How To Set Up A Workplace In Your Living Room

Set up a workplace in your living room – More and more people are working from home. There are many reasons for this. This saves the morning traffic jam on the highway on the way to the office and there are no more strenuous colleagues who can make life difficult for you. Breaks can be flexibly designed at will, for example, more time for the children or important appointments and the work can be continued later. In return, of course, this work model requires a proper portion of self-discipline. However, the spatial conditions in the apartment are not always so ideal that a separate study room is available. Often, the desk and file folders must be in the living room to be placed. A workplace in the living room is not a problem, as long as some points are considered.Set up a workplace in your living room

In case of lack of space, a workspace can also be set up in the living room

It is important that the workplace in the living room is both practical and ergonomically ideal – that is, user-friendly. This means that a desk should reach the workplace at the right height and in sufficient size. Also a good desk chair, on which can be worked without a backache for several hours, is important at the workplace in the living room. In no case should tends to work at the couch table or place an unused kitchen chair on the desk, because ergonomic problems are pre-programmed in the long term.

Finally, the workplace in the living room should be well lit. Ideal is a place at the window, but also with a good lamp can be relaxed. In any case, a so-called daylight lamp is worth mentioning, which creates a pleasant working atmosphere due to its light and sunlight. In order to store folders or other utensils properly, shelves offer. In order to save space, it is also possible to go up into the heights and the utensils, which are rarely used in any case, can be stored in boxes on the top shelf boards.

For the workplace in the living room there is definitely no expensive design model from the furniture shop. Even some inexpensive shelves of the right length, which can be cut in the building market, can be attached to the wall at the required height with the help of pretty brackets and painted at will. This means that you will always be flexible when adding new shelves later and can expand your workspace in the living room as required.


The workplace in your living room should be separated

Regardless of whether the workplace in the living room is used as a daily home office or serves only as a small workspace for private purposes: in any case, a separation between work and leisure should be undertaken. Such a separation works quite simply by curtains, which can be pulled up as required. Also, the desk desk in a quiet corner of the room can already make a lot of. So you can move back to your workspace in the living room and concentrate there without distracting yourself by television, stereo system or disturbing the family members in the same room.

However, the division between the workplace in the living room and the cozy couch corner with a TV has another advantage: If you are finished with work at night, you can comfortably lollipop on the couch without the workplace and the work to be done in the immediate vicinity Range of visibility. The curtain to the desk is drawn and the work is literally out of sight and thus out of mind. Thus, a good balance between work and leisure can also be created in the living room.

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