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- Samar Bolis

Hygge Decoration Trends 2021: What Is And What Has To Be Done

Turn and move, we come across some term on the internet that you do not know; hygge (pronounced “huga”) is one of these. Then, just run into Google and do a brief survey to find out what it is, right?

With hygge, it’s not like that.Hygge Decoration Trends 2019

It takes a long period of experimentation to put the hygge style into practice. I have researched a lot about this, read some books on the subject and will try to explain to you, in a didactic way, what hygge is, how we can adopt it as a lifestyle and what it has to do with our philosophy here on the blog.

What does Hygge mean?

This is a Danish source that does not have a free translation in English. But, roughly speaking, it encompasses definitions of everything that is warm and welcoming.Hygge Decoration Trends 2019


The Danes are known to be the happiest people on the planet. They have the lowest reported crime rates; have the best wages in the world; have excellent rates of health and education; they invented LEGO, for God’s sake!

The secret to all this to have worked well may be hygge , that lifestyle that invokes pleasure to the simple things of life. There, they spend most of the year involved in an aggressive, extremely cold climate; for you to have idea, during the winter, the days only enjoy about 4 hours of sun.

This greatly limits outside activities and forces people to spend much more time inside their homes. It was in this context that hygge emerged.Hygge Decoration Trends 2019

To dodge the negative temperatures, they began to try to make the most of the internal environment of their homes. But in what way is this possible?


How to adopt a hygge lifestyle?

If the intention is to make your inner environment the most welcoming place in the universe, first of all, you have to get rid of some negative concepts that consume us a lot. Exaggeration is one of them; in the hygge, there can not be excesses , everything is done with much moderation, so that it can be harnessed to the maximum.

And when I say cozy, I am not referring to the clichés that we are already bald to know: light a candle, put a blanket on the sofa, and so on. Yes, they work, but for the hygge to be experienced, it is necessary that all this transcend the theory and be used in their daily life, providing the maximum of well being in that place.Hygge Decoration Trends 2019


When you think of a pleasurable activity, see how it can improve.

Are you going to wear a blanket on the couch during the winter? How about using a microfiber, which is very soft and warms better? Want to relax after a tiring day of work, sipping a glass of wine? How about doing that covered in the fluffy, warm blanket, listening to good music? Are you going to eat a cookie that just came out of the oven? How about serving a colorful, beautiful dinnerware instead of wearing that brown duralex every day?Hygge Decoration Trends 2019


It takes all the senses to be stimulated and this is where I start bringing hygge to the decor, which is our focus here on the blog.

The Hygge in Decoration

I have seen that many decorating websites, in trying to explain how to apply hygge in the decoration, have lost themselves in the primordial concept of this style: the pleasurable experience of enjoying every moment of life. It’s not just decorating or decorating; is much more than creating a nice scene to see, but that is easily usable in our day to day.Hygge Decoration Trends 2019

And no, applying hygge in the decoration is NOT to make a decoration of Scandinavian style . Of course, because it is a Danish term, it is difficult to disassociate its concept from the Scandinavian decoration – and perhaps we are even de-characterizing the movement by doing so, but they themselves agree to say that hygge is spreading throughout the world. And look, the world is not entirely Scandinavian.

So, to have hygge-style decor (and here I point out the fact that Hygge is NOT a decorating style, as are retro, boho or modern styles, for example), you need to ask yourself how you can enjoy that corner with much more comfort and peace.Hygge Decoration Trends 2019


What does it take for me to feel totally welcomed by that space, in the best way possible? There is no ready formula here ; who is going to make your home a much better place is you.

The Hygge and the Decor Trends

For all this, I can say with all the certainty of my life that I created a blog based on Hygge principles and did not even know it! I believe our homes should not be a mere scenario; the decoration can not enter our lives as a freshness, but as a necessity, a way to make our stay in it much more pleasant.

It is through the decoration that people not only give a personal touch to our singing, but also turns this corner into a place that can be fully experienced. Many people have a gourmet balcony or a swimming pool at home only for decoration, never used for anything. What is the need, then, to have a space that is never used?Hygge Decoration Trends 2019

And it is not enough to just enjoy; the experience has to be the best it can be. Make of all your days an unforgettable moment, a joy to live. Invite your friends to eat a pizza made by you, with homemade spice taste. Take time to relax on your balcony by reading a good book. Put love into everything you do inside your home and share that experience with loved ones.


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