Lamps: Sensuous Lighting Concepts for Cozy Living Space

For a number of years lamps and light have increasingly become the focus of interior designers and decoration professionals. Reason enough to look at some tricks from the experts in house construction or a pending renovation.home lighting fixtures

In particular, the living area gains an atmosphere with a coherent light concept and can be brought into the right light with the aid of different lamps and luminaries.

As a rule, the living space is a meeting place for the whole family, in which all residents should feel comfortable and undisturbed. Particularly in the case of large, open-plan living spaces, a sensible lighting design makes the difference between the atmosphere of the workplace and the feel-good atmosphere.

Safety through uniform basic lighting

Irrespective of size, equipment and equipment, each living space requires a uniform, sufficiently bright basic lighting. It primarily ensures orientation and safety, as every room corner is illuminated with sufficient light.


The basic lighting can be realized in small, compact rooms with a ceiling lamp or a large floor lamp that radiates to the ceiling. In the case of larger rooms, more generally, built-in ceiling spotlights or rope and rod systems are used. Very popular are also Vouten luminaries, which illuminate the ceiling edges of a room and thus provide indirect light in the whole room. In the ideal case, the basic lighting can be dimmed, thus guaranteeing bright cleaning light as well as a romantic basic lighting for a cozy evening together.


Use lighting to create lighthouses

Since living spaces are often used for different purposes, it is sensible to set the individual areas with their own lighting islands. Thus, a dining table in the living room requires directed light, for example in the form of a pendulum lamp. For sufficient illumination of a sofa landscape, for example, floor lamps or table lamps are suitable. If the couch table is used for social evenings or occasional tinkering, the light should also be used here – as well as in a reading corner that is best equipped with a spot or a reading lamp.

Also a TV wall needs additional light to protect the eyes in the long term from damage. Indirect light sources are particularly suitable here, for example in the form of wall lamps or LED strips. In principle, every area of the living space needs its own light source. The resulting light islands structure the space meaningfully and provide light exactly where it is needed.

Cozy atmosphere with great lighting

Particularly comfortable is a living room with mood lighting and the targeted use of eg spots and light strips, in order to put pictures or showcases in the scene. While light chains and candles conjure up a touch of romance, built-in spotlights stage a particularly successful wall design. Light sculptures and illuminated furniture also contribute to a successful accent and ambient lighting.


The most popular home lighting fixtures

The great lighting variety makes the selection interesting, but not always easy. Basically, the following applies to the living space: comfort is predominantly achieved with warm-white light sources (approx. 2700 K). Whether energy saving lamps, LEDs or low-voltage halogen is in principle a taste question. It should be noted that energy saving lamps require a certain amount of time until they have reached their full brightness and usually do not offer the full color spectrum – the light often appears greenish. Energy saving lamps also contain harmful mercury and many models are not dimmable – a problem which can also occur with LEDs. LEDs are one of the most durable and most economical lamps, which makes them ideal for use in basic lighting. Higher energy consumption is achieved by the less economical and durable halogen lamps, which provide a particularly pleasant light that is dimmable. Halogen lamps are therefore especially suitable for ambiance lighting.

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