How to Design the Best Small House Interiors

Small houses are becoming more common every day, because living in crowded cities does not allow us to enjoy large spaces, but even so we can create cozy environments. If we put all our dedication and creativity in the work of decorating our small houses, we can have excellent results. The best thing is that they pretend to be more spacious and bright rooms, all thanks to the correct decoration.Modern Interior Design Small Houses

To decorate small interiors, a mirror is essential, as it visually increases everything inside the house, and multiplies by daylight a thousand. The amplitude effect caused by the mirrors gives the decoration a rare atmosphere of sophistication.

First of all you should choose the color of the walls for the reduced interiors. If you want a cheerful space, it is necessary to opt for orange, ocher, yellow, pink, etc.

Interiors House insists that it is about finding “the best orange color in the world”. If you cannot find the ideal color, consider mixing. It is possible to save time and money.


The secret in this aspect consists in not exaggerating with the decoration or the furnishing, many times less can mean more, being the good choice of the main furniture the only thing necessary to achieve a good result.

The most classic example in the matter are the armchairs and sofas, to which well one should add extra details to it like a tea table and other pieces of furnishings that coordinate in appearance. With this you will be achieving a simple but notoriously aesthetic work.

Interior Decoration Of Small Houses

Houses with small dimensions are becoming more frequent, is that living in cities that are quite populated does not allow us to enjoy spacious spaces, but if you can create attractive, comfortable and welcoming environments. If you put dedication and imagination in interior decoration of small houses, you could achieve very good results. Best of all, they pretend to be bright and spacious spaces, all thanks to a correct decoration that is applied.


There are several tricks that can help you get the most out of a very small place in your home and even make them appear larger and you feel much more comfortable and proud of your soil than a beginning you saw very small but now you will see great. To do this, I’ll give you some tips so that you can put it into practice the moment you decorate the interiors of your small house:

  • Try not to overcharge your home, remember that less is more. Because a place too recharged will look smaller than it is. You have to buy only the furniture that can cover your needs, but you are going to create an uncomfortable and crowded place.
  • Start with the ceiling. You must install curtains very high that allows the fabric to fall free and attract the view to the top. Put pictures on the walls and other decorative elements on the wall of the rooms of your house so that they also raise the height.
  • Use the reflex. Glass mirrors provide the feeling of spaciousness to the rooms when they are placed strategically so that they reflect something beautiful.
  • You should add built-in furniture. It is necessary because they barely remove a little space and provide a large space to serve as storage, is the ideal combination for home with small dimensions. I recommend that you do not waste an inch of space.
  • You need to define slightly different spaces. Divide a stay of another without opting for completely different colors for the floor and walls. It provides each stay with a specific treatment. Use very similar colors to unify and look for an appropriate balance so that it creates a unique place without recharging of many colors and prints. The pastel tones and the white color always tend to give a feeling of amplitude to the place. Pale colors also advance extending room, while dark colors shrink and recede.
  • You must invite the sun to enter the rooms. For this it is necessary that you have large windows so that they let in more easily the natural light, illuminating, reflecting on the walls and even the space is more sombre. In some rooms that require a certain privacy, such as a bedroom or a bathroom, you can place accessories like blinds, curtains, etc. That can enter much more easily so that natural light enters and the sun into the interior.

Interior Decoration In Color Green

Green is one of the colors with more tones and can give a lot of different sensations to the interiors of the house. Also the green color can combine very well with other colors. To do this, I will show you some shades of green and also show you how to combine them with other colors.

·        Turquoise, Spectacular Color:

Turquoise green is a living tone that should be used in strokes or on a single wall. Please note that it is also advisable to use it in bright rooms. If you decide to decorate the rooms of your house with this tone of green you must introduce it with great care mainly in the furniture.

·        Peppermint Green, Invigorating:

This green tone has a medium intensity, very vivid, which is excellent especially for the entrances of the house. You can use it in one of the space walls or in the lower part of a staircase. When combining it, choose by association with a peach orange or a pale yellow.

·        Green Water, Tranquilizer:

One of the most fascinating features of the shades of green is the peace it transmits, creating lovely spaces. That’s why it’s a special color for rooms like the bedroom or bathroom. With green water it generates luminosity, especially if it is associated with a paler green or cream white. Also in the kitchen can give extraordinary results.


·        Dark Green with Caution:

The dark green is an original shade of green, but it has to be used very carefully. Its dark side gives a modern touch to space. Always remember to combine it with light colors.

·        Anise Green, Refreshing:

This green tone is refreshing, but if it is used as the main color in a space can get boring. So it is advisable to combine it with brushstrokes of bright colors like orange, pink or turquoise. This tone is cheerful, perfect for the bedroom of the smallest house.

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