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How to Make the Right Country Style Room with Brown Walls

Country Style Room tends to make a home feel warm and inviting, providing a tranquil retreat from the daily grind. Decorating a room with brown walls in country style may seem especially challenging. It’s a delicate balance to create a room with brown walls that seems cozy and warm without feeling small and dark. Transform an ordinary room into a welcoming country sanctuary that you’ll love.

Country Style Room
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Decorating Country Style Room

Color Schemes

Traditional country color schemes are pulled from the natural colors found in the outdoors. They are soothing, rich and earthy. Often the colors are muted — olive greens, brick reds, heather blues, chocolate browns and burnished golds. Neutral colors, including oatmeal, white and gray, can also contribute to a country color palette. Inject splashes of brighter country hues to add a modern twist. For example, add a touch of lime green or barn red into a country color palette made up of browns, blues and whites.

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Windows and Floors


Soft white curtains can help to brighten a room with brown walls. A lightweight fabric in a gathered style captures the simplicity found in Country Style Room decor. Sheer curtains allow natural light to penetrate the room, while providing limited privacy. Install natural woven window shades underneath the sheers to supply a greater degree of privacy at night. The warmth of hardwood floors enhances the cozy country ambiance. Lighter-colored woods can add a pleasant, stark contrast to the brown walls. Lay a braided rug atop wood flooring to provide visual texture and snug comfort.

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Country style room is all about casual comfort and simple furniture. Painted accent tables, sideboards, dining sets and other cabinetry that have been finished in a distressed, weathered look complement the country look. Lighter-colored pieces in soft white, light green or sunflower yellow coordinate well with brown walls. Sofas, chairs and other upholstered pieces in a gingham or plaid pattern convey a casual, country atmosphere. Select upholstery fabric in a green-and-white gingham to add a clean country look against brown walls.

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Lighting and Accessories


Illuminate your Country Style Room with a white metal chandelier to provide a bright focal point in the midst of brown walls. Antique kerosene lamps and a tray of white candles will cast soft, flickering lights around the room to create a romantic atmosphere. Lay a plush white comforter and lots of plump white pillows on a bed to provide country comfort and a clean contrast to brown walls. An arrangement of old black-and-white photographs in antiqued-white frames stand out against dark walls, while supplying visual interest with a comforting country feel.

Country Style Room Ideas

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