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Modern Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home in terms of both form and function. With the right modern bathroom ideas, you can create a spa-like atmosphere and contemporary space that eschews trends and fads and stands the test of time. Don’t worry if you’re short of imagination; get your remodeling gears turning with these fabulous ideas to drool over.

Dress Up Your Modern Bathroom With A Statement Bathtub

A bathtub may seem unnecessary if you already have a shower unit, but there are times when a deep soak in a soft candle-lit warm bath is the ultimate mood booster. A bath should never be an afterthought. Swap your standard tub for a gorgeous statement piece with a distinctive design. Options include rectangular, oval, and freestanding clawfoot. If you’re mulling over some luxury additions to your bathroom, why not consider a whirlpool or spa bath for a touch of decadence?

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Captivate With A Floating Vanity

Instantly transforming your outdated bathroom into a chic, contemporary space, a floating vanity unit adds a touch of elegance while also giving the illusion of more room. They help to make a bathroom feel lighter, and the open space beneath them provides a visual break. Although floating vanities cut down storage space, some offer counter space and come with built-in cupboards or drawers. Wall-mounted vanity units are easily adaptable to smaller bathrooms but can work equally well in large areas.


Go Hands-Free With Touchless Faucets

The pandemic has shone a light on our hygiene. Touchless faucets harbor fewer microbes than manual faucets. They are already a feature in commercial bathrooms, but now they’re making their way into many homes. Playful, modern, and practical, they come in a range of styles. And since touchless faucets have an automatic shut-off, they save you money over time by reducing water consumption.

Think Big With A Large Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are an excellent decorative addition and are so much more than just a reflection to check your appearance or apply cosmetics. They create a style statement and brighten up a room by adding another reflective surface for light to bounce off. They also create depth; giving the illusion of more space and making a room appear more open and relaxing. The larger the mirror, the bigger the room will feel. For visual drama and the WOW factor, hang a bathroom mirror that stretches all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

Tune In To A Built-In Television

Catch up on the news or chill out with your favorite TV series while you’re soaking in the suds or standing under the shower. Don’t just hang a flat screen in one corner; do it right by flush mounting the television into a wall where you can easily see it from the tub or through glass shower walls.



Make bathroom appear bigger


Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger With An Invisible Shower Wall

A clear glass invisible shower wall visually opens up a space and makes your bathroom appear larger. Even the smallest of bathrooms can seem a lot bigger. Frameless clear glass shower doors or screens let you see past them and don’t serve as a visual barrier like framed doors or shower curtains that make a room feel pokey. They can also show off the shower enclosure’s beautiful tiles.

Stay Toasty Warm With Underfloor Heating

One of the most exciting modern bathroom ideas is underfloor radiant heating, a luxurious way to pamper yourself and take the edge off chilly tiles on a cold morning. There are two principal types of radiant floor heating: water-based and electric heating systems. Both provide energy-efficient heating but in different ways. In water-based systems, pipes connected to the boiler circulate warm water while electric systems heat wires beneath the floor to generate warmth. Both work with a variety of different flooring types such as tiles, stone, and vinyl.

Refresh Your Space With Beautiful Lighting

Every bathroom deserves the best lighting possible so give your bathroom a modern upgrade. Divide the room into zones when designing the lighting scheme. You don’t use the toilet, shower, and sink at the same time so they can operate on different switches. Install a chic hanging light such as a chandelier or pendant and add lighting to the shower area. If the vanity mirror is regular size, frame it with a pair of wall lights. And install a dimmer switch to help you set the right mood. Taking a bath in dazzling bright light is not as relaxing as when you can turn the lights down low.

Bathroom oasis


Your Modern Personal Oasis

There is no reason why you have to put up with a tired, drab old bathroom that’s fallen victim to time. No matter whether your bathroom is small or large, a modern upgrade will provide you with a perfect place of retreat and relaxation.

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