Most Popular Styles Country Houses Decoration Ideas

Country Houses Decoration Ideas are a popular home design style and have evolved into various forms.

Country Houses Decoration Ideas
Luxury English Country House Pink Sofa Living Room Furniture and Decoration Ideas

The goose plaques, pig potholders, and cow place mats have mostly become a thing of the past, and fresh refinements in home country decor have emerged. American and French country styles remain popular, and some other styles that have developed are country cottage and country western. No matter which style is chosen for Country Houses Decoration Ideas, the intent is always to provide a warm, inviting retreat for those who live there and their guests.

American Country Houses Decoration Ideas are influenced by history and imitate the style of homes in the early days of the United States (US).

Newbuild Georgian Style House, Wiltshire country living room interior decoration ideas

Handmade items were common on the American frontier, so rustic wooden furniture and antiques or reproductions are usually found in a home decorated in American country style. Natural elements drawn from the great outdoors will often be on display. Dried or fresh flowers in an old milk jug set on a Shaker style sideboard may set the scene in a dining room or kitchen. Grapevine wreaths, wooden plaques, and weather vanes are popular items in this style, which is unique to the US.

English Country House traditional living room interior decor design

A home featuring French country house decoration ideas will have an old world ambiance. Any variety of colors may be used with black and gray contrasts. Rusted metal lighting fixtures and distressed metal furniture accented by bright colors are typical of the French country home, which usually features a stone fireplace topped off with a rustic mantle made from a hefty wooden beam.


Country cottage is more eclectic than the more traditional American and French styles of country houses decoration ideas. The colors blue, red, green, and yellow are most often used to decorate in the country cottage style, and bead board is a common design element. Painted or distressed furniture with simple lines may be used alongside pieces stained in the warm tones of natural wood, and knickknacks are popular. As in American country style, fresh or dried flowers are often seen in a country cottage home.

Country House Bruges traditional living room home interior decor

The interior of a home decorated in country western style will have lots of wood. Walls, floors, and even ceilings may be made of bare, unpainted wood, with unpainted furniture to give the home a rustic look. The color scheme of western country house decoration ideas is usually made up of different shades of brown that can range from tan to chocolate, accented with dark reds, yellow, and burnt orange.

Country Houses Decoration Ideas

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