When choosing your front porch design, take into consideration the basic design of your home.

Front Porch Design
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Whether you have a contemporary or modern style home, or it is more of a traditional or Victorian style, you’ll want the Front Porch Design to match the home. If your house is large, you may opt for a large style of porch. Conversely, if you have a small house, be sure the porch design fits accordingly, without overlapping. If you prefer a space where you won’t be bothered by insects, enclosed or screened front porch ideas may be right for you.

Front porch designs may be intricate, elaborate and decorative, or imbue more of a subtle charm.

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Determining the best Front Porch Design for your home depends on your taste and preference. If the outside of your home has a dramatic type of presence, you’ll most likely want your front porch to have the same flair and eye-catching appeal. If your home is more casual and subdued in essence, you’d do well to go for a casual style of porch.

If your home is a large country-style farmhouse or something similar, perhaps you’d prefer a Front Porch Design with a large deck. Choosing the proper wood for your deck is also an important decision. This is where your local home improvement store can help, so ask for advice.

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It’s also important to take the roof of your deck into account when making design decisions. At Peter Smith roofing, they encourage homeowners to match the roofing on all the components of their home. This keeps the exterior of the house looking unified and not like an amalgam of different materials. The same goes for the roof of your deck. You’ll want the roof of your deck to match the roof of your house.

In choosing your ideal front porch design, you may wish for additional help and ideas. The Internet can be a good resource for this. Photos can often be a great inspiration as well. While you are surfing the web, see if you can find local contractors or companies that may help with the remodeling process or offer ideas.

To be further inspired, plan an excursion through neighboring towns. Take a notebook along with you. Take a look at the front porches on various styles of homes. If any of the styles particularly catch your eye, you will be able to jot down pertinent information to refer to later.

Think of how you might want to landscape a front porch. Plants for a front porch can make your home look inviting. A hanging plant or two can add simple charm to a suburban home. Perhaps you’d prefer to plant some flowers. Extra lighting, such as some strategically placed solar lights may provide a warm hue as well.

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Coordinating your porch decor with the season generally adds a welcoming touch. The Christmas season especially brings many opportunities for decorating your front porch. For example, setting some pretty lights to frame the porch, along with a decorative holiday accent or two might make a lovely winter scene.

Front Porch Design