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How to Make Interactive Bedroom Decoration Designs

Creating interactive Bedroom Decoration Designs for your kids can help encourage creativity.

Bedroom Decoration Designs
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Usually when you set up a bedroom design, you arrange the furniture and decorate walls, and your job is done. If you prefer a more fluid, creative Bedroom Decoration Designs for your space, though, you might want to create an interactive bedroom where you can manipulate your surroundings to suit your needs and have a more active relationship with the furnishings and decor than simply sleeping in the bed or looking at the artwork. An interactive design is particularly effective in a child’s bedroom because it engages the senses and promotes creativity. If you’re unsure where to begin, focus on items or features that allow the user to really engage with the room.

Ideas for Bedroom Decoration Designs

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Go Bright

Starting with a color palette often helps guide a room’s design, and while muted, soothing shades are usually recommended for bedroom decoration designs, an interactive small bedroom space calls for brighter shades. Bold warm tones such as red, yellow and orange are energizing and help engage the senses so you feel more involved with the room. If you prefer cool tones such as blue, green and purple, opt for vivid shades such as cobalt, lime and royal purple to give the bedroom a more vibrant feel. The entire space doesn’t have to be filled with bright colors, though — work in some neutral shades such as white, beige or tan to help tone down some of the boldness.

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Create Zones


In interactive bedroom decoration designs, it often helps to divide the room into zones by activity, particularly in a space for children. The bed obviously commands its own zone, but you can divide the rest of the room into specific areas based on use. For example, create an active play area where you might install a swing or climbing rope. You can even incorporate a mini basketball court by installing an area of floating wood floor and mounting a hoop on the wall. In another area, you might create a craft zone with a table and supplies — you can decorate the wall with a mural of vinyl wall decals that your child can move around to build his own scene and get his creative juices flowing, too.


Choose the Right Furniture

In interactive bedroom decoration designs, the furniture should allow you to manipulate the space based on your mood or needs and make you aware of your interaction with it. A convertible bed works well because it allows you to decide how you’re going to use the room at any given moment. If you’re short on space, a Murphy bed that folds into the wall is an ideal option — you can even find a style that features a desk on the side opposite the bed for extra convenience. Trundle beds and futons are other convertible bed options that allow you to change up your room to suit your mood. Nesting bedside tables also work well, particularly in a child’s bedroom because he can spread them out to play and put them away at night. For the most striking look, opt for interactive bedroom furniture that actually responds to your touch by lighting up in a variety of bright colors. You can find benches, end tables and desks that are ideal for a bedroom setting.

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Dress Up Walls


Whether you’re making Bedroom Decoration Designs for your children or yourself, the walls are an ideal spot to add interactive elements that give the room a whimsical feel. You can keep it simple by painting one of the walls with chalkboard paint — your child will enjoy drawing all over the walls with colored chalk, but in an adult bedroom, it can be a fun spot to keep track of appointments or jot down inspirational quotes. If you use magnetic paint, you can purchase inexpensive magnets and move them around on the wall to change its design whenever the mood strikes you. In a child’s room, you can even add a section of rock-climbing wall so your kids can practice their climbing skills even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Bedroom Decoration Designs

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