How to Have the Ideal House According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui gives us tips to keep the energy flow positive in our home, so if you want to have the ideal house according to this millennial technique, follow these recommendations.Ideal House According to Feng Shui

How to Have the Ideal House According to Feng Shui

Home and Feng Shui

The Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern discipline that deals with the use and flow of energy to achieve a harmonious and prosperous environment.


For positive energy to flow freely in our home, we must meet certain characteristics, so that the natural flow is not numb or stagnant and causes problems for the people who develop their life in it.


Protection for your home according to Feng Shui

  • For our home to be full of harmony and fortune, Feng Shui gives us a series of tips.
    For example, it tells us that it is convenient to choose a house that has a good protection on its back, that is, if it is in the field, there must be a mountain, and if it is inside the city, a house or building in the part From behind will give you good protection.
  • It is convenient that in front of the house there is an open space (the street, for example), and that it is clear and with a goodIf we do not have that possibility, a front yard or square that faces the same function will perform the same function.
  • Both sides of the house must also have protection, ie two constructions to accompany.
    For example, a house built on top of a mountain or mount has no protection and will be totally defenseless against storms, wind or the sun.
    For the same reason, it is also not convenient to live on the high floors of buildings, especially those whose height stands out among the others. The best floors are low or intermediate.
  • Before choosing a house, Feng Shui tells us that we must not forget the surroundings, so we must observe if around it are sharp objects, such as different types of posts, cranes or antennas, as all these elements shed Destructive energy into the house.

Details on buying a house according to Feng Shui

  • It is not bad that there are trees that give shade, although care must be taken that they are not too close to the house and do not block the path to the main entrance. Neither should it have branches pointing directly to the house. On the other hand, between a winding road and another straight, that leads to the house, the best is the one that has curves.
  • No element should block the way to the front door, as it can cause a blockage of positive energy and, therefore, we will encounter many obstacles in our projects, both personal and work.
  • Feng Shui says that the front door should always be well-kept, well painted, with quality handles, some plant at its sides and a good doormat at its feet, as it is a welcome place for anyone entering our home. According to the account, if the door of our house is neglected, the gods of fortune and luck will pass by.
  • For the garden, nothing better than to opt for perennial plants and trees (that do not lose their leaves in winter), since this type of vegetation symbolizes the health and the life for many years.
  • At the front of the house, you must find the living room, dining room, living room or kitchen. While the back, more protected from noise, is the ideal place for restrooms.
  • The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, so it is not advisable to place televisions, computers, radios or music equipment. In this environment mirrors are also not recommended in the wall or door, they should be placed in the interior of the door of the wardrobe or closet, and the bed should never be under the window, but against a wall, so that Is protected.
  • Regarding the kitchen, Feng Shui says that it is convenient that it can not be observed from the front door of the house, and if it were that way, the door should be kept closed.
  • Lastly, do not forget to keep order and clean the home so there is always good Feng Shui.

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