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Living room in a modern style: current and trendy trends in room design

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
The modern living room is a bright and free room, not devoid of coziness and comfort

The living room is an important functional room that every homeowner wants to design not only rationally and practically, but also creatively and originally. There are many stylistic living room trends, each of which is characterized by its own distinctive features. However, the living room in a modern style has an unusual interior. It consists of parts borrowed from different styles, which are combined into a common concept.

Characteristic features of a modern living room interior

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
Living room in a modern style – a spacious room with a minimal set of furniture

The dominant position in modern style is occupied by comfort and practicality, which is observed in all details of the interior. This direction is very democratic and suitable for rooms of different sizes and shapes, capable of combining several functional zones.

The use of modern technologies, the use of a wide range of finishing materials in harmony with the observance of family traditions allow you to create a cozy and comfortable space in which there is a place for each family member individually and where it will be convenient to settle in a friendly company.

Modern style is represented by an original mix of such directions as minimalism, hi-tech, modern, neoclassicism, pop art, vintage and kitsch. Despite the significant differences between these styles, in modern style, each direction is used metered, which allows you to create harmonious images, various options for interior design.

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
The modern style of the living room is an original mix of such styles as minimalism, modern, high-tech, pop art and retro


Useful advice! To form a practical, harmonious, convenient and aesthetic interior of a room, it is enough to combine two or three design areas within the framework of one room.

Characteristic features of the style are practicality in every detail, simplicity of furniture, democracy in decoration, decorative and textile design, strict lines, clear geometry of shapes, natural fresh color palette using rich natural colors, the use of modern technologies that clearly show the numerous photos of the living room interiors in modern style.

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
In the modern style of the living room, original color combinations are often found

Useful tips for creating a harmonious design in a modern living room

When designing the modern interior of the hall, an open type of layout is relevant where the total space is visually divided into functional zones. Furniture items and other interior elements are usually grouped depending on their purpose. When arranging the premises, asymmetry and an extraordinary approach are welcome.


To decorate the room, you can use not only simple colors in the form of black, white, gray, beige, red and brown, but also composite ones, such as olive, chocolate, raspberry, terracotta, gray-blue, ivory.

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
In the modern style of the living room a lot is borrowed from minimalism

A modern stylish living room should be filled with light, which can not be much. For this, various lighting devices are used, ranging from traditional ceiling chandeliers and wall sconces to ultramodern LED spotlights.

Furniture can be of any shape and can be made in various colors. However, it should be multifunctional, distinguished by a restrained design, not equipped with many decorative inserts. It is necessary that in a modern living room the furniture does not overload the common space and does not take up much space. It should be the smallest possible amount. An important element of the hall is the fireplace. Photos of the interiors in modern living rooms clearly display various options for the location of the functional and aesthetic subject of the room.

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
Universal and unusual, modern style combines many different directions

Decorative design can be represented by several unusual accessories, which are located as if messy. They should have a simple but elegant design. Bright, overly decorated accessories are not used here.


The color scheme of the living room in a modern style: photos of unexpected solutions

The comfort of the room depends on the color scheme in which it is decorated. The living room is predominantly modern in light colors. Bright saturated colors are used solely as an accent.

Living room modern style current trendy design trends
In the interior of a modern living room, individual surfaces are more often distinguished using texture or print

The living room in a modern style, decorated in beige and cream color, will organically look. Such a warm room will help to relax after a hard day, emphasize the spiritual atmosphere of a lived-in home. For a large room, you can use the yellow-brown palette, which fills the general environment with sunlight and cheerfulness, which visually display photos of the interiors of the kitchen-living room in a modern style. However, you should not use bright colors that will look defiant. It is better to opt for pale pastel and mustard shades.

The living room in dark color will look modern, interesting and bold. Khaki color, shades of burgundy, blue and plum, complemented by pure black details, look organically. Such a palette is skillfully combined with a metallic color and a warm gray tint.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

The correct color scheme of the living room affects the emotional state of the person who is in it


Important! To make the dark interior cozy and expressive, it is important to organize bright diffused light.

A calm, peaceful atmosphere will help to create the decoration of the room in green, as shown in the modern living room photo. Here, both warm and cold colors look organic. In the first case, it is desirable to complement the design with beige and terracotta shades. A cool green tone will go well with lemon and peach. An original and interesting design can be done through the use of a light turquoise hue.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

Different shades of gray are often used to decorate beautiful living rooms in a modern style.

Catchy, but at the same time originality will be distinguished by the modern living room, which combines dark shades of fuchsia or burgundy with a muted blue, cold gray or blurry milky tone.


Living room in a modern style : options for finishing wall surfaces

In modern style, much is borrowed from minimalism. First of all, this concerns the decoration of the room. In this case, democratic cladding options are used that look practical and attractive. Original color combinations, emphasis accent areas with textures and print are welcome.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

The use of natural material as a finishing accent will always be relevant

The most organically modern style looks snow-white walls, which can be painted or wallpapered. Such decoration (which is clearly shown in the photo of the interior of the living room 18 meters in a modern style) is an ideal background for any furniture and wall decor, it is easiest to change it if you want to bring newness to the interior. In addition, light walls contribute to the visual expansion of the space and camouflage possible architectural defects.

Actual for a modern living room are wallpaper in pastel colors in a monophonic variation or with an unusual geometric ornament. Products with a large pattern on a calm color background will look good. In addition, this print should be reflected in the upholstery and textiles of the room. Unusual but harmonious in the modern design of the hall look natural wallpaper based on bamboo, straw or cork.Living room modern style current trendy design trends


Walls painted or pasted over with wallpaper – the most frequent option for finishing vertical surfaces of the living room

A good solution would be to use masonry as an accent surface, which can be represented both in the natural color of the brick and in a single-color version. The first option involves applying an antiseptic and water-repellent coating to the surface, and the second – staining.

Painted plain walls are a good background for finishing one of the surfaces or parts of them with flexible natural stone, which reflects the photo of the living room interior in high-tech style. Such cladding also goes well with decorative plaster. The soft accent wall behind the sofa looks airy and perfect.

For cladding wall surfaces suitable concise panels of wood, which will give the room rustic features. They are able to visually lengthen the room. The maximum effect can be obtained using mirror inserts. This finish will be in harmony with the paper coating and brickwork.


How to decorate the ceiling in a modern living room: photos of interesting solutions

The ceiling of the living room in a modern style is represented mainly by a perfectly flat snow-white surface, devoid of decor. It can be whitened or dyed. Stretch ceilings with an organized system of built-in lighting are popular. To visually increase the space, it is necessary to use glossy surfaces with a reflective effect.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

The use of ceiling beams within the modern living room allows you to bring a touch of rural life to a progressive interior.

Important! In modern design, complex multi-level designs with graphic images or photo printing should not be used.

A hint of rural life can be added to the progressive interior through the use of wood-beamed ceilings. Whitewashed or painted constructions will naturally look. Such decoration, as shown in the photo of the modern interior of the living room, can be accent, the background for which is a white surface. Wood panels will fill the general atmosphere of the room with warmth, which look the best in living rooms with high ceilings.Living room modern style current trendy design trends


Hanging structures with integrated lighting are often used.

Plasterboard constructions, which can be used independently or as an addition to suspended ceilings, are equally popular. Such a coating can be decorated with wallpaper, plaster or paint. Plasterboard structures can have different levels and configurations, which will allow to delimit the room, as shown in the photo of high-tech living rooms.

Modern design does not welcome the installation of a false ceiling. Such a coating, divided into white-gray squares, looks too formal and simple, it is not able to decorate a modern interior. Do not also use stucco molding to decorate the ceiling. Due to the deep texture, this decor creates glare and dimming, which will distort the appearance of the ceiling.

Flooring for a modern living room: material options

The flooring for the modern interior of the living room should be distinguished by practicality, wear resistance, durability and aesthetics. The material is presented in a wide range and species diversity.


One of the popular options for flooring in the modern interior design of the living room is a laminate, which is practical, attractive in appearance and low cost. The material has a diverse design. The coating with imitation of natural wood made in natural shades looks colorful. Originality attracts multi-colored boards. An interesting option is the model with a decorative print. The industrial line of modern style is favorably emphasized by a laminate imitating marble.Living room modern style current trendy design trends


In modern design projects, you can often find a neutral palette in the design of the living room floor

Useful advice! You can focus on the sophistication of the direction and beauty of the flooring with the help of a skirting board matched to it in tone, which will create the effect of solidity of the floor, excluding sharp transitions.

Often in modern living room interiors you can find linoleum. This material is a practical and budget option. It is represented by models that imitate the structure of wood, natural stone, tile or porcelain.Living room modern style current trendy design trends


As a flooring for the living room, an inexpensive and practical laminate is popular.

A cork floor looks aesthetically pleasing in a modern interior. This is an environmentally friendly, abrasion resistant, good thermal insulation coating that is often used by families with children. The material is laid end-to-end or with glue. On top of the coating, several layers of transparent acrylic varnish are applied, which enhances the color of the material.

Fashionable and stylish material that will never become obsolete is parquet. Such a coating gives the living room nobleness and sophistication. The most popular options are presented in the color of wenge or mahogany, which is reflected in the photo of the living room interiors in the Art Nouveau style.

The modern newfangled finishing coating is bulk floors, which are characterized by a long period of operation. Such a smooth and shiny surface gives a contemporary design freshness and originality.


Furniture for a modern living room in the styles of hi-tech, minimalism, modern and techno

Modern furniture is suitable for interior decoration in such stylistic directions as hi-tech, modern, minimalism, techno and others. It does not stand out for its luxurious design, devoid of decorative inserts and decorations. However, each element of furniture in a modern living room is practical, versatile, simple lines and sleek design. Different options can be seen in the photo of the interior of the living room in the style of minimalism.

Living room modern style current trendy design trendsAn unusual and modern model can be purchased as a coffee table for the living room.

Preference is given to modular designs, which are characterized by convenience and functionality. If necessary, the elements are rebuilt, forming a new composition. Such furniture is characterized by multifunctionality and mobility. It may contain special compartments for dishes that are equipped with glass doors.

Cabinet furniture should have a simple design with a distinct silhouette. It can have a strict geometric shape or be performed with a smooth, smoothed outline. Models with mirror and glass inserts are welcome. Furniture with vintage elements will look appropriate. An organic addition is chrome fittings.Living room modern style current trendy design trends


In modern living rooms, you can increasingly find functional furniture and at the same time outstanding furniture

As a TV stand, not only cabinets are suitable, but also walls or shelves. The coffee table should be made of glass or have a metal frame. Wheeled models that facilitate their convenient movement are welcome.

Transforming furniture is ideal for creating a characteristic ambience in a modern living room. These can be folding sofas, which when folded turn into wardrobes, armchairs, bed sets, dining sets with folding tables and a certain number of folding chairs or stools. Different versions of such furniture are shown in the design photo of the modern living room.

Important! Modern furniture can combine natural materials with metal or plastic.


Upholstered furniture should not only have aesthetic value, but also bear a functional load. It is necessary that the sofa and chairs are equipped with wide backs and large armrests. The frame of products is made of wood or metal. Upholstery is predominantly selected from plain textile or leather. It uses mainly light and soft colors. However, acquiring large furniture, they prefer upholstery in a gray shade or wenge color. Different options are presented in the photo of the interior of the living room in a modern style.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

In a modern living room, sofas are most often used as solid or modular designs that allow you to provide the maximum number of seats

Useful advice! Frameless furniture models with a special elastic filling fit perfectly into the modern living room.

The role of lighting in the design of the living room in a modern style

For a modern living room, it is important to properly organize artificial lighting. The actual solution is to install a ceiling chandelier, which can have any configuration. When choosing plafonds, preference is given to products made of transparent glass.Living room modern style current trendy design trends


As a rule, in a modern living room there should be a lot of lighting

If a suspended ceiling is mounted, numerous small spotlights will organically look. When organizing a two-level drywall design, LED strips can be used. The same lighting is relevant for lighting a fireplace in a modern living room interior. For local lighting of functional areas, wall or table sconces with a metal casing should be used. In this case, it will be appropriate to use matte lamps of a traditional cylindrical or rounded shape.

Interesting in the modern design of the living room look neon lights, wall and bubble panels, the illumination of the plinth and floor, illuminating the room, expanding its space. Light bulbs look spectacular, creating a descending or rising light, filling the room with a thin veil of light.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

Designer lights are used not only as a light installation, but also as a subject of lighting


A relevant technique for interior design of a living room in a modern style is the lighting of niches and open shelves. For this, LED paths with white light are used, which will make a bright accent in the interior. If a podium is organized in the living room, luminaires can be built into the elevation whereby a soaring effect is created. A floor lamp, which illuminates a small space, will organically fit into the recreation area. Such a dim light allows you to relax as much as possible near the fireplace. Photos of living room interiors in a modern style display different options for zoned lighting.

Decor and textiles, appropriate for the interior of the living room in a modern style

When choosing a decor for a living room in a modern style, a number of features should be considered. Despite the laconicism of the interior and minimalism in design, it is necessary to shade off the original design.

Abstract paintings in the interior of the living room in a modern style in massive frames will look unique on the plain walls. A suitable option may be watercolor painting or black and white graphics.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

As a rule, any decorative element of modern design has a functional component


Wall or floor clocks made in hi-tech style, in plastic or metal design, can advantageously shade the interior. Products must have a clear geometric shape and contain inserts of glass or natural stone.

A great accessory of a modern room is a stylish glass or ceramic vase (transparent or bright). In small rooms it is worthwhile to limit yourself to miniature models. In the spacious living room in the style of minimalism, you can install a massive outdoor product.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

Bright sofa cushions not only diversify the color palette of the interior, but also help to comfortably settle in the recreation area

As a carpet, one-color models should be purchased. Organically fit into the overall style of the product with a long pile, imitating the skins of an animal. A win-win option is a lint-free carpet made of interwoven natural fibers.


For the modern design of the living room, it is necessary to use stylish straight plain plain curtains of medium density without a tack. Products may have a white or beige shade. The curtains in a light green, blue or purple hue will look organically in a modern interior. Also, products with a wide strip and with a small geometric pattern are also suitable. They can be made of natural fabric or of material made using modernized technology.

The current option is color block style models. In the design of the living room minimalism, you can use Japanese window panels without drapery. Tulle is better to choose from translucent options in a single-color version. The product should have a uniform texture and not contain fringes and lace.

Important! Curtains with traditional floral patterns will look too old-fashioned, and blinds will be boring.Living room modern style current trendy design trends

In the interior of the living room in a modern style there are no restrictions on the use of one or another type of decor


Creating a modern living room interior allows you to experiment with various materials, elements of furniture and lighting. The situation should turn out restrained, but refined, simple, but not without originality.

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