Interesting Facts You Should Know about Firewood Sheds

What is a Firewood Shed?

firewood storage shedA firewood shed is a relatively simple structure that is used to cover stacks of firewood so that the firewood is protected from rain and snow. In most cases, a firewood shed is a long, shallow structure that is designed to accommodate one row of stacked firewood. It is closed on at least one side, generally the back of the shed against which the firewood is stacked. It may be open on one to three sides, depending on the preferences of the person building the shed and on the prevailing winds as they relate to the location of the shed. A firewood shed is usually open at the front, which allows the greatest amount of access to the wood as it is being stacked and as it is being collected for use.outdoor firewood storage shed

The roof of firewood shed is usually pitched so that rain and snow do not accumulate and seep through. The height of the shed, however, can vary quite a bit. There are some sheds that are just 3 to 4 feet (about 90 to 120 cm) high. There are others that are three times as tall. Both the height and width of a firewood shed are directly related to the amount of firewood that will be used during an entire season of cold weather. Most people collect or purchase all of their firewood before winter sets in and do not begin the process again until the spring.firewood storage shed

As firewood storage shed is a relatively simple structure, many people choose to build their own. This can be done using basic building plans or using a kit that comes with all of the necessary building materials. It is also possible, of course, to hire a professional to build a woodshed on one’s property.firewood shed


Some people choose to incorporate firewood shed into a larger structure with other purposes. For example, firewood shed can be attached to a shed that is used to hold tools and lawn equipment. The entrance to the tool shed may be right next to the opening of the firewood storage shed or it may be on a different side of the structure. Also, some people choose to build firewood sheds that share walls with the exteriors of their homes or garages. This is useful for people who either do not have a great deal of land on which to build their shed, or people who prefer not to venture far out into the cold to collect firewood.


Firewood Shed Pictures

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