Kitchen Tips: What Belongs In A Modern Kitchen 2021

What Belongs In A Modern Kitchen

To many homeowners, the kitchen is a power room; it is more than just a place to cook. They go all out to make sure every detail of the kitchen is exactly the way they want it. They seek to create a comfortable and very appealing place to cook, entertain during family gatherings, as well as bond. Achieving this feat is by no means an easy task but it is certainly a worthy task. Even to people who do not take the kitchen this seriously, the kitchen is unarguably one of the most important rooms in the home.

The high preferences and taste for kitchen didn’t start yesterday, it is as old as the word kitchen. However, the design, settings, and arrangements of the kitchen have seen significant changes over the years just as the way we live consistently changes. In fact, a 2021 kitchen may be grossly different from a 2010 kitchen. Therefore, there are important considerations when setting up a kitchen in 2021.

What makes a modern kitchen?

modern kitchen

The first thing that comes to mind when setting up a modern kitchen is what the key elements are. Typically, when we hear the word modern is mentioned in situations, the opposite of traditional is what comes to mind but this may not necessarily be the case. For example, differentiating a modern kitchen from a contemporary kitchen may be quite challenging because of the incredible similarities. They are however also very different.


Lack of ornamentation, horizontal lines, as well as frameless cabinets is among the most profound elements of a modern kitchen. These kitchens are so simple yet incredibly sleek, featuring strong lines that highlight the natural appeal of the materials used. The most important elements or characteristics of the modern kitchen are:

  • Flat-panel door style
Flat-panel door style

This door style is occasionally called the slab-door style. It is a popular trait in the designs of European kitchen cabinets. It adds an amazing uniqueness to the appeal of the kitchen. Some people add this door style to their traditional kitchens to lift the face, making it a transitional kitchen.

  • Frameless full-overlay cabinet construction

In traditional kitchens, cabinets have a flush inset, and face frames are clearly seen. On the other hand, modern kitchens feature frameless full-overlay cabinet construction. The door overlays the cabinet box in this cabinet style, with no face frame visible. Once the doors are shut, only a thin aspect of the frame between the doors is visible. The space between the cabinets, drawers, and doors is consistent.

  • Simple and sleek hardware

The horizontal lines of the modern kitchen cabinets have hardware spanning the whole drawers and doors’ lengths. Flat linear or tubular pulls and C-channel hardware are included in the cabinet design.

  • No ornamentation

There are usually diverse colors, patterns, and textures in a contemporary kitchen. Modern kitchens are on the other hand are very simple. Plain backsplashes are combined with panel doors, eliminating the overwhelming tendencies of traditional kitchens design. Instead of these elaborative textures, colors, and patterns, the appeal of natural materials is brought to the fore in modern kitchens.

  • Consistency of accent piece style

Simplicity is the theme of modern kitchens hence all the components of a modern kitchen are as simple as possible. For example, the chairs, tables, bar tools, as well as lighting elements are simple yet sleek. This isn’t to say colors cannot be disbursed but they will most likely be in the accents or the cabinets.

  • Industrial elements

Finally, industrial elements are among the most trendy modern kitchen attributes today. These elements fit the profile of the modern style – plain and cold.

Materials for a modern kitchen

Materials for a modern kitchen

For many years, wood was the only material used for a kitchen but things have now changed significantly. Today, a wide range of materials can be used for a kitchen. The plain fact now is that almost anything that can be conceived can be used for the kitchen. The most important factors in choosing the materials to use are:

Don’t overdo it: as much as you have more material options for your modern kitchen, you should not overdo it. Overdoing with colors will take away from the outlook of your kitchen and can easily get tiring.

Quality: changing kitchen components can be quite challenging hence it is very important to choose materials that will last several years without any hassle.

Materials for the fronts of a modern kitchen


Wood and stainless steel are among the most popular materials used for kitchen fronts today. More and more kitchens now feature metal looks, showcasing a slightly toughened and unique atmosphere.

All these materials can be combined carefully to create a unique theme for your modern kitchen. This balance helps to bring different yet complementary shades, keeping the outlook appealing for long.

Materials for the worktop of a modern kitchen

Just like the kitchen fronts, a variety of materials can be used for the worktop of modern kitchens. Veneer, wood, metal, and stone are very popular materials for this. If you want a warm mood that is never out of season, natural wood is an excellent choice. Shiny steel and dark stone are excellent options for a progressive atmosphere.


Materials for the floor

Against a PVC or tiles floor with hideous patterns, the floor of modern kitchens features dark tiles with light joints. This helps to form an amazing contrast. Also, laminate or parquet, materials that were once near unimaginable are now used for kitchen floors. They are perfect for kitchens that connect directly to the living room, ensuring the rooms merge nicely to create a friendlier environment.

Note: the selection of laminate for the kitchen must be done with caution. Laminate that is prone to moisture should never be used for the kitchen floor because you never can totally keep water off the kitchen floor. This will help you avoid cases of floor swelling.

Vinyl floors are an excellent alternative for the kitchen floor. They are easy to maintain, robust, budget-friendly, and are available in all-optical variants.


Tile mirror

Tile mirror for kitchen

Tile mirrors are still not very common in modern kitchens perhaps because you can never do without dirt when cooking. Tile mirrors can be ruined easily but can be kept short. Alternatively, parquet and laminate are not limited to the floor only; they can go on the wall. So is blackboard paint that is also useful for a meal plan, calendar, and recipe.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Although the theme of a modern kitchen is simplicity, there are amazing wall décor styles suitable for this purpose. The decoration of the wall of modern kitchens can add taste and class to the overall appearance. Fortunately, it does not have to be an expensive endeavor; there are amazing inexpensive wall décor ideas you can use. Some amazing wall décor ideas that can be adapted to the no décor outlook of modern kitchens are as follow:

  • Backsplash

Certain walls in the kitchen get dirty faster than others. The backsplash area is one of such points hence the appearance of this area determines how tidy the general look of the kitchen is.

Mosaic tiles are among the budget-friendly wall décor styles you can use for the backsplash area. Broken ordinary tiles are even cheaper options; you can be creative by mixing tiles of different patterns and sizes. Wood palettes, stones, and wallpapers are also great materials for this area.

Note: if this is done right and kept simple, it won’t contradict the no-décor theme of your modern kitchen.

  • Open shelving

Cabinets are usually the most common style in modern kitchens but open shelving is a unique style that has so much to offer a modern kitchen. They are very stylish as well as highly functional.


Open or floating shelves are both budget-friendly and very easy to use. They can be used in diverse manners to create a unique appearance that is perfect for the diverse styles of modern kitchens. Since modern kitchens are about simplicity, keep your floating shelves décor as simple as possible.

  • Kitchen utensils

This is one of the cheapest kitchen wall décor ideas; you are basically using what you already have to enhance the look of your kitchen. Here, kitchen utensils take on the role of also serving as decorative elements. Observe your kitchen utensils and consider the stylish yet tidy ways you can use them for wall décor.

Utensils of the same style are excellent options as this helps to marginalize the chances of complicating this décor style. However, utensils of different styles are equally good options but require greater care. An example of using utensils for wall décor is the attachment of plates to the wall or stacking up a few plates on an open shelf. 

  • Wall quotes

This is one of the very popular kitchen décor ideas today. They are equally budget-friendly. It can be in the form of stickers with quotes or prints. Using wall quotes for kitchen wall décor is a perfect way to motivate family members for the day given that most family members will spend some time in the kitchen in the morning. Whatever quote you choose to put on your kitchen wall, keep it simple and keep the colors plain.

  • Greenery

Bringing plants into a room, including a kitchen, is an excellent way to refresh the look of a space. The good thing about this décor style is that it blends with almost any kind of design theme. Almost any plant will do the trick but the choice of pot has to suit the style in place.

Note: you can use either a giant pot of plants or multiple pots of plants, positioned on shelves or hanging on a free wall.

Above kitchen cabinet decor

Above kitchen cabinet decor

The space between cabinets and the ceiling is one of the most awkward spaces in the kitchen. Homeowners often blame the architect for this but do not worry, there are several ways you can make this space cute or even functional.

  • Artsy Fartsy

A gallery wall is a very popular term where great artworks are displayed on a wall. This style is adapted for the space above the cabinets to create a gallery loft. It is an excellent décor style for an expansive space between cabinets and the ceiling.

  • Showcase a sign

An overscale sign is a great décor style for above kitchen cabinet décor. It can be a custom family saying or a long vintage-inspired sign. You may also add faux flowers to make it look even better.

  • Indoor garden

Above kitchen cabinet space is a great opportunity for an indoor garden. This is an excellent option for all lovers of nature; all you need to do is to get plants that require minimal sunlight and be ready to climb up to water the plants weekly. This is a perfect décor style for a modern kitchen because the natural and cool appeal of the plant is perfect for the simple theme.

Note: use pots that keep the look of your kitchen clean.


Artificial plants are great alternatives for the above kitchen cabinet indoor garden. It is perfect for people who do not have the time for weekly watering. Just remember to keep it clean.

  • Fit in tall pieces

If you are able to lay your hands on décor objects that are tall enough for your above kitchen cabinet space and that are in tune with the rest of the kitchen design, fit them in. feeling up this space automatically creates a modern feel in your kitchen.

  • Showcase a meaningful collection

The above kitchen cabinet space may be the ideal place to display special collections you don’t have a place for in your home. Vintage letters, vases, and even books are some of the meaningful collections you can showcase above your kitchen cabinets. The objects should be large enough to ensure they are visible.

  • Twinkle lights

Twinkle lights are typically magical addition to any space, including spaces that prove difficult to deal with. Get twinkle lights above your kitchen cabinets. Don’t get too much of this in though.

  • Curtain call

A very simple and easy above kitchen cabinet décor is the installation of a curtain. This easily blocks out the space and blends seamlessly with the cabinets and other parts of the kitchen.

Rustic kitchen decor

Rustic kitchen décors are super charming. They are often connected to old farmhouses but can be an excellent décor idea for a modern kitchen, especially where simplicity overlaps in the two kitchen styles.

To create a rustic kitchen décor for a modern kitchen, a few rustic elements such as rustic vertical kitchen stand, rustic wood arrow, and rustic wood framed wall art.

  • Los Angeles contemporary

Custom redwood cabinetry and a backsplash of penny tiles are prominent features of this rustic kitchen that can be added to a modern kitchen.

  • A New York carriage house

Vintage marble slab and a steel base are used for the island of this kitchen. The floor is concrete and reclaimed wood are used for the shelves. The marble slab and steel base used for the kitchen island are excellent additions to a modern kitchen.

Red kitchen decor

Red kitchen decors are an amazing décor style for modern kitchens. Some of the best red kitchen décor ideas are:

  • Red accents

A modern kitchen design may tend to be too neutral, red accents are a perfect way to bring it to life. Just use touches of red in certain sections of the kitchen; do not overdo it.

  • Paprika cabinetry

The cabinetry of a modern kitchen can be enriched with red undertones. Again, keep it very simple.

  • Bold entrance

Painting the door of your kitchen red is a way to make a statement, intriguing and pulling people in. It is an exquisite way to introduce your kitchen.

  • Island of red

Another part of your kitchen where you can use red is the island. This will bounce more light around in your kitchen and make the island a focal point in the kitchen.

  • Red stools

Adding two red stools to a modern kitchen can help to create an amazing contrast, ensuring your kitchen does not get boring anytime soon.

Yellow Kitchen decor

Yellow is another bright color that is perfect for lightening up a kitchen. Some amazing yellow kitchen decors are:

  • Mellow yellow

This is exquisite décor style. As against the usual loud tones of yellow, mellow yellow has a calming effect. Simply add a light golden layer to the simple décor of your kitchen.

  • Bright appliances

If your kitchen is mostly white, adding yellow appliances can lighten things up. For example, a yellow stove can provide a nice focal point in an all-white kitchen.

  • Yellow-green details

Adding yellow to your kitchen does not have to be about paint. Adding a bouquet of yellow flowers can do more than expected.

  • Yellow backsplash

This is an amazing yellow kitchen décor style. Adding this to a sleek silver kitchen is a perfect counterpoint.

  • Citrus touches

A few touches of yellow can make all the difference in a neutral kitchen. It is very suitable for the simplicity of modern kitchens.


Lemon kitchen decor

Lemmon is one difficult addition to a kitchen décor; interior designers often charge more to create a lemon kitchen décor. However, you do not need to spend so much to add lemon to your kitchen, the following are amazing ideas you can use:

  • Lemon fruits

This is one of the easiest ways you can add lemon to your kitchen. It is a suitable décor idea for an all-white kitchen – simply add lemon fruits to specific areas of the kitchen.

  • Lemon window curtain

This is another pretty simple way to add lemon to a kitchen. Simply use a lemon-theme curtain and you may add artificial lemon fruits on the countertop.

  • Lemon kitchen utensils

Another excellent cheap lemon item that can go on the countertop is kitchen utensils.

  • Lemon placemats

Here is another exquisite yet cheap way to add lemon to your kitchen. Lemon placemats will elevate the look of a kitchen so subtly yet so pronounced. It is a perfect kitchen décor idea for a white or brown kitchen.

  • Lemon island

Painting the kitchen island lemon is an excellent way to create a nice focal point, distracting you from the plain theme of the kitchen.

Black and white kitchen decor


Black and white décor styles are the most versatile décor styles for any room, allowing attention to be on exciting architectural elements and features. Some of the best black and white kitchen decors are:

  • Black-on-Black

Black-on-black kitchen décor provides a unique kitchen appeal. Using materials with different textures will add depth and contrast, making it even better. A few components of the kitchen can be white as well as bring in plants to provide bright spots in the kitchen.

  • White geometric patterns

Using white geometric patterns showcases shadows between each panel, creating a subtle contrast. Black backsplash and black breakfast bar will be great complementary additions.

  • Minimalist style

Minimalist décor styles are very trendy. A nice blend of white and black is a great combination for minimalist kitchen décor. To avoid this décor from being bland, eye-catching elements such as sculptural additions can be added. Such elements will serve as a focal point in the kitchen.

  • Color blocking

Color blocking is another trendy way to combine colors, including black and white. You can block an all-white kitchen with black chairs or vice versa.

  • Add class and luxury

Add brass and marble to your modern black and white kitchen for a classic and luxurious feel and outlook.

Modern kitchen appliances

Modern kitchen appliances

Everything in a modern kitchen must be up to date. The look cannot be modern while the functionality belongs in the past.


Note: this doesn’t mean you have to change your kitchen appliances for every little update. For example, an update of two to three less power consumption may not be enough reason to change your kitchen appliance. This is also not to deemphasize energy efficiency. Go for items that are significantly more energy-efficient.

Modern kitchen appliances offer incredible possibilities. Many things that used to be marketing tricks are now realities. For example, you can truly have your dinner ready in 15 minutes and you can easily monitor the content of your freezer via your phone to make you buy all necessary items from the store. Life is unprecedentedly easy.

How modern appliances have changed our lives

Our relationship with food has been redefined by modern kitchen appliances. One of the biggest differences is the significantly lesser time needed for each cooking. A dinner that would typically take above an hour in the past can now be completed in 20 minutes. This makes a huge difference in our life; we can focus on other things and cooking is almost without stress.


Also, modern kitchen appliances make it possible for us to try out kitchen techniques that were exclusive to professional kitchens.

Healthier meals: more and more attention is paid to how meals can be healthier. Modern kitchen appliances are contributing hugely to this e.g. less oil can now be used.

Types of kitchen appliances in 2021

We all love to have options but this also poses peculiar problems. Choosing from a variety of amazing kitchen appliances can cause confusion. The fundamental fact is that most homes cannot get every appliance they would have loved to have perhaps because of the shelf space or time. Budget is also a key determinant.


When choosing modern appliances for your kitchen, how often you cook and the types of cooking you typically do are key elements to guide you. Types of kitchen appliances are:

Kitchen essentials list – Essential appliances

Kitchen essentials list

kitchen essential appliances are expected to be in every modern kitchen. They serve fundamental purposes in the kitchen such as preservation and processing.



This is unarguably among the first kitchen essential appliances to add to a modern kitchen. In fact, it now comes with many apartments. Items such as vegetables, meat, and milk are often stored for a number of days; refrigerators help to keep them fresh and save you the stress of going to the store frequently.

There are diverse kinds of fridges. There are fully-featured smart fridges, which components can be easily monitored from your phone. This will make it easier for users to get all necessary items from the store. Some have amazing features like special compartments and advanced temperature controls. There are also small options without all the technologies listed above but are sleek for modern kitchens and perfectly do the job of keeping necessary items fresh.

  • GE Profile Series French-Door Refrigerator
GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator is one of the best you can add to a modern kitchen. It has so much to offer at an incredible price. Beginning from its smart design features that will effortlessly blend with the simplicity of a modern kitchen to its amazing temperature maintenance and uniformity. It also features a built-in Keurig coffeemaker and its Wi-Fi allows you to control the functions via an app. You will also be alerted each time the door is opened.

It is available in 4 finishes – black stainless, black slate, stainless steel, and slate.



  • Built-in coffeemaker
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Simple and sleek



It is sold for about $3200 on Amazon and Sear but you can get up to a 10% discount on it depending on where and when you are buying.

Flatshare Fridge, Sub-Zero Pro 48, and Meneghini La Cambusa are better options but are also significantly more expensive. If you have at least $7k to splurge on a freezer, try any of these out.



Microwave is an invention that many people didn’t trust. However, things have changed because there are now advanced models with special functions and modes that do not only provide a more polished look to your dishes but are also safer. You can use a microwave to reheat almost any meal as fast as possible. Up to 96% of US homes have a microwave, over 64% of which are countertop microwaves.

  • Toshiba Microwave oven
Toshiba Microwave oven

This microwave has almost any feature you would want a microwave to have. It has preset for veggies, pizza, and popcorn, in addition to the common settings. It features express buttons that can offer that preheat meals in one to six minutes, as well as another button for extra 30 seconds. The power output, up to 1100 watts, is suitable for diverse usages.

Note: faster cooking time comes with higher wattage hence melt/soften preset which run on a lower power setting should be used for cheese, butter, and chocolate otherwise it will get too hot or burnt.


It has an ergonomic handlebar for opening the door, a smart sensor that automatically adjusts power level and time based on the humidity in the food, and a child safety lock.


  • Amazing features
  • Suitable power output range for most users
  • Available in two finishes – black stainless steel and stylish stainless steel


  • Lack of alerts to remind users of food in the microwave



It is sold for about $150 on Amazon; shipping fees may apply depending on location.

  • AmazonBasics Microwave

This is an amazing introduction by Amazon, shaking the obvious lack of technological innovations in the making of microwaves. It comes with voice controls to boost the convenience and ease of heating food. It is a very cheap option, sold for just $60 although an Alexa-enabled device is required for the voice prompt, costing between $40 and $80. This brings the total cost to $100 to $140.

It also has a child lock feature that prevents the microwave from working, either by voice or manually. Without using the Alexa, you have just another manual microwave on your hands. Timer, power level button, weight and timed defrost, three presets for popcorn, and add 30 seconds are other amazing features on offer.

It is very compact but power output is quite low, 700 watts, hence heating food will take longer.



  • Compact design
  • Voice control with more smart features
  • Child lock


  • Low power output
  • Not suitable for plates above 10 inches


This device and Alexa-enabled device cost between $140 and $180. It is readily available for sale at Amazon.

  • Panasonic Microwave Oven

This is a very powerful microwave with 1250 watts power output. It is one of the highest power outputs available in the market. It also has an inbuilt inverter to hasten food heating and ensure it is even. The inverter helps to eliminate the effects of the repeated power on and off typical of microwaves by delivering continuous power.

Despite the excellence of this microwave at heating food evenly, it does not do as good a job of defrosting ground beef as regular microwaves. Its smart sensor detects food humidity to automatically adjust the power and cooking time.

It has so many features including a more or less button for 10 seconds adjustment of cook time, timer, child safety lock, delay start feature, etc. it is able to keep a meal warm 30 minutes after a cook cycle.


  • 1250 power output
  • Even reheating of food – inbuilt inverter
  • 10 seconds adjustment of cook time


  • Falls short at defrosting


It is sold for about $230 at Amazon.

Hamilton Beach digital microwave oven, Black Decker Microwave, and Breville Compact Wave Soft Close Microwave are excellent alternatives.


Coffee makers

These appliances are primarily made for coffee making. This immediately raises questions about whether they should be on the kitchen essentials list. Considering the number of households that drink coffee every morning, coffee makers are unarguably a kitchen essential appliance.

Modern coffee makers have totally removed the stress of former models that involve slow-dripping. Now, you will have your coffee just at the push of a button.

  • Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker KF6050

This is one of the best coffee makers in the market for several reasons. The incredible struck between price and functionality is perhaps the most important reason. This automatic-drip coffee maker has an attractive design and squared-off shape that are suitable for modern kitchen designs.


The coffee made by this appliance tastes good and the temperature controls allow you to enjoy personalized experiences. It has a 24-hour timer that makes functions such as permanent filters and morning brewing easy. This means you don’t need a lot of settings adjustments to do enjoy personalized experiences.


  • Appealing design
  • Adjustable keep-warm setting


  • Accessing the filter basket and water tank can be quite challenging



This coffee maker costs under $100 and is available for sale on Amazon. This is an amazing value for the numerous benefits it offers.

  • Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-3000

This self-serve coffee maker allows users to fill their mugs directly from the heated reservoir, laying aside a carafe. It is very reliable and has a water filter, permanent filter, a small-batch setting, cleaning indicator, programming as well as a removable reservoir.


It is sold for about $120 at Amazon.

  • Coffee Occasions BVMC-O-CT

This is a combination of an espresso and coffee machine. Its brew performance is very good and it is easy to use. it is loaded with features such as a permanent filter, a removable water reservoir and drip tray, thermal carafe, auto-shutoff, and a built-in milk frother.


It costs about $230 at Amazon, one of the best prices in the market for this product.

Other great coffee maker alternatives are Ninja Hot and Cold-brewed System with Thermal Carafe, Breville Bambino Plus, Bonavita Connoisseurs, etc.


Food processors

Another kitchen essential appliance is a food processor. This allows you to quickly process a carrot or whole potato for a delicate stew. Food processors are not blenders; they are made to handle solid items that can easily mess a blender up.

  • Sage SFP820BAL – The Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice

This is a powerful and efficient food processor that offers great slicing and pureeing. All its functions are effective. Its powerful grating discs are top-notch, able to power through three to five carrots in three sets. The capacity is also huge, providing enough space to tackle heavy ingredients e.g. beef.

Besides the grating discs, this food processor also features a peeling attachment for peeling multiple potatoes simultaneously. Also, there is a dicing attachment for dicing vegetables quickly. It is very easy to use and can be put away in a storage box.



  • Simple and sleek
  • 3.7-liter capacity
  • Grating, dicing, and peeling functions


  • Has a single power level


This food processor costs around $300 and is available for sale on Amazon.


Magamix 5200XL Food processor and Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro Food Processor sold £319 and £99 respectively on Amazon.


Blenders are similar to food processors but are made to process fluids, not solids. You can choose the level of blend you want by adjusting the speed and rhythm of your blender. You can use this appliance for making a milkshake, smoothie, or sauce.

The addition of time and ability to program some steps are some of the amazing additions to modern blenders.

  • Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

This is a very popular blender – the online reviews are super impressive. It can possibly do more than you imagined. It comes with an ultra-powerful motor that can power through diverse things. Its 10 adjustable speed settings allow you to have either a hearty soup or smooth nut butter. It grinds coffee beans easily and the controls are intuitive.

It is designed with a heavy-duty base to keep it stable on the counter hence you don’t have to worry about it tipping when in use.


  • Pro-quality precision and control
  • Powerful motor
  • High performance
  • Stable base
  • Durable


  • Steep price
  • Small container


Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is sold for about $330 on Amazon; quite steep but worth every cent.

  • Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender

This is a cheaper alternative to the Vitamix models but also offers an all-round experience. It comes with a powerful motor base, 1500 watt, that is able to blend almost any ingredient. The strength of the motor allows it to serve as an excellent option for beating eggs or making cookie doughs.

This blender is not suitable for hot blends because the containers cannot handle the pressure build-up from hot liquids.



  • Strong motor
  • Safety lock
  • Great price


  • Noisy
  • Not perfect for heavy tasks
  • The blade shaft is cumbersome


It is sold for approximately $160 at Amazon.


Other amazing blenders include Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender, Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 9-Speed hand Blender, etc.

Electric Mixers

If you do any kind of baking, then an electric mixer is a must-have for you. While a hand mixer offers similar results, an electric mixer makes the job so easy and fast. They can be used for dough, batter, cream, or mayo.

  • Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer

This is an excellent mixer for all categories of users, including casual and experienced bakers. It is one of the easiest mixers to control, featuring six speeds and a fold option. You can also monitor everything going on inside thanks to the heat-proof glass bowl. Hence, it’s easier to manage pesky flour lumps.


Its 1000-watt motor can handle about 1.4kg of tough dough. It has a metal body hence it is quite heavy, weighing about 11kg. This makes it incredibly steady when in use, including at high speeds. It is also highly compatible, working perfectly with diverse appliances.


  • Perfect for delicate mixes
  • Powerful motor
  • Very stable
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Available in four colors


  • Heavy



It is sold for a reduced price of about $250 at Amazon. It may be significantly pricier from other sources. If you are cool with the weight, this is a mixer to add to your kitchen.

Other great mixers include Bosch MUM59340GB stand mixer (perhaps the best value stand mixer), Sage the Bakery Boss Stand Mixer (rated the Best Stand Mixer for easy controls), and Morphy Richards MixStar.


These appliances could easily go into the high-end appliances but the increasing popularity in homes based on the convenience they provide brings them on the kitchen essentials list.


These appliances are bulky and quite complex hence ample space is required. The latest models of dishwashers have precise washing cycles as well as in-depth controls of water temperature. The two most important considerations when buying a quality dishwasher are energy efficiency and internal shelves arrangement.

  • Bosch SHPM65Z55N 500 Series

This dishwasher is generally considered the best because of the great combination of cool design and amazing features it offers in its price range. Its racks are the most accommodating and versatile a dishwasher in this price range has to offer. More dishes can go in Bosch 500 series at once, thanks to the highly customizable EasyGlide racks and FlexSpace.

It is so quiet, with a 44dB noise level, that it will often take the beaming of the discreet red light to the kitchen floor for people to realize the machine is in operation. It also has unique options and five wash cycles that provide great flexibility for users.

One of the most famous components of this dishwasher is the pocket handle that will add a super cool appeal to your kitchen. Sensor Wash, Speed60 cycles, and towel bar handle design are other amazing features of the Bosch 500 series.



  • Cool design
  • Versatile
  • Highly flexible and accommodating
  • Very customizable
  • Very quiet (44dB)


Bosch 500 series cost about $1000 on all platforms e.g. Home Depot and Designer Appliances.

Other great dishwashers are Whirlpool WDT10PAHZ, Miele G7106SCUSS, etc.



The addition of kettles to the kitchen essentials list can be debated. For some people, it is as important as microwaves but some others hardly use it. For instance, people in the US often favor water heaters while British homes on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean favor kettles.

Using kettles also help you to make significant differences in voltage consumption, making it more cost-effective.

  • Kenwood Mesmerine ZJM811 Jug Kettle

This 1.6 liters kettle is one of the fastest kettles in the market. The full capacity will boil in over three minutes hence it is a perfect speedy cuppa. Amazingly, the outside of the kettle will be only about 350C at the freshly boiled point although the stainless-steel component will get hotter with time.



  • Fast boiling
  • 1.6 liters capacity
  • Cool outside when boiled
  • Available in six colors – orange, black, blue, red, white, and purple


  • The level gauge is inside hence checking the water level can be tricky


This kettle is sold for about $130 at Amazon. It is a great value for money and an excellent addition to a modern kitchen.


Lighting trends for a 2021 kitchen

Put together all the elements of a modern kitchen discussed above but without the right light, it will be as though nothing has been done right. Lighting is an important aspect of any room setup; it can make or mar what you have in place.

There are different forms of light, each adding different things for different rooms. For instance, a single light source has the limitation of casting shadows that can affect kitchen operations. In the kitchen, having a number of warm spotlights right above the dining table or work surface is key. You can then add special accents by including indirect light sources.

Finding the right shape


One of the things that must precede detailed planning is the shape you want to create. The shape of the room is a key determinant here. Up to two kitchenettes can go inside a narrow kitchen while larger kitchens can have more. A modern kitchen can be an L-shape or open. A cooking island can be added to the L-shape, as well as a seat added to the work surface, for variations.


Modern kitchens are magnificent without featuring so many details. The linear lines are clear but it is not limited to this. You also get to engage materials in creating a kitchen that speaks to the present and the future. All the essential elements of a modern kitchen discussed above must be properly blended. Sophisticated lighting and furnishings are like a bonus, providing an exquisite finishing that pulls all other things together.

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