Modern Pendant Lamps for Impressive Accents in the Interior

No lighting concept is complete without a pendulum lamp – whether as an accent in the bedroom, as an effective light source for the dining area or as a stylish addition to the living area – it brings excitement into the interior. Thanks to the large selection of models and materials, modern pendant lights offer numerous design possibilities and can be imaginatively put into the scene.modern pendant lamp bedroom lighting

Modern hanging lights right in the scene

Today, modern daylight lighting is much more than just a basic lighting – they determine the atmosphere in the room and, depending on the needs, can create meaningful contrasts or blend harmoniously into the interior. The first step towards effective lighting is finding the right place for the lamp.

The right lighting for the dining area

Hanging lamps scatter soft light and are therefore perfectly suited for the dining area – the table shape and the table size play a decisive role in the selection of the lighting units. For a round table, a pendulum lamp with dimmer can provide comfort – ideally it should hang about 70cm above the dining table. For the rectangular or extendable table, however, several luminaires arranged next to one another are possible – these should be mounted at a distance of approx. 60 cm from each other.

Highlight the seating group in the living area

Even in the living room, a pendulum lamp can have a positive effect on the mood – it makes furniture and accessories more effective, but assuming that it is hanging directly above the seat group and not as usual in the middle of the room. A stylized oversized pendulum lamp with textile cable in accent color also brings daylight into the simple modern interior.


Pendant lights in the bedroom provides comfort

Even if the bedside lamp is regarded as an absolute classic in the bedroom, a new set-up has become popular lately – two lamps hanging low above the bedside tables or a pendulum lamp mounted directly above the bed. The basic lighting provides soft light, which makes the eyes relaxed and comfortable. Special tiltable rope systems offer a flexible solution for the walk-in closet and the dressing table.

Modern pendant lights – the materials at a glance

Modern pendant lights are offered in many variations, so that everyone can find the right one for their own home style. The metal lampshades spray with their matte surface industrial charm and therefore add the finishing touch to eclectic, Scandinavian and minimalist facilities. Glamorous are the lamps made of hand-blown glass or crystal – they give minimalist interiors a luxurious look. Japanese paper lanterns give the room an exotic touch – the model has succeeded and is an integral part of the puristic living area. Pendant lights from wood veneers inspire with their organic form language, especially in Scandinavian dining areas.

No matter what design is hanging in your own house, an important detail must not be overlooked – the cable. Textile cables offer a flexible alternative to the steel cable, which can set accents in the room or make the color of the lighting body more effective

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