How to Design a Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa

Painting your walls in a light, warm color helps to soften the look of living room with brown leather sofa.

Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa
Contemporary Curved Sectional Sofa in Brown Leather modern living room furniture

Leather furniture can certainly make a statement in your living room, but black pieces probably offer too strong a look. Whether in chocolate, cognac or tan, brown leather is an ideal alternative since it has a warm, natural look that black doesn’t have. Still, designing a Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa presents some challenges. The key is finding ways to soften the look of the masculine leather so your living room has a warm, comfortable feel.

Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa Ideas

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Create Soft Background

If you want the brown leather pieces in your living room to stand out, it’s best to pair them with light shades for a strong contrast. However, dark leather furniture can sometimes make a living room feel cold and dreary, so instead of painting your walls a stark white or even cream shade, try a soft color. Blue makes a striking combination with brown, so a pale sky or blue gray color is ideal option for the walls. If you prefer green tones, sage also works well with brown. To warm up your living room, though, a muted terra cotta or gold shade is a better choice. Don’t forget your flooring, either – brown leather furniture will get lost on a dark carpet or wood floor. Choose light, neutral carpeting in beige or taupe, or opt for light wood flooring like pine so the brown leather pieces in your living room stand out.

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Add Pops of Color


If your Living Room with Brown Leather Sofa makes the space feel stodgy and uninviting, incorporating pops of bold, vivid color can help liven up the space. Warm tones are especially effective because they can make the room feel cozier. Add bright red throw pillows to a brown leather couch or place a tangerine throw over the back of a brown leather armchair. If you prefer cooler tones, opt for bold cobalt, kelly green or grape accessories like curtains, artwork and throw rugs to spice up the room.


Incorporate Other Textures

Leather furniture has a smooth, distinctive texture that allows it to serve as a striking statement piece in your living room. But if you want your room to have a rich, dimensional look, it’s important to incorporate other textures in the design as well. Instead of using brown leather furniture exclusively, mix in one or two pieces in another fabric. An over-sized suede or denim armchair creates an interesting contrast when paired with a leather sofa. When it comes to window treatments, velvet drapes can give the room an elegant look, while sheer curtains can help lighten the look of the brown leather. If you’re using an area rug, consider one made with natural fibers for a rough, rustic texture like sisal, jute or sea grass.

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Play with Pattern


Your living room can have a flat look if you fill it with nothing but solid colors. Give your brown leather sofa or arm chair a modern look by adding animal print pillows. If you prefer a more whimsical style, use a polka dot area rug to anchor the seating area or striped curtains to add visual interest to the windows. If you like the idea of a library-like look for your living room, choose an Oriental rug and add paisley print throw pillows to the sofa.

Living Room With Brown Leather Sofa

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