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Multi Purpose Room Ideas

Whether you live in a studio apartment with a Multi Purpose Room, or need to have a bedroom in your home serve more than one function — a guest room and office for example — you can choose from multiple design options. By adding flexible furnishings that work in more than one setting, a few steps can turn that den into a guest bedroom and back again without a lot of effort. Keep it organized and clean for those surprise overnight guests.

Multi Purpose Room
Multi-purpose room in a Nashville Residence traditional family room ideas

How to Arrange Multi Purpose Room

One-Room Studio Apartments

A studio apartment generally consists of one room that serves multi purpose room, with a separate bathroom area. Shelves on the wall provide a place to keep shoes that also add colorful interest when organized neatly. Whether your couch hides a bed, or you have a futon that turns into a bed, your studio apartment does not have to look like a bedroom all the time. Hang your flat-screen television on the wall in front of the couch or futon, or set it on a dresser that also stores your clothes. A tiny table for two tucked in a corner next to the kitchen wall gives you and a guest a place to dine.

Multi-Purpose Rooms transitional home office decorating ideas

Concealed Bed


Hide the bed behind two tall bookcases arranged side by side to create a private sleeping area in a bedroom that doubles as an office. Make the office desk the focal point of the multi purpose room, or hang a curtain around the bed to close it off when not in use. A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe built with closet organizer components facing the foot of the bed adds much needed closet space in a room without one. A trifold privacy screen offers a place to dress, with a freestanding coat rack for hanging coats or robes.

Multi-Purpose Room Modern Living Room – other metro – by Toronto Interior Design Group Yanic Simard

Double-Duty Office


One of the ways to add extra sleeping accommodations for overnight guests is to configure a wall of cabinetry and bookshelves to contain a Murphy bed hidden inside. Install the Murphy bed cabinetry on the side of the Multi Purpose Room that has enough width to walk around the bed when it’s in the down position. With advances in mattress construction, even a Murphy bed offers a welcome resting spot for weary guests.

Crafty Guest Room


If you enjoy crafting or sewing, make your craft room serve a dual purpose. A daybed tucked into one area of the room appears as a couch by day. But at night, remove the multicolored handmade throw pillows from the bed; pull out the trundle bed beneath and you have not one, but two beds for guests. Install countertops along one wall to hold craft and sewing supplies. Add a board on the wall with pegs attached to hold multicolored threads. Beside keeping your threads organized, it adds colorful interest to the room. A sewing mannequin draped by a cloth measuring tape covered with a work-in-progress and topped by a felt hat becomes an interesting art piece when not in use.

M.P.R. (Multi-Purpose Room) Midcentury Living Room – seattle – by John Prindle

Part-Time Guest Room

Build in a captain’s bed at one end of a playroom. Drawers underneath can hide toys when not in use, and floor-to-ceiling shelves at either end of the built-in bed store children’s books and stuffed toys. Two pendant lights on the wall on either end of the bed give enough light to read by for children or guests who use the bed.

Multi Purpose Room Ideas


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