How to Design the Right Beach Themed Girls Bedroom

Bring a sunny day on the shoreline into a young girl’s bedroom with Beach Themed Girls Bedroom decor.

Beach Themed Girls Bedroom
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Design the seaside sanctuary around your daughter’s age, specific bedroom decor needs and her beach-related interests, hobbies and activities. Establish a decorating budget to narrow your design options and enjoy planning out her beach-inspired bedroom together.

Decorating Beach Themed Girls Bedroom


Look to the colors of the sky, sea and sand for a beach-inspired hue to paint the walls in a girl’s bedroom. Turquoise blue, sandy beige, sunny yellow and pristine white offer optimal wall colors for displaying energetic beach themed bedroom decor. Perk up your daughter’s visual interest by adding a beach-related mural to a single wall. For example, paint a wall mural featuring a dolphin splashing in the ocean, surfers riding big waves or kids making sandcastles on the beach. Or, affix wallpaper with a playful seaside motif, such as colorful beach umbrellas or flip-flops, in lieu of the hand-painted mural.

Contemporary beach girl’s room features fleur de lis painted stairs leading to loft playroom



Install vibrant-colored blinds — turquoise blue, tangy orange, sunny yellow — to enhance the bright and cheery beach atmosphere. Blinds also provide privacy when desired and allow you to alter the direction and amount of incoming natural light. Or, layer pristine white blinds with brightly striped curtains that mimic a beach umbrella pattern. Tie the curtains back with natural raffia or bright ribbon for a casual, seaside feel. Older girls might like the eco-friendly appeal of natural-woven bamboo or reed shades for a window dressing with a laid-back coastal aura.

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Cover your daughter’s humdrum furniture pieces with the vivacious hues found in colorful beach umbrellas, flip-flops, surf boards, swimsuits and inflatable water toys. For example, apply hot pink or lemon yellow paint to her nightstands, chest of drawers or dresser. Create an unusual headboard for your daughter by situating a large, opened beach umbrella decorated in brilliant eye-catching colors at the head of her bed. Older girls might appreciate the breezy feel of rattan bedroom furniture pieces. Create a novel beach-themed bed for your daughter by suspending a teak platform topped with a comfy mattress from her bedroom ceiling with heavy-gauge rope.

Yellow and gray girl’s bedroom features upper walls painted deep yellow and lower walls clad in board and batten lined with a white cane bed



The right accessories can intensify a Beach Themed Girls Bedroom. For example, hang a surfboard on the wall, fill a glass jar with seashells and place colorful frames filled with favorite beach photos on a nightstand or shelving unit. Cover her bed with a cozy comforter in a cheery beach print, such as whimsical fish, a smiling sunburst or brightly colored beach balls and sand pails. Top your daughter’s bed with multicolored toss pillows and a few stuffed toys in the shape of a dolphin, whale or mermaid. Lay a soft area rug with a palm tree design over hardwood floors and hang a capiz shell chandelier in the center of the room.

Beach Themed Girls Bedroom

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