Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

The design of any room begins with the design of the walls. You can rearrange the furniture as much as you like, but if the decoration of the room is chosen incorrectly, you won’t be able to achieve beauty, comfort and coziness. Accessories and decoration will not help either. Modern wallpapers are presented in a wide range. However, choosing a beautiful canvas does not mean getting the desired or necessary effect in the room. The texture, color and pattern must be selected correctly.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

With the help of modern wallpapers, it’s easiest and fastest to refresh the atmosphere of the room or radically change the design

Wall-paper for walls as a universal finishing material

Wallpaper as a finishing material has been used for a long time. For a long time, these were exclusively paper options. Improving the processing technology of various materials has significantly expanded the range of wallpapers. Moreover, both operational qualities and their aesthetics, decorativeness have improved.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

High strength, durability and a wide range of colors and textures become the main criteria for choosing wallpapers for modern homes


The long-term popularity of wall-paper is due to a number of significant advantages:

  1. Availability of use. Almost everyone can stick wallpaper on their own. This significantly saves money on repairs.
  2. Low price (relative to many other finishing materials).
  3. The ability to hide not only small, but also fairly large wall defects. Cracks, indentations, small holes are not visible under any coating. Properly selected textured material, including photo wallpaper, can mask even significant irregularities.
  4. Quick effect. When glued by professional craftsmen, the room can change within a few hours.
  5. A variety of colors, patterns, ornaments. You can choose an option for any style.
  6. The ability to simulate other finishing materials (wood, stone, fabric, plaster, etc.).Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Floral print on wallpaper remains relevant always

For a long time, a quick loss of aesthetics was considered a lack of wallpaper. They burned out, wiped, torn. Modern good wallpapers, that is, high-quality, have other operational characteristics. They can be washed, they are not torn from insignificant mechanical impact, they are resistant to ultraviolet.

Classification of modern types of wall-paper

The unquenchable demand for this type of finishing material contributes to the appearance of more and more new types. It is almost impossible to list the entire range actively used today. Try to highlight the most popular wallpaper. These include:

  • non-woven. They are made by hot stamping from non-woven, cellulose and polyester;
  • vinyl. They have two layers, one of which consists of paper or non-woven, and the second of PVC;Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Aesthetics, durability, strength and ease of care for decorated walls will directly depend on the properties of the wallpaper.

  • bamboo. The main material is treated bamboo, which is applied to a fabric base;
  • metallized wallpaper. Made of porous paper, the picture has a metallic sheen effect;
  • jute. The material used is a plant;
  • silk. Wallpaper has a synthetic coating that imitates silk fabric;
  • sisal. The canvas is made of twisted fibers of an agave plant.

Modern high-quality wallpapers are made from both natural and synthetic materials. The latter are distinguished by a variety of shades and ornaments, all kinds of textured drawings. Wallpaper made of natural materials is often monochrome, but this is precisely what often makes the interior expensive and sophisticated.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Due to the wide variety of wallpapers, everyone can find an option that will satisfy the quality and cost

Useful advice! If the house has small children, it is better to choose synthetic wallpaper. This option is much more practical.


Beautiful wallpaper at the heart of an interesting interior

Wallpaper can dramatically change any room. Even the smallest bedroom with the right choice of wall decoration will seem like a spacious room in which it will be easy to breathe and move. With the design of the walls, the creation of the interior practically begins. The proposed algorithm of actions will help not to miss important points in the preparation process:

  • the first thing to do is decide on the style. You need to consider not only the option of wallpaper, furniture, but also the future placement of interior items;Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

The sea-green wallpaper, bleached indigo, light blue, deep ultramarine remain relevant

  • then you should evaluate the dimensions of the room and the location of the windows. The choice of color and the method of combining wallpaper (if such will be used) largely depend on the direction of the fluxes of daylight;
  • evaluate the quality of the wall surface, take into account defects, calculate the required number of rolls. In the course of preparation, one should not rely only on personal knowledge and impressions; it is better to use the help of competent consultants;
  • Wallpaper on the wall will be beautiful only if it is neatly glued and does not have visible seams and traces of glue. When choosing, it is very important to understand how the canvases fit together. Dense and volumetric options can hide large, but smooth irregularities, but minor bulges will not make joints invisible;
  • the mismatch of the wallpaper pattern with the style of other interior items will introduce randomness, bad taste.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

The gray color in the wallpaper does not cease to be one of the leaders in the current color palette

Wallpaper in the interior can be a background or a bright accent, perhaps a necessary addition, but they must be part of a single composition. Only then will the interior become pleasant, interesting.


The choice of wallpaper in rooms with different layouts

The color of the wallpaper, or rather the shade, should be selected depending on the location of the windows. If they go north, dark tones should not be used, as the room will become gloomy. It is better to apply pure warm colors. If the room is located on the south side, cold shades and deep saturated colors are perfectly acceptable.

When the position of the windows does not provide uniform lighting in the room, in the shaded area you can paste a wallpaper-city on the wall. The room will gain perspective, the boundaries of the room will expand.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Dark and cold shades of wallpaper are perfect for rooms on the south side.

Many people set themselves the task of using wallpaper to visually increase the room. If the dimensions of the room are small, do not paste it with canvases of dark shades or with a large pattern. Light ones with a small and inexpressive pattern are more suitable. In small rooms it is better to avoid contrasting colors, such combinations visually reduce space.


If it is necessary to expand the room (relevant for significantly elongated rectangular rooms), it is worth using wallpaper with a large horizontal strip. For a visual increase in height, vertical strip options are suitable.

Do not give up wallpapers in a modern style if the room has niches, small piers or other planning features that complicate the design of the walls. Thin monophonic or small-sized vinyl, as well as woven natural fibers, the wallpaper will completely cope with the problem: complex areas from problematic ones will turn into an interesting interior addition.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

To expand a small room, it is better to paste the walls with light-colored wallpapers

Useful advice! When choosing a wallpaper pattern, it is necessary to consider all the features of the room.


Repair in the house: wallpaper for walls and ceiling, their quality and color

Color greatly affects the subconscious. Therefore, it is very important what shades surround a person in a home environment. You need to choose the color of wallpaper in the house (in addition to taking into account the layout of the room and the style), depending on the functional purpose of the room.

Stimulates, invigorates, awakens to life – yellow. This color is perfect for the kitchen. Acceptable beige, silver and, of course, attracting pure energy to white. Bright colors for the walls in the kitchen should not be used, only expressive details are permissible.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

You need to choose a wallpaper depending on the functional purpose of the room

Peach, beige, warm gray, light olive are suitable for the bedroom. To make the interior more interesting, one of the walls can be supplemented with bright fragments. However, it is better if it is a zone that cannot be seen from a lying position when relaxation is needed. It should be visible only during wakefulness.


For the working area, it is better to choose a blue or blue color. It stimulates mental activity, promotes composure, concentration.

Drawings of wallpaper for the nursery should not be bright around the perimeter of the room. Only individual fragments of the walls should be decorated with saturated colors. Motley quickly tires. You can choose a wallpaper of calm green or yellow for a child’s room. Matte pink, milky, beige will be pleasant. It is appropriate to revive the nursery with textiles with prints, colorful toys.

The ceiling provides completeness to the room. Many prefer white color and its varieties. Cold shades of the walls are in harmony with the bluish whiteness, milk – with pastel colors. You can make the ceiling bright, floral, but it should not have an overhang effect.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Graphic images often become the basis for interior design in different stylistic designs – from classic to avant-garde


The quality of the wallpaper should be chosen depending on the style. For classic living rooms, vinyl, silk screen printing, voluminous wallpapers are suitable. Ethno and country are in perfect harmony with wicker surfaces. For styles of loft, modern, minimalism, you can choose paintings that mimic natural materials.

The use of classic wallpaper in a modern interior

The classic style of the interior is still preferred by many. The unity of the correctness of lines and special decorativeness makes the room both comfortable and restrained-luxurious.

Wallpaper used for this style is characterized by dim, muted shades. The ornament can be both small and large, but must be repeated, stamped. The classic interior gravitates towards sophistication, so decorating the walls with one type of wallpaper of a restrained color will not be entirely correct. Classic modern wallpaper for walls can be complemented by the following types of decor:

  • arrange on open walls wallpaper inserts of a different texture, compatible in color with the main ones;
  • use wallpaper that simulates other decoration materials to design individual areas. In the classic horizontal combination is appropriate;
  • highlight the central wall by pasting it with wallpaper of a brighter color. This can be a plain option if the rest is patterned, or vice versa.

The classic interior is recommended for large rooms. If nevertheless this style is used for a small room in the apartment, it is better to choose a wallpaper with floral patterns. The right soft vertical stripes are also suitable.


Useful advice! When designing a classic interior, do not use wallpaper with horizontal stripes, even if the room is visually desirable to expand. This kind of finish is contrary to style.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality


In classic wallpaper, the ornament is most often small, repeating, with a stamp

When choosing a classic wallpaper should take into account the type of furniture. If these are old models, it is better to decorate the walls with intricate monograms. Strips are suitable for modern furniture. Universal option – damask pattern.

Quality and interesting design of Italian wallpaper for walls

Italy gave the world outstanding sculptors, artists, musicians. A high artistic and aesthetic level of manufacturers is also manifested in the manufacture of finishing materials. Italian wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular. It is based not only on affordability, although this indicator is also important, but also on a high level of quality:

  • moisture resistant;
  • Resist UV
  • do not emit toxic substances;
  • have a diverse texture.

The most popular Italian-made wallpapers are fabric. These are mainly options with a classic pattern. They give the room sophistication, charm. Fabric wallpapers do not lose their aesthetics for a long time, they are easily glued.

Among the Italian wallpaper, there are many monophonic options, which are characterized by floral elements, geometric patterns, and abstraction. The plot canvases, which transfer to the sculptures and frescoes in the Renaissance era, are especially expressive. The use of such wallpapers in the interior requires complex design, harmonious furniture, and careful selection of decorative elements.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Italian wallpapers always have a high level of quality.

Italian designers have developed both skillful patterns for sophisticated natures, and fun children’s options that play warm shades. Plain, modest in terms of decorativeness, but practical washable wallpaper for hallways and corridors are also appreciated.


Italian wallpapers meet high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Modern wallpaper for the living room : decorative requirements

The interior of the living room requires a greater or lesser degree of festivity, ceremoniality. This is the face of the owners, a room intended for other people to stay in it. The organic interior is a sign of respect for the guests. If we talk about the rules for choosing wallpapers, then they are traditional. The following must be considered:

  • style;
  • the size of the room;
  • color gamut;
  • condition of the walls;
  • Wallpaper performance.

The photos of wallpapers posted on the Internet in the living room demonstrate a wide variety of options. These are plain colors with different textures, and smooth paper with monograms, and fabric with a matte and glossy surface, with a metallic sheen, etc. Photo wallpaper with drawings on various topics is welcome. You can not only “scroll through” the catalog, but also see how a certain type of product looks in the interior.

Having got acquainted with the photo materials presented on the Internet , the conclusion suggests itself, which, in fact, is a requirement for modern wallpaper for the hall: they should not be just a background (as is permissible in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the hallway) – it should manifest decorativeness. This can be an interesting texture, pattern, spraying, etc.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality


Modern wallpaper for the living room can be either traditional, paper-based, or washable, based on other materials

Useful advice! When using photo wallpaper in the living room, it should be borne in mind that they should not just cover the wall, but create an interesting zone in the room.

Effect 3 D at registration of the design: three-dimensional wallpaper for the walls

The unique interior can be decorated using wallpaper that creates the effect of volume. Stereoscopic canvases have the most diverse pattern. This can be a wallpaper with flowers transporting to the spring garden of paradise, to the south coast, to the depths of the sea, to the temples of art …

Modern 3D wallpapers are complemented by LED backlighting. It seems that the light comes from the wall. They can be glued on one or several walls, the main thing is that the whole composition blends in seamlessly. Wanting to emphasize the expressiveness of the interior, one cannot allow excesses. If the whole space is in the midst of “raging nature”, the feeling of room, comfort will disappear.


The only drawback of these chic wallpapers is their high cost. The price of 1 m² , depending on the manufacturing technology, ranges from 250 to 650 rubles. Volumetric wallpapers can have paper, vinyl and non-woven backings.

The gluing process causes certain difficulties:

  • Wallpaper can only be placed on a perfectly flat wall;
  • in the process of work it is necessary to use the level (the slightest inaccuracy will necessarily appear);
  • glue should be applied quick-drying.

Volumetric wallpapers are appropriate in rooms of any purpose. For rooms with high probability of pollution (in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom), it is worth choosing moisture resistant options.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Wall mural is the best option to make one of the walls accent


Design wallpapers for walls : elite and exclusive options

Any wallpaper is the result of human labor, including designers. But in everyday life, design options are called elite, possibly exclusive products.

As a basis for designer wallpaper, non-woven is more often used. It is obtained from cotton fibers. The material is lightweight and tearproof enough. Decorative coating is made from a variety of materials. It can be a celebrity-style vinyl surface decorated with rhinestones or mother of pearl.

Stylish wallpaper made of fabric, which can be attributed to design, is made not only from a single canvas, but also from fragments combined into interesting compositions. They are used for decorating elite wallpapers of beads imitated with gold or silver threads, spraying, Swarovski crystals and other interesting decor elements.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Decorative coverings on designer wallpapers are made from a variety of materials


The fashion trend is decoration of the room with wallpaper with wolves. Here, symbolism rather than decorativeness comes to the forefront. These predators possess qualities that are also characteristic of man: loyalty, devotion, strength, courage.

However, do not rush to decorate your study, bedroom or work area with animal themes just because it is fashionable. The image must necessarily be associated with human virtues.

Design options should include only those options where such a peculiar decor has a substantial component, and is not just a photograph.

Useful advice! When choosing an image of wolves as a decoration, it should be understood that this is not only a way of decoration, but also a manifestation of the personal qualities of the owner.


Stylish wallpaper for the walls can be done with your own hands – apply the picture.

Those with artistic abilities will do this more creatively. For those who just know how to do everything carefully, a stencil will help.

The sequence of actions when decorating wallpapers with your own hands can be as follows:

  • choose a wallpaper that should be painted according to the characteristics of the manufacturer (preferably vinyl or non-woven), stick;
  • make a sketch of the future drawing, calculating the dimensions;
  • choose water-based paints based on latex or acrylic. It is worth stopping at 2-3 shades, only professionals can skillfully use a large number of tones;Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Having made a stencil from the film, you can then circle it on the wall pasted with wallpaper

  • purchase a roller made of natural material, a spray bottle, sponges.

The best wallpapers are exclusive, unique. Anyone can make them just like that. If you can’t come up with a composition yourself, you can use the Internet.


A few technical recommendations:

  • if the drawing is applied to painted wallpaper, the base layer must necessarily dry;
  • two layers of paint cannot be applied to paper webs;
  • it is impossible to attach the stencil twice to the same place.

Useful advice! When choosing a picture, you should definitely pay attention to the correspondence of the composition to the functional purpose of the room.Modern Wallpaper Trends: from classic monograms to design originality

Having creative abilities, you can put a picture on the wallpaper yourself

Modern wallpapers : practical tips for choosing and using

And in conclusion – a few tips to help you choose the right wallpaper:

  1. When decorating, the color of the wallpaper is of paramount importance. No quality compensates for the wrong shade.
  2. You need to purchase wallpaper in accordance with financial capabilities. Even from inexpensive paper products, you can make the original design.
  3. Do not take on self-sticking wallpaper, especially dense and voluminous, if you are not sure about the availability of the necessary skills. Better to trust the professionals.
  4. You should be careful about using cell wallpaper. In an interior with checkered walls, it is often difficult to pick up furniture, textiles, and decor elements.
  5. If you want to perform a combined decoration of the walls, you should choose products from one collection.
  6. Wallpaper is better to try on the wall. To do this, take the roll and attach the stretched canvas to the wall in an upright position. Pattern and color can be perceived completely differently.

Wallpaper, wall decoration – this is the first thing that catches your eye when entering the room. Then attention switches to other interior items. The positive integrity of perception, that is, what is called “comfort”, is largely provided by wall decoration. The assortment of wallpapers is huge, you just need to choose the best option. As a result, the room will really be beautiful, pleasant and comfortable.

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