Ideas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

Having an ecological and environmentally friendly kitchen is possible. With small gestures you can make this stay of the house more sustainable, contributing your grain of sand to climate change. Here are some ideas to get it without neglecting the design and style.

How to get an ecological and sustainable kitchenIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

The ecological trend also reaches the kitchens. The care of the environment and the optimization of resources should be applied to our daily lives. Changing your habits will have a positive impact. You can start by choosing sustainable materials to have an ecological kitchen. Another option is to buy appliances that are energy efficient.

Ecological materialsIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

Using ecological materials in the decoration sector will help design more sustainably and respectfully with nature. We must take care of the environment, avoid global warming and reduce the CO2 emissions that generate the greenhouse effect. An ecological kitchen is not at odds with the design and functionality.

If you want to have a more sustainable kitchen you must use ecological materials made with materials from controlled farms. You can also opt for 100% recycled materials.


Avoid hazardous materials and pollutants such as asbestos mercury, chromium, lead… Bet on natural materials for kitchen furniture. If you bet on wood, make sure they come from sustainable forests (FSC certificate).

Bamboo furniture is one of the most demanded options to achieve a more sustainable kitchen. This material has a series of qualities (resistance, durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance) that make it suitable for this space in the house.

Another interesting alternative is to recycle old furniture and give them a new life. It is a good option to give your kitchen a vintage touch!

Responsible lightingIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

Using LED lighting helps to achieve an ecological and sustainable kitchen. With this type of lighting it is possible to protect the environment since they are less polluting than incandescent bulbs.


The most advisable is to focus the points of light in the work area. If you want to give an ambient lighting add LED strips on the back of the tall kitchen furniture.

Efficient appliancesIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

It is estimated that 55% of household energy expenditure comes from appliances. The consumption of efficient appliances is much lower. Although the investment is greater, it is amortized over the years and you also save on energy and the electricity and water bills. It uses electrometric A ++ tag.

The distribution of kitchens can influence energy expenditure. That is why the refrigerator should not be placed next to the oven or microwave, because it will receive more heat and will have to work harder. To have an ideal temperature it is better that they are far away.

Use only the necessary waterIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

  • One of the measures to achieve an ecological kitchen is not to waste water.
  • To wash vegetables and fruit the best way is to fill the sink or container.
  • Do not leave the tap open when you scrub.
  • Place aerators in the taps to control the water flow. This measure will favor the environment and you will save on the bill

Tricks to save energy in the kitchenIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

To get an ecological kitchen you must take some measures to save energy.

  • Use the dishwasher when full and use fast and economical programs.
  • Do not put hot dishes or food in the fridge.
  • Cover the pans and use a pressure cooker that consumes less energy.
  • Avoid opening the oven door if it is not necessary, as 20% heat is lost.
  • Using liquid detergents and maintaining the washer filter helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Induction hobs consume less energy than gas cookers and hobs
  • To avoid losing the refrigerator’s cold, open it as little as possible and close it quickly.

Grow your own garden in the kitchen

Ideas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen
grow an herb garden indoors Beautiful The Secret to Growing Herbs Right in Your Kitchen

You can create your own urban garden in your kitchen, you only need an area where it receives a lot of sun. If you don’t have much space, bet on a vertical orchard and grow plants that help you take care of your health and that of your family.

Cook in a healthier and sustainable wayIdeas To Achieve An Ecological And Sustainable Kitchen

You can cook delicious, nutritious and healthy dishes, as well as sustainable ones for our planet. Saving energy, water, consuming local products and avoiding food waste, helps protect the environment.

  • Save energy with induction plates to have an ecological kitchen.
  • Have pans and pans that fit perfectly with the heat plates to avoid loss of energy and heat.
  • Consume seasonal, organic and local products.
  • Cook with recipes that are environmentally friendly.
  • Recycle waste in the corresponding containers.
  • Use a solar cooker. It is a way of cooking food in more sustainable ways. You can find different models and sizes.

What do you think about the advice to have an ecological and sustainable kitchen? I hope they help you to have a more sustainable home that protects the environment.

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