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Shared Bedroom Ideas – How to Make a Shared Room Feel Bigger

Shared Bedroom Ideas to make shared room feel bigger with a few decorating tips.

Shared Bedroom Ideas
Tropical Kids Room 3 Brothers Share 1 Big Bedroom in Hawaii

The decoration of shared bedroom ideas sometimes presents a challenge to homeowners who desire a functional and beautiful space for the rooms in their home. It is fairly easy to create a shared bedroom space that visually feels more expansive than its measurements indicate. By incorporating a simple color scheme and various other interior decorating elements, a shared room can become a restful retreat that is high on both function and style.

Decorating Shared Bedroom Ideas

Traditional Kids Girls Shared Bedroom Decor Ideas

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic color schemes — those that use different values of one color– are often one of the best ways to make a space feel larger than its square footage. Painting the Shared Bedroom Ideas light, cool color can make the walls visually recede and give the space a calm feeling at the same time. Add drapery panels in the same color as the walls, and hang them from the ceiling to the floor to give an illusion of added height. Bed linens in the same light color in a textured fabric, such as chenille or damask, expand the monochromatic look while providing extra design to the room. Give each bed personality by varying the styles and textures of accent pillows placed at the top of each bed.

Kentfield Sisters Bedroom traditional kids shared room ideas

Decorative Mirrors

The reflective properties of mirrors help any room reflect light and give the space an added feeling of dimension. With this in mind, hang a large mirror on the wall behind each bed. Position them approximately six inches from the headboard for best results. Choose mirrors that complement the style of the room. Contemporary shared bedrooms are good candidates for sunburst mirror varieties while shabby chic rooms often amplify their appearance with white, distressed mirror frames. In addition, a large, rectangular mirror can be an additional asset on the wall behind a chest of drawers to expand the room further while providing an area for both occupants to dress or apply makeup.


Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture can create a bedroom with an expansive feel, which is often desirable in a shared bedroom space. Placing a storage chest or ottoman at the end of each bed can leave extra space to hold extra blankets and pillows while providing a place to sit as well. Choose small, three-drawer night stands instead of tables to give the Shared Bedroom Ideas added storage for items such as lingerie or socks. Adding a small computer armoire, in the same color of the walls, reduces its visual importance and provides a mini office space for both occupants of the bedroom at the same time.

Contemporary kids girls bedroom shared room decorating ideas

Organization Shared Bedroom Ideas

Small spaces often feel larger when clutter is kept at a minimum. Storing seasonal clothing in plastic, wheeled storage containers, and placing under each bed keeps items within easy reach. Keep the closets clutter free with inexpensive closet organizers that feature sweater shelves, dual clothing racks and horizontal shoe storage. Adding color-coded hangers for each occupant keeps clothes organized, while wall hooks provide areas to hang items, such as coats and robes. Finally, use storage baskets or bins, with each occupant’s name on them, and place on open shelving units to hold magazines, clothing or jewelry in an attractive way.

Shared Bedroom Ideas

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