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Low Budget House Plans: Build a House with Little Money

At the time of making the decision to design low budget house plans are several aspects to evaluate to achieve this process culminates, one of them is the cost that will generate the work, which represents a great investment. If you have a budget, the first thing to do is a list of priorities, what you need and what you want, to fit it into your budget.

You can explore different ways to build a house with little money without giving up the quality of the work and value the investment, which should be reflected in the quality of materials to use, good finishes, design and functionality, considering your Lifestyle and needs.

Here we suggest the steps to build a low cost home with a good level of quality.Low Budget House Plans

How to build a low cost home

Good planning in everything related to the project and construction of your home, will contribute to reduce costs and offset the investment.

  • Hire a professional expert in the area. An architect who advises you on the type of construction and economic materials, adequate and resistant that can be employed, including electrical, sanitary, and air conditioning if necessary, as well as regarding coatings, blacksmithing, carpentry, Sanitary parts, electrical systems and all the elements that make up a home.
  • Coordinate the project of your house with the architect, so that it adapts to your requirements, needs and budget, taking full advantage of each space of the house according to its function and guiding them properly to take advantage of ventilation and natural light, which will help reduce Expenses when you live in your house.
  • Consideration should be given to the size of the dwelling, according to the terrain, and the number of people who inhabit it, to determine the number of floors or plants suitable, and you may consider constructing it in stages if the cost of the work is higher than your budget.
  • Hire the construction company that will perform and supervise the work, according to the approved project, taking into account construction times to reduce costs, as well as a work plan and the process of permits and licenses to give the process agility. The architect and the builders must present the estimated budget of the work, considering unforeseen expenses that may occur when executing it.

Low Cost Construction House Plans

The time you save in the development of the work, from the beginning, will help to reduce your expenses.

  • Having a general understanding of the types of construction and low-cost materials that are on the market will help you make a better decision and collaborate with the architect, reducing the time lags in the development of the project.
  • It is important that the type of construction chosen is economical and not complicated, to shorten the time of the work, which will have a significant impact on the cost of the work.
  • You can opt for the traditional building system, which is made up of a reinforced concrete structure, beams and columns. This system is of proven strength and durability, but requires a larger number of personnel in the work, resulting in a slower, therefore more expensive process.

If you decide on this type of low budget house plans, you can find alternatives to lower costs in the materials used. You can use the concrete with its original appearance, gray finish, or dye it, to give the house a different and original decorative touch on its exterior, and can also be combined with blocks of brick or clay, achieving a rustic and versatile finish.

Another way to reduce costs is to contemplate in the project of the house integrated spaces in the social areas, reducing the number of walls, and those that are necessary to maintain to delimit the dormitories and sanitary, in light and economic materials, such as drywall panels or asbestos cement. Compressed wood boards OSB (Oriented Strand Board), may be another alternative to replace traditional walls, and are easy assemble, durable, decorative and ecological.

  • The second option to choose is the industrialized construction system or “dry construction”, based on prefabricated elements, easy to assemble and assemble, offering numerous advantages over the traditional system, which will result in a considerable savings when it comes to building your home.

This system of dry construction allows reducing the times and the personnel in the work, since the elements and materials used are elaborated in a workshop or factory, while other processes are advanced, such as the foundations and bases of the structure, the installations, Enclosures and works of plumbing or masonry in the land where the house is built.


The prefabricated elements can be transported and assembled without having heavy machinery, since the transfer to the work and its assembly does not need this type of equipment, since these are light systems.

The type of dry construction reduces the environmental impact and its environment, since most of the components of the system are recycled materials and in its assembly it is not necessary to use cement, lime and other elements that generate waste and waste.

There are different types of materials to build your low cost house design with this type of construction system, the most quoted of all is wood, because it is easy to work, because of its lightness, appearance, warmth, versatility and optimal price – quality ratio.low cost construction house plans image


The blocks of concrete are another option used to build dry, strong and durable material that fits anywhere where emplace, and offers the advantage of the climate of the environment coupled with a good system of isolation.


If your home project is more sophisticated, or more than one plant, we recommend using steel framing or steel system, which offers variety of designs, patterns and structural models to choose from. The assembly of this type of dry construction is based on a metal structure on which materials are supported that will serve for thermal insulation, providing a high insulation capacity, which translates into quality of life. The steel is a material of great resistance, hardness and durability, and it is totally recyclable.Small budget house plans design

Another of the materials used in this construction system is PVC, one of the most economical in the market and with high environmental resistance. It is based on the placement of joined plates that replace traditional walls and is characterized by the great speed of assembly, combining utility and functionality.

  • The third alternative is to build a sustainable house, whose manufacture may be more expensive, but it is a solution that will save you money after being finished and inhabited. By building sustainable housing, you can reduce the expense of electric bills by integrating your home into the environment, and

Construction at the environment in which it is, effectively using resources and achieving optimize your quality of life.

When building a sustainable home it is important to take into account the determinants of the environment where it will be located, for the best use of natural energy according to the climate and the seasons of the place, so it is fundamental the orientation that is given to housing.


Ventilation and insulation are factors to take into consideration in this type of construction, the windows of the house must be well sealed so it is recommended to use double glazing.

To achieve the good use of renewable energies, solar panels or the use of polystyrene are proposed as thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the use of natural or recyclable materials that are pressed to form panels. Today there are many of them on the market, the wood, bamboo, PVC, steel, brick ecological, blocks of concrete, the carpet crushed, and a myriad of waste paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, Tires and agrofibres.how to build a low cost home

The profitability produced by sustainable housing is demonstrated, as they consume less energy than the one produced, it is estimated that energy savings can reach 70% in the long term, so that the investment you make in it will be seen paid in some years considerably.low cost house building picture

It should be taken into account that the concept of economic can vary according to the place where the project of your home is built, but the process of globalization and industrialization of the same, has allowed to match the prices of the products.


Following the steps that we have indicated you will be able to build low budget house plans that you want and you need, adapting your budget to the cost of the project and the construction of your house with little money.

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