Living Room Ceiling Design: How to Paint the Ceilings and Walls in One Color

Adding pops of color and variety through accents and texture adds interest and depth to a monochromatic Living Room Ceiling Design.

Living Room Ceiling Design
Coffered ceilings contemporary living room decorating ideas

Living rooms are spaces where people gather to spend time with family and friends. The design goal for most living rooms is to create a space that is inviting, cozy and that encourages relaxation. Paint color plays a significant role in achieving this goal. Painting the walls and ceiling the same color can work toward creating a cozy, relaxing space in some Living Room Ceiling Design, but the key is to balance the monochromatic theme with other elements in the room.

Painting Ideas for Living Room Ceiling Design

Ceiling lights semi formal transitional living room with fireplace ideas

Monochromatic Design Principles

Painting your living room ceiling a different color than the walls draws attention to where the top of the wall and the ceiling meet, which makes you more aware of the ceiling height, or the lack of it. A single color on both the ceiling and the walls eliminates this line, which can make a living room appear larger. However, color choice plays an important role in whether a monochromatic scheme is appealing or overwhelming. For example, a small living room with a light color on the walls and ceiling feels larger, but a dark color in the same space would feel smothering. In a large living room room, using medium to dark shades on the walls and ceilings makes the room feel cozier, while a light shade might feel too spacious or cold.

Barrel Vaulted Ceiling classic traditional living room furniture designs

Accent Colors

If you paint your living room walls and ceiling one color, there must be a variation in color elsewhere in the room to create depth and dimension in the space. Add contrasting colors in your living room furnishings, window treatments, flooring and accessories. For example, if you choose purple for your walls and ceilings, choose the complementary color yellow, or colors within the yellow family, to accent the walls and ceiling, drawing the eye to your furnishings rather than the paint color. Introduce pops of corresponding colors with fresh flowers, sofa pillows, area rugs and furnishings. Corresponding colors are those that make up the color you use. For example, purple’s corresponding colors are red and blue.




Ceilings and walls painted in the same color can feel monotonous, but with the strategic use of patterns you can add interest and bring the wall and ceiling color into the furnishings, draperies and floor coverings. When using several patterns in your living room ceiling design, make sure they’re subtle. Too many overpowering or large patterns can feel suffocating or loud. Add a little pop of interest with simple floral patterns that echo the colors on the wall and ceiling on the sofa pillows and set these off with striped curtains in a darker or lighter shade than the walls.

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Living rooms provide an opportunity to add texture because of the variety of options you have when choosing furnishings, window coverings, flooring and accessories. For example, choose shiny, smooth surfaces for tables and flooring, and contrast these with flat textures in upholstery and window treatments. In large living rooms, it’s difficult to create an intimate and cozy space. While using a single color for walls and ceilings brings everything closer, warming it up, variation in the form of texture helps to keep it from feeling too close. You can visually separate the ceiling from the walls using the paint sheen. For example, a Living Room Ceiling Design painted with a flat finish and walls painted in a satin or semigloss finish create a difference in texture. This can mean the difference between a living room that is the cozy relaxing space you want and one that feels overwhelming.


Living Room Ceiling Design

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