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Latest Trends for Kitchen Design Ideas 2020

The hottest trends in the Kitchen Design Ideas we should take with us from 2019

2017 Kitchen Design Ideas
Wooden Flooring White Cabinets Traditional Kitchen by Carolina Kitchens

The end of 2019 is getting closer and closer and it is time for final statements and balance sheets. Let us take a look back at what have been hot trends this year, and consider what we can bring to the next year’s 2020.

This year’s tendencies include many interesting ideas, ranging from hidden devices in the sense of a seamless look to courageous application of colors for more life.

2019 Kitchen Design Ideas and current trends


We have also learned that the use of already known design elements, including classic trends, does not hinder innovation and innovation in design.

This is, by the way, a lesson to be drawn at the end of the year.

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Kitchen design in two colors

The monochrome kitchen design, even in two of the most modern colors is a great risk, but the designers have shown that this can work very well.


Boredom must get out, but it can be achieved wonderfully by the change in materials. The use of different textures reached new and new combinations. Particularly popular is the pairing of “warm” and “sober” ones such as tiles and wood.

Hidden functional facilities

The pursuit of a seamless look has become increasingly popular in recent years. It brings so much comfort and comfort that this modern simplicity could be spread out practically in all areas of life. Until almost a few seasons ago, almost exclusively based on the kitchen, one now decides to expand the seamless look in all living areas. Now we find the hidden functional facilities also in the kitchen, where even the oven and refrigerator are hidden in a cabinet or other piece of furniture. This of course also facilitates the open planning, which connects the kitchen with living room or other ambience.

Wood, wood and even more wood

Your kitchen can be highly modern and still include wood – that’s what we learned from the latest kitchen designs in 2016. This material is environmentally friendly, adaptive and can connect with almost any interior design. For the most part, it expresses our longing for a natural way of life even in everyday life.


Dark wood plays an important role here and is often preferred because of its upscale look among all the possible colored variants.

Modern kitchen appliances and shining surfaces

Kitchen appliances and surfaces in different styles – this is often the case in modern kitchens in 2019. We never had such a big change before. This is beautiful and offers even more possibilities in the context of the seamless and monochrome style.

Real granite

Granite is next to wood the other real highlight of 2019, but it should be genuine. The artful imitations, however good they should be, are no longer in.


Small kitchen cabinets

In 2019, we learned very well to use as few items as possible in our kitchen design and it is very important that we continue with it. So we concentrate on the essentials and feel more relaxed. It seems that we should be able to keep up with this tendency by using more and smaller but very chic kitchen cabinets.

Finding and expressing one’s own personality in the interior setting – that is still important in 2019. There have been many steps in this direction. How do we plan to build on this in 2020?

Pictures of 2020 Kitchen Design Ideas and current trends

2017 Kitchen Design Ideas
White Minimalist scandinavian style kitchen designs


2017 Kitchen Design Ideas
Traditional Kitchen Design Trends by Mark Rockwood Photography
2017 Kitchen Design Ideas
Small Kitchen Design Walnut Wood Countertop by Grothouse
2017 Kitchen Design Ideas
Rustic Eclecticism Kitchen Design Trends Chester Springs, PA contemporary kitchens



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