Interesting Ideas for Decorating Apartment Balconies

Decorating Apartment Balconies – Whether renting or owning, an apartment balcony can provide the apartment’s owner or renter with a great area to enjoy some fresh air.

Just a few simple decorative touches such as a table and chairs or a privacy screen can create the perfect oasis. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations set by the owners of your apartment building.

Tips for Decorating Apartment Balconies

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It is important to think about what the balcony will be used for when planning to Decorating Apartment Balconies. For example, if your building permits balcony barbecues and you want to use the space primarily for cookouts, then you know you need both a barbecue and a dining table and chairs. A balcony has such limited space that you want to be able to be sure to have the items you really need first.

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Also, too many pieces of furniture and flower planters can look cramped or tacky on a balcony. A few planters, a table and chairs, and a barbecue are more than enough for most balconies. Flowers, as well as printed waterproof and fade-proof material for chair cushions can add necessary splashes of color to the balcony without overdoing it.


Remember to keep in mind safety issues for small children and pets if they will be spending time on your balcony. Metal mesh screening that is the same color as the metal balcony rails look the best on decorating apartment balconies. Ask your local home improvement store for tips on installing screening and what strength to buy.

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Classic matchstick bamboo blinds can be hung on one or both sides of a balcony to provide privacy screens as well as give a relaxing look to the balcony space. Patio furniture does not have to break your budget. You can even spray-paint a secondhand plastic set to cover up dirt marks. Read paint labels first. Consider adding coordinating spray-painted planters and/or a barbecue stand for the neat look of a matched set of balcony decorations.

Many apartment owners like to have mini gardens on their balconies. What you can grow well will depend on your climate as well as the direction your apartment faces and the levels of sun and shade. Check with the experts at your local garden center. Herb gardens of some sort are possible for many balconies, and you may even be able to grow tomatoes in attractive container gardens. Hanging planters of flowers can also really add color and style to a balcony.

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