Most Popular Styles of Kitchen Island Lights

Kitchen Island Lights – A kitchen island often has a lighting fixture above it to provide light for food preparation, eating, and other island uses.

There are several different kinds of Kitchen Island Lights to choose from, with suspended fixtures such as pendant lighting and chandeliers among the most frequently used types. Pot racks with built-in lighting are another option. Flush mounted, recessed, and fluorescent lights can also be used for lighting an island. Each different style is available in a choice of finishes, designs, and price ranges.

Different Types of Kitchen Island Lights


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Most kitchen island lighting fixtures are rectangular with side-by-side lights to complement the shape of the island as well as to provide an adequate amount of light. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, and some fixtures are round rather than rectangular. Any of these fixtures can have multiple lights, which can be hung individually, in pairs, in a group, or as a single light.


There is a wide selection of Kitchen Island Lights to choose from, making it easy to find a light to match just about any kitchen design and decor. Modern and funky designs, Tuscan style, vintage, and contemporary are a few of the available choices. Traditional, country, casual, and retro are some others. Fixtures also come in assorted sizes to accommodate different island dimensions.



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Kitchen lights are also available with different finishes. These include black, brushed nickel, copper, and platinum. Lamp shades vary from one fixture to another in both style and color. Some examples of shades include clear glass, frosted glass, colored glass, and metal.

A hanging pot rack with built-in lighting will perform two separate jobs. It will hold pots, pans, and cooking utensils and provide light for the island workspace. Pot racks are available in a selection of styles and finishes. Flush-mounted, overhead lights are installed on the ceiling but are not hanging or suspended and can also be found in a choice of styles, sizes, and colors.

Recessed lighting is another option for kitchen island lights. Neatly tucked into the ceiling, recessed lights don’t hang from the ceiling. Instead, almost the entire light is hidden within the ceiling, which means that although it provides light it has little or no decorative function. Fluorescent lights can also be hung over an island, but they are not a popular choice.



Modern Kitchen Designs Undercabinet Lighting Fixtures by Kichler

Kitchen island lights can be purchased in home improvement stores, department stores, specialty lighting showrooms, and kitchen design stores. Prices vary widely depending on the type of light chosen. Once purchased, lighting fixtures require an electrical supply and should be installed by a licensed electrician or someone with knowledge of electrical systems.

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