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Pole Barn House Kits

pole barn house kitsA Pole Barn is a well-built, high structure that is constructed for different reasons. Mostly, it is constructed on a large, clear span of area that is nearly 100 feet wide. Along with higher overhead clearance, Pole Barns have 12’, 14’ or 16’ side walls. Pole Barns building framing are a cheaper option to take than Steel Frame or cement block structure. The Pole Barns can be built quickly within two-four days for average sized pole barns and up to three weeks for large sized ones. Pole Barns are easier to insulate and cheaper for heat. Pole Barns have multipurpose uses like farm equipment, large vehicle storage, boats and RV’s. The fenced pole buildings have exterior walls made by girts attached to the exterior of the posts at intervals of about 2 feet on center that move the interior load. These walls are constructed in the shape of a diaphragm to deliver structural stability. Nowadays, there are many private organizations that take the contract to build customized Pole Barns on a fixed charge that varies according to the size. A wooden built Pole frame is preferred on most occasions to a steel frame or any other.

Types Of Pole Barn House Kits

Some of the main Pole Building kits include UC4B treated sawn posts or laminated posts, concrete footings, Farm Building kits, commercial storage kits, Pole Barn garage, Garage with Porch, Hay Barns, Pole Barn Homes, Pole Sheds and RV Garage. The Pole Barn Company has many types of Pole barn house kits suitable for different purposes. The kits are built in six different sizes and hence are priced accordingly. Typically, the kits are made in sizes of 24’x 24’ x 8’, 28’ X 32’ x 10’, 30’ X 40’ X 10’, 40’ X 64’ X 12’, 24’ X 40’ X 10’ and 60’ X 120’ X16’.

There are many Pole Barn building company that too makes several categories of pole barns. They build Pole Barns for Horse Barns which also has many types as follows:

  • Portable Horse Stalls
  • Run-In shed kits
  • Run-in Sheds
  • Shed-Row Barns
  • L-shaped Horse Barns
  • Modular Horse Barns
  • Backyard Horse barns
  • Steel Frame Horse Barns
  • Low Profile Horse Barns
  • High-Profile Horse Barns
  • Monitor Horse Barns
  • Living Quarters
  • Arenas

Another category of Pole barn house kits is the Chicken Coops. The various types of chicken coops that are made by company structures are as below:

  • 5 x 6 chicken coop
  • Mini chicken coop
  • Mini chicken coop 2
  • Push it coop
  • Pull it coop
  • 4 X 8 Dutch coop
  • 8 X8 chicken coop
  • 8 X 10 Chicken Mansion
  • 8 X 10 Chicken Mansion
  • 8 X 10 Super coop
  • Larger Chicken Coops
  • Chicken Coop kits

The third category of Pole Barns built by company structures is that of garages. The different types of garages include:

  • One Car garage
  • Two Car garage
  • Board and Batten Garage
  • Raised Roof garage
  • Dormer Roof
  • Living Quarters
  • Mega Garages
  • Build-On-Site

Storage Sheds is yet another type of Pole Barn built by company structures and the structures under this category of Barns include the following:

  • A-frame Sheds
  • Board and Batten Sheds
  • Quaker Sheds
  • Dormer Sheds
  • Garden Sheds
  • Hip Roof Sheds
  • Hywall Sheds
  • Mini Barn Sheds
  • Pool House Sheds

Apart from the above-mentioned Pole Barns other types of Pole Barns built by company are Outdoor Living, Pigeon Lofts, Dog Kennels, and Hay Feeders.

Pole Barn House Plans

There are many different plans to Build Pole Barns as given by many companies. They include Agricultural Pole Barns, Residential Pole Barns, Wooden Pole Shelters and Metal Storage Sheds.


The Agricultural Pole Barns are an effective way of storing tools, equipment, feed and any other related material. They are a sure shot way of keeping the customer’s valuables safe and preserved. These Pole Barns are so sturdy that they may last even the whole lifetime. Our Company’s agricultural Pole Barns packages come in sizes of 24’, 30’ or even 40’wide. This is the typical width and the length may be of any size. The board that is used is treated and skirted. There is painted steel siding on 2 x 4 wall girts.

A major Pole Barn building company has many Pole Barn plans. The main ones and their sub-categories are these:

Farm and Ranch Buildings:

  • Machine Shops
  • Farm Buildings
  • Metal Buildings
  • Cold Storage
  • Pole Buildings

Livestock Buildings:

  • Livestock Housing for cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry and more
  • Dairy Free stalls, Parlors, Holding Areas
  • Hog Nurseries, Finishers, Gestation, Farrowing
  • Mon slope Beef Barns
  • Hay/Grain Storage

Equestrian Buildings:

  • Horse Barns
  • Stalls
  • Stables
  • Wash Bays
  • Run In Shelters

Hobby Buildings:

  • Garages
  • Storage Sheds
  • Storage buildings
  • Workshops
  • Personal Buildings

Commercial Buildings:

  • Steel Buildings
  • Pre-engineered Post Frame Buildings
  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • Offices
  • Retail Buildings

Pole barn house kits Prices

The different Pole barn house kits are priced differently. The DIY Pole Barn builders and suppliers have priced their Pole Barns according to the sizes. The Pole Barn of dimensions 24 X 32 X 10 is priced at $5323 onwards. Similarly, 24 X 40 X 10 is priced at $6086 onwards. The Pole Barns of 30 X 40 X 10 is priced from $6950 onwards, 30 X 48 X 10 from $7822, 30 X 56 X 10 from $8695, 30 X 64 X 10 from $9568, 30 X 40 X 12 from $ 7490, 30 X 48X 12 from $ 8420 and 30 X 56 X 12 from $ 9349. The pricing of other Pole Barns by DIY builders is derived at in the same procedure. The company claims to have arrived at the prices in a correct manner and does not overcharge from its customers.


The labor charges of DIY builders are very low according to them and may vary from place to place. There is also a special tool on the DIY’s website called the Instant Custom Quotes tool. This tool analyses the specified dimensions, area and other factors of the said Pole Barn and auto generates the final price to be paid by the customer. The other Pole Barns building companies also offer such techniques as online price generator, online quote request and doorstep services to its customers. Prices of Pole Barns kits are readily available online on the official sites of the builders like also leading shopping portal.

Hansen Buildings is another big name in the field of Pole Barn building. They claim to offer more and better features for Pole Barn building and have priced their Pole Barns rates accordingly. The rates of building the structures are depending upon the size, materials to be used and the location of the Pole Barn. A typical Pole Barn of size 24’X 24’X8’ is priced at $ 3800, a 24’X36’X8’ one is priced at $ 4750, the 30’X36’X8’ one is priced at $ 5,500, the 24’X36’X10’ can be purchased for $5000, 30’X48’X10’ at $ 7000 and so on.

The Uses of Pole Barns

Pole Barns can be functionally classified into many categories such as English Barns & Crib Barns. Some other categories include Apple Barns, Rice Barns, Potato Barns, Hop Barn, Tobacco Barn, Cattle barn and the Tractor barn. All of the Pole Barns under these categories can be put to different uses. The Barns that are categorized according to their place or region are Wisconsin dairy barn, Pennsylvania Bank barn and the Midwest feeder barn to name a few.

The Tobacco Barns were earlier used in the process of air cutting tobacco. This process is no longer seen in the American landscapes and is rarely used in the present days. Hop Barns were also very popular in the United States and it was said that every other farm had a Hop Barn. In the US Ostego, Chenango, Madison, Oneida, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties were considered as the main areas in the hop belt. Out-dated hop kilns are still found in areas like Kent in England and a few other places where hops are still produced.


Potato Barns are semi-subterranean and designed to store potatoes. Those Barns that are used to store sweet potatoes are known as Potato House.

Rice barns are used universally in the rice cultivating regions to store and dry harvested rice. These are located in many Southeast Asian nations like Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. Rice barns are commonly seen in the state of South Carolina in the US.


There are many benefits of buying a Pole Barn to the customer. They are a strong, durable and cheap source to store equipment, poultry, cattle, horses, agricultural produce and have many advantages over traditional methods. Pole barn house kits of different designs serve different purposes. Different types of Barns are used for different purposes such as air cutting of tobacco, storing sweet potatoes, harvesting of rice. Some pole barns even serve the purpose of backyards, offices, retail showrooms and restaurants. Pole barns can be ordered online these days and there are many websites that produce tailor made Barns. Customers can even request a free price quote online too. Pole barns can be also made at home if one has the required materials.

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