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Photo-Wallpaper Trends for Interior Decor: Secrets of Creation of Live Design

Wall murals in the interior are a reliable tool for creating a unique and exclusive interior, as well as a great way to breathe funny lively notes into the dull design of any room. With the right choice of topics for specific rooms and the selection of color combinations, you can get a wonderful result that will please you for a long time. How to do this will tell the article.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Photo wallpaper in the interior of the room is a great tool for creating a unique and exclusive design

The role of photo wallpaper in the interior of the apartment in solving design problems

Wall murals, so popular at the end of the last century, again began to win the hearts of consumers with renewed vigor. With their help, you can easily create a unique design, but for this you need to adhere to a number of stylistic rules, since this way of design can affect not only the interior, but also the mood of the inhabitants of the house. Photowall-paper should harmoniously fit into the general design and be combined with furniture.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Photowall-paper should be sure to harmoniously fit into the general interior and be combined with furniture


Stylists do not advise taking microscopic pictures as a basis, since they strain vision and have a negative effect on a person’s emotional state. In order for beautiful images to please the eye, rather than create a dull mood, it is important to think through all the details and carefully consider different nuances in the process of choosing a wallpaper, the main of which are as follows:

  • room lighting system;
  • compliance with the rules of style;
  • selection of topics and specific pictures;
  • accounting for the functional purpose of the room.

If everything is done correctly, then the following tasks can be easily solved:Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Designers do not advise taking small pictures as a basis, they force eye strain

  • visually expand the room;
  • to highlight a specific part of the room, photowall-paper with a picture of doors or windows will help to do this;
  • to give harmony to the interior by choosing compatible colors and shades on photo wallpaper and companion wallpaper;
  • divide the room into separate functional zones.

In the photo of the wallpaper for the room, you can see various ways to visually expand the space. For this purpose, use the following types of paintings:

  • Wallpaper with a bright pattern, placed on the largest wall;
  • photographs with a perspective, for example, pictures of a road going into the distance;
  • panoramic photos.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

With the help of photo wallpapers you can visually expand the space

At the same time, murals with a dark image, with photo colors or abstraction will visually reduce the space due to the volumetric pattern.

Application of wallpaper: photo examples of a successful combination of paintings with other objects in the interior

To create a successful design in the room, it is important not only to choose a picture of the photo wallpaper, but also to take into account their compatibility with furniture, decor items and the functional purpose of the room. It is also necessary to determine the location of the photo wallpaper. Interior with bright furniture and decorative elements is recommended to issue a black and white photo.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

To create a beautiful design, you need to choose a wallpaper pattern so that it matches the furniture


Helpful advice! It is better to decorate the recreation areas in the hall with the help of photowall-paper, for example, a wall behind a soft corner or at a coffee table. If we are talking about a wall with a TV, then you need to select a neutral image in calm colors, so as not to distract attention.

For small rooms, it is advisable to choose a bright palette. Vertical paintings will contribute to the visual drawing of the room in height, and horizontal paintings will expand the space. Textured designs imitating stone, wood or brick can create the illusion of natural materials, while preserving valuable space.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Vertical images help visually stretch the room in height, while horizontal ones expand the space

Beautiful pictures on the wallpaper or landscapes will be a great addition to the wall in the dining area. In this case, it is recommended to arrange the furniture so that it does not overlap the picture. It is also important style matching wallpaper in the interior. Only in the case of the correct use of photo wallpaper can an excellent result be achieved. Numerous photos on the Internet will help you choose the best option.


Thematic classification of photo wallpaper in an apartment or house

Wall murals are divided into groups, taking into account different unifying factors. First of all, you need to decide on the theme of the image, which should correspond to the style and functionality of the room.

Conditionally, depending on the image theme, wallpapers are divided into the following types:Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Beautiful images on the wallpaper will be an excellent decoration of the wall in the dining area

  • the image of the natural landscapes of forests, mountains, steppes, meadows and even deserts is increasingly chosen by the inhabitants of the “stone jungle” to get as close to nature as possible in spacious halls and bedrooms;
  • Wall mural flowers in the interior of different rooms – one of the most popular contemporary themes: they are suitable for the living room, and for the nursery, and for the bedroom;
  • photos of animals, despite their popularity, require caution in use, therefore they are appropriate, for example, in safari style;
  • pictures with murals, thanks to the sophistication and special texture of the canvas, will help to decorate the interior, decorated in a classic style;
  • urban motifs perfectly complement the urban style, giving dynamics to both the living room and the room for teens.
  • themes with cartoon characters and fairytale castles – the perfect choice for the design of a children’s room;
  • space and scientific subjects are also suitable for the room of small inventors;
  • marine themes are recommended for decoration in the Mediterranean direction or in the style of Provence;
  • ethnic plots with the motives of a particular country, area or national color are suitable for rooms made in ethnic style, which will help emphasize the individuality of culture;
  • photos of cars, planes and other equipment are characteristic of minimalism;
  • abstraction is suitable exclusively for lovers of this direction.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Residents of cities prefer to choose images of forests, steppes, mountains, meadows and even deserts


Natural theme in the interior: wallpaper forest, mountains, meadows and fields

The picturesque landscapes depicted on the murals are very popular because they fill the interior with the unsurpassed beauty of the surrounding nature, creating a comfortable and favorable atmosphere in the interior. Manufacturers offer a variety of options to choose the right one, you need to rely on the functionality of the room and the rules of color.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Picturesque landscapes fill the design of the room with unsurpassed beauty of the surrounding nature.

Helpful advice! Warm colors in the interior scenery set up for a friendly relationship, therefore recommended for the living room. A good example is a photo landscape of an autumn park or a wallpaper of the sun.

Pastel colors most often serve as the basis for photo panels in the bedroom. The sunny landscapes of a spring forest or a cheerful wheat field interspersed with daisies and cornflowers, which contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere, are also great in this room.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor


Warm colors in the interior scenery set up for friendly relations, therefore recommended for the living room

By themselves, murals with natural motifs belong to the category of universal. They fit perfectly not only in all living rooms, but also in public institutions. Snow-capped mountains, dense forests or green meadows give the interior tenderness, tranquility and become the perfect aesthetic addition.

Nature can have different effects on the psyche. Greenery in the form of a birch grove, bamboo branches or a flat winter field will have a calming effect. Optimism and a positive attitude will be created by photowall-paper with the image of clouds and the sky, and mountain and stone terrain will give an energy charge. Winter, autumn and sunny landscapes set in a creative way.

Versatility and eccentricity photo wallpaper flowers: photos of beautiful interiors

Using images of flowers, you can easily create the most diverse atmosphere in a house or apartment. For example, pastel colors in the form of buds of orchids, cream roses or pink sakura will give the interior tenderness and lightness. Another plus of floral motifs is their versatility, as they are suitable for creating the design of different rooms, such as a living room, a nursery, a bedroom or a corridor.


For each style, you can choose your own special floral print. So, pastel colors will appeal to romantic natures, and catchy and vibrant images will appeal to expressive and creative personalities. Flowers are also suitable for ethnicity, for example, branches of blossoming sakura favorably emphasize the Japanese style. Against the background of green grass, wild flowers such as cornflowers, poppies, dandelions or daisies will give a breath of freshness to the interior. Photowall-paper with the image of tulips, lilac, lilies and irises will set ease and spring mood.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

For any style of interior you can choose your own special floral print.

Wall mural peonies in the interior will create a calm atmosphere, inspiring dreams and meditations. Therefore, such paintings are suitable for a bedroom, a room for children and a kitchen. These photo panels will give a special harmony to light interiors. Designers advise using this type of print to decorate the space above the bed or on one wall, which is previously freed from furniture.

Helpful advice! Photos of autumn flowers on the walls painted in delicate pastel colors will turn the room into an island of serenity, and the abundance of colors of a withering nature will create an unsurpassed beautiful picture.


Wall mural roses in the interior of different rooms and styles

Among the flower prints, a special place is occupied by photowall-paper with the image of roses. They fit into the interiors of different styles. They look interesting in classics, minimalism, modernism and even in high-tech style. Such paintings are suitable for romantic natures, since the flower itself embodies beauty, tenderness, passion and love. In addition, the wall murals of roses in the interior are in perfect harmony with different color schemes, demonstrating a successful game of contrasts.

Using the Queen of Flowers as images on the walls will also help visually expand the space, so they are often chosen for the design of small rooms. Painting with roses on high legs will help visually raise the ceilings in the room. Black and white flowers with one bright scarlet bud will create the main accent in the room and, thus, contribute to its zoning.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Among all the floral photo wallpaper, a special place is occupied by canvases with the image of roses

In addition, it is hardly possible to find any other kind of flowers that has the same diverse color palette. Designers recommend giving preference to light tones of wallpaper on which a floral picture will attract attention without bothering with it. As bright elements, it is better to use other furnishings or decor.


The effect of presence will help to create petals with dew drops on 3D photo wallpaper in the interior. Photos demonstrate that most often this is a single flower, shot by macro photography. According to Feng Shui masters, it is a rose, being the talisman of love and passion, that is able to concentrate positive energy in the house. Therefore, this option is especially suitable for those who are trying to establish their personal lives or start a family.

Animals and cartoon characters in the pictures

Photowall-paper with the image of animals will create a cozy atmosphere, filling the interior with bright colors, positive emotions and energy of nature, skillfully emphasizing the style in the design of the room. Modern manufacturers offer the widest selection of dynamic themes and colors. Such colorful and dynamic paintings will transform even the darkest room.

Images with animals can be placed in different rooms, but not all species are suitable in a particular case. For example, due to the light colors and dynamism of the plot, a panel illustrating safari scenes will help visually expand the space even in a cramped living room. At the same time, photos of wild animals such as wolves, bears, tigers, lions, cheetahs and rhinos will be appropriate in the hall or in the office.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Images of animals create a cozy atmosphere, filling the room with the energy of nature and positive emotions


Stories depicting fauna representatives on 3D photo murals look natural and realistic. Photos for a bedroom or a room for children are best selected with more calm and peaceful characters, such as birds, butterflies, horses, cats and dogs.

Helpful advice! Images of cute rabbits, kittens, puppies or ducklings, as well as good characters from Disney cartoons, are the best suited for the interior of a children’s room.

Cartoon characters will help to create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. The feeling of being in the animated plot will contribute to the development of creative abilities among the little inhabitants of the fairy room.

Ethnic drawings, mural wallpaper and nautical theme on the walls.

The ethnic style, which is reflected in modern photo wallpaper, will bring a unique twist to the different interiors, designed in accordance with the traditions and culture of a particular country. Most often, such canvases are used to create oriental, Chinese and Japanese styles. Ethnic wallpapers contribute to the development of personality, activating mental functions, therefore, suitable for creative people.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor


Those who love the sea can make canvases to order

For fans of the works of great artists, the best choice is a photo wallpaper with reproductions of paintings that will help create the feeling of being in an art gallery in an apartment. A variety of surreal stories, architectural, animalistic, decorative or religious genre painting, as well as still lifes and landscapes will fascinate guests and inhabitants of the house. This is ideal for rooms in a classic style.

Reproductions of marine painters such as Aivazovsky, Kuindzhi and Repin correspond to both classical and marine style. Sea lovers can make custom murals by selecting the desired plot of the corresponding theme. Wallpaper with the image of the foamy sea, delicate pebbles or sea sunset will bring freshness and comfort to the living room.

Wall murals in the form of beaches in the form of beaches with palm trees and boats are suitable for decoration of bedrooms and children’s rooms. In the living room, made in a minimalist style, photos with ocean views will look great, and in the room for children – the sea with a pirate ship or an image of the underwater world.


Wall mural city: one-stop solution in modern design

Most successfully, wallpapers with different photographs of cities will fit into any modern interior. This is the most popular option for interior decoration using photo cloths. Urban landscapes will add dynamism to the room, and wall murals at night in the interior will create a unique stylish and fashionable design. Photos of old streets, bridges and neighborhoods will virtually be transferred to your favorite country.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Very well in the modern interior fit wallpaper with photos of cities

A special role in creating a unique energy from the perception of urban landscapes is played by exotic places and famous sights. For example, the Eiffel Tower as the invariable attribute of the city of lovers is the most popular image on the Paris murals in the interior. The famous canals of Venice, Big Ben in London, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York or the Colosseum in Rome play the same role.

Helpful advice! The mural with the image of a fairytale city will look great in the interior of the children’s room, and a chandelier in the form of balloons will be a great addition to them.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor


City themes are suitable for modern design areas such as loft

When choosing a city landscape, it is necessary to take into account a number of design features:

  • it is important that the wallpaper fits into the general style – most of all, such topics are suitable for modern trends;
  • Companion wallpapers should have a neutral color, so dynamic photowaves attract the main attention;
  • for small rooms it is not recommended to buy photo wallpaper with macro pictures that will hide the space;
  • in the room for children and the bedroom do not glue too dynamic city landscapes.

Space and scientific subjects in the photo for wallpaper

Space subjects are less popular in comparison with the types of room decoration listed above, but this is just a matter of time, as designers assure. Wallpaper with space personify the mystery and infinity of the universe, prompting reflection, which contributes to relaxation and quick falling asleep. That is why such wallpapers are most often purchased for decorating bedrooms and children’s rooms.

The space theme itself is very wide, as it illustrates a large number of subjects. It is not difficult to choose the right option, but you should adhere to the special rules for using photowaves with the image of space:Photowall-paper trends for interior decor


Wall mural with the image of space personify the infinity and mystery of the universe

  1. To give originality to the interior, one beautiful drawing will not be enough, so you need to take care of the selection of appropriate shades. Cold colors will be more appropriate here (if we are not talking about the reddish surface of Mars).
  2. It is important to take into account the dimensions of the walls and ceiling, as well as determine the location of the photo wallpaper: such canvases can be placed on the wall or on the ceiling. In the first option, you can pick up almost any fantastic landscape you like, and in the second you should not use large objects. A photo of the high-resolution starry sky will look especially beautiful and impressive on the ceiling.
  3. It should be remembered that the dark color of the photo wallpaper will visually reduce the space, so they are not suitable for small rooms. To fix the situation, wallpaper companions of lighter tones will partially help.
  4. It is advisable to purchase large size wall murals, since small canvases with the image of the Galaxy (star system) will not be perceived properly, but rather will look ridiculous.

Wall Mural “Window” and other thematic images on canvases

Photowall-paper imitating a view from a window will help to create coziness and comfort in the house. This option is especially relevant for rooms with a limited amount of natural light. In addition, such canvases will help to visually increase the space, while transmitting the dynamism of a metropolis, the beauty of a spring garden or the relaxing atmosphere of the sea coast. These wallpapers are versatile, so they can be used in various rooms. In addition, if it was not possible to choose the right option in the distribution network, then you can make wallpapers to order.

Helpful advice! The space-themed paintings look most advantageous, in the manufacture of which glowing in the dark paints were used, especially when it comes to the design of the ceiling.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

To create coziness and comfort in the house canvases simulating the view from the window


A similar role in the interior can be played by photowall-paper in the form of open doors, which will visually lengthen the room, creating a perspective. The use of frescoes and arches on the canvas can help beautifully complement the interior of rooms decorated in a classic style.

Abstract patterns on photo wallpaper are great for rooms made in modern styles, such as high-tech, loft, minimalism. Most abstractions contribute to the visual increase in space: for example, the image of a spiral extending into the distance creates a sense of the infinity of space.

Photowall-paper in an interior: design features of different rooms

The most appropriate placement of photo wallpaper is traditionally considered a living room, where you can realize a variety of ideas. Depending on the chosen basic style of room decoration, the wall with photo murals will become the main emphasis in such an interior and will help to effectively outline the recreation area.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

In the spacious kitchens, you can decorate the dining area with photo wallpaper.


In modern kitchens, photowall-paper is most often used in the form of skinals, which are located in the apron area. This version of the design of the working area with beautiful black and white drawings of the night city or photographs of juicy berries and fruits has been very popular lately. In the spacious kitchens, you can decorate the dining area with photo wallpaper.

Photo murals are most often placed above the head of the bed in the bedroom. The canvases visually separate it from the rest of the space, thus designating the sleep zone. Moreover, the photo image can become a beautiful and harmonious continuation of the head of the sleeping bed.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

It is better to decorate the walls in the children’s room of the girl with cartoon characters

A children’s room is an ideal place for wallpapering, but it is very necessary to carefully choose the theme of paintings. For example, on the walls in the boy’s room, wall murals with cars, motorcycles, boats, as well as portraits of sports idols, characters from fantastic cartoons or movies will be appropriate. It’s better to decorate the walls in a children’s girl with the heroes of Disney cartoons or fairytale castles.


In the hallway wall murals not only decorate the walls, but also contribute to the visual expansion of space. Photo printing will create the same effect in the bathroom. Images of a waterfall look especially beautiful, but in a room with high humidity it is better to use tiles with a printed image, rather than paper murals.Photowall-paper trends for interior decor

Living room is considered a good option for placing photo wallpaper, here you can realize any ideas.

Thus, there is a huge selection of themes for decorating the house with photo wallpaper. There are many products of various subjects in the distribution network, and the most fastidious owners can order the production of an individual canvas. Wall murals with the right theme, colors and optimal sizes will not only become a beautiful element of the interior, but will also fulfill a practical function, since such wallpapers serve for a long time, without requiring special care.


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