Choosing the Best Modern Living Room Wall

The modern living room wall is also 2019 back in fashion: By flexibly combinable furniture elements, everyone can assemble the right for your living room wall. Not only as a storage wonders and space for TV and DVD player it is perfect. Even for a stylish presentation of accessories, books or plants offers modern living wall numerous ways.modern living room wall

With simple light wood modules oak or spruce, combined with trendy pastel colors, you are this year in terms of interior design trends spot on. The Scandinavian decor style characterizes our living rooms this season and ensures Nordic clarity.

Who the minimalist style suits, is well advised with a living wall in plain white. It is classy and timeless, but combined with wooden side panels also conveys cosiness and an intimate ambience. Dark glass or anthracite metal pieces make a nice contrast and look elegant and stylish.

Individual design of the modern living room wall

Where a residential wall was a bulky piece of furniture a few years ago, today there are numerous ways to make the wall individually. If you select the colors and shapes of the imagination knows no boundaries : Combine glass modules with dark wood or mix colorful building blocks, to create a colorful eye-catcher.


Who a straight look is important can also be a monochrome TV wall – consisting of only one material and one color – together and the look with accessories, such as a colorful vase or colored candles spice. As eye also called coffee table book, which can be placed in the free areas of the housing wall are.

In small modules, which are equipped with sliding or door elements of glass – can be kept as in a showcase glasses or cups.

Which TV wall suits me?


Basically, a living wall for each, the emphasis on extra storage places and place for his favorite pieces and accessories, recommended. Especially for the storage of books, DVDs or TV accessories it is ideal.


Still looking for a good place for his TV would be well advised to implement in a wall unit. There is, of the acquisition of TV furniture. Since the elements offer multiple possibilities of use, the TV wall is for almost any purpose and may at any time larger if needed or reduced.

Components of a modern living room wall 2019

The modern wall unit for modern living room wall consists of modular parts , which merge variable and can be combined. This makes transportation easier and offers many options to combine the TV wall. A major element in the middle is enough space for a flat screen TV including accessories available and often forms the center of the wall. With sliding elements or using a retractable charging up electronic devices can also easily hide in the room wall. Cables and wires can be hidden through channels inside the furniture.

Through the so-called ” endless assembly ” can change the modern living room wall at any time according to his preferences. The elements can usually be on all four sides expand and give therefore no rigid form. Should you find in his apartment about a stationary wall in the mantel or a structural beam, you can integrate this by cleverly arranged wall units in the wall unit.

Also in other areas – such as the study or bedroom – can be a living wall well set the scene, for example, as storage space for magazines, folders or garments. In the entrance of the apartment , the wall modules can also be seen: Store your mail or the keys in removable drawer units or put clothes in drawers from. Also excess space in the hall can be used by a small wall unit for additional storage space.


Whether playful or classic – modern living room wall unit is available and tailored to all needs in all shapes and colors. And who does not delight in additional presentation possibilities of his favorite accessories?

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