and grays. These colors bring warmth to the environment. Also recommended are the colors present in nature as the different shades of green and yellow. When decorating, always have rule 60-30-10 in mind. This is an example that would go well in a rustic loft:

  • 60% with the main color, such as cream colors.
  • 30% with secondary color, such as brown.
  • 10% with color for small details, for example mustard and green.

Keep in mind that if the loft is small it is best to use light colors on the walls to give a more spacious feel.


2. Use natural materials

This style is characterized by the use of natural materials reminiscent of nature such as stone, wood, wicker, natural fibers and forging accessories. The sloping ceilings of the attics give play to put wooden beams giving a special touch. A stone wall, linen curtains, a woolen blanket, wooden furniture and forged curtain rods would be a perfect match for a rustic loft.

3. Place the cherry by placing accessories

The accessories are a part of the decoration that closes the composition, that is, that gives the end point to the desired environment. Chandeliers made of wood or forge, trunks of different sizes, glass jars with stones or dry plants, drapes of sackcloth , a coffee table made with a tire , a wall with wallpaper imitating bricks or even a shelf made with pallets are A good option to put.

If you want to give a rustic and comfortable air to your loft, mix earth colors with natural materials and some original complement that gives a special touch. We leave this link so that you also know how to decorate a modern loft . If you have any questions, open a conversation thread in the Forum Decoration and if you dare to decorate with this style, either an attic or any room in the house, share it with us by uploading your project to the section comment.

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