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Shouse Floor Plans That You Will Love

Shouse Floor Plans

Why work or play when you can work and play? The idea of having a workspace and game room or storage space all in one accessible location is an exciting one and this was the intent after the introduction of Shouse long years back. A shouse (otherwise called a shome) comes from two words- shop and house. It is essentially a workshop and/or storage space connected to living space on a piece of land used for different recreational activities. To achieve this perfect dream space which serves as a deep connection and balance between work and home, several house floor plans are made available and put in place to fit various preferences and lifestyles.

Shop With Living Quarters

Shouse Floor Plans

The number one reason people are attracted to houses is so they can have a shop house combination. Work from home – a big advantage.

Contrary to the features of a traditional house, a house is a multipurpose facility that differs due to different house floor plans. It can be utilized as a home, a place to pass over the weekend, or a getaway spot for a vacation. More importantly, it can be all at once. 


The utilization of shouses has been dated to so many years back when blacksmiths built forges in their homes to easily offer their services to locals. The open layout of the workspace allows flexibility when adding living spaces. Additionally, features that would be difficult to achieve with a regular home like open floor plans, tall ceilings can be easily accomplished with a house since the use of a woodpile frame easily permits it, unlike typical traditional homes which use wood studs frames instead. 

Benefits of shouse floor plans:

1. Eliminates the need to commute; you don’t have to worry about going back and forth between home and work. A shouse is made to connect both so there’s an easy switch.

2. Saves money; why have a house uphill and a workshop blocks down or miles away when you can have both at your comfort? The house serves as a shop with living quarters and storage space in a single location and helps you keep the extra change. 


3. Creates more time for projects; another important essence of having a shop with living quarters is the enhancement of productivity and creativity which in turn leaves more room for leisure. With this, there is a fine balance between work and play.

4. Provision of ideal storage spaces; whether at home, workshop, or any building storage and workspace are necessary for the storage of tools, materials, and properties. A shouse offers a large space making it easy to find and utilize things regularly or occasionally.

Shouse Structure

Often made with metal or wooden pole frames, unlike traditional homes which make use of wood stud frames. The metal or wood frames create a clear span which eliminates the need for load-bearing walls.


The thick wall cavities are meant for insulation and thereby increase the energy efficiency of the property.

Features of a Shouse

Features of a Shouse

While different houses are designed differently to meet various needs, preferences, lifestyles, or desires most houses have similar features.

Common characteristics include; 

  • Affordable design and construction
  • Thicker wall cavities 
  • Non- load-bearing walls
  • Luxury kitchens 
  • Open floor plans
  • Dedicated workspace and storage space
  • In-floor heating
  • Protection against common threat leaks 
  • Large area for storage of vehicles
  • Provides enhanced structural strength
  • High vaulted ceilings
  • Expansive open concept living room
  • Provides superior airflow and natural light
  • Offers a combination of comfort and utility

Shouse Advantages  

a) It is cheaper and quicker to build than conventional houses

b) Provides flexibility in space management

c) Lower maintenance requirements


d) Lower insurance costs and associated taxes 

e) Ability to fit large families and relatives

d) Serves as a multipurpose facility.


Shouse Disadvantages

a) Noise is easily carried across rooms

b) Requires incorporation of certain safety measures especially with the presence of kids.

c) Shop with living quarters is typically built outside urban areas, building codes and regulations for residential properties may cause difficulty in constructing one in certain zip codes.


Shouse Floor Plans

An attractive feature of a house is its open concept floor plans which are high on demand due to the airy feel and the family atmosphere they provide. The tall/high vaulted ceilings and spacious living areas promote comfort and coziness.

Shouse floor plans include:

A. Shouse floor plans with wrap around porch

This is suitable for outdoor relaxation. It adds beautiful extra decor and provides attractiveness. It is a great way to personalize your home without having to consider standard porches. The interior layout gives a lot of room for you to work with.


An example of a wraparound porch includes PL-61401 which is a 3 bedroom – 3 bathroom floor plan featuring design choices that utilize the amount of space given.

B. Shouse floors plans with breezeway

This can be designed for medium and large families. This design promotes ventilation, protection, and an even bigger space for outdoor activities. An example of a house with a breezeway is  PL-61202 this includes the main door, family room, and 2 bedrooms sharing the same bathroom with the master bedroom having its closet and bathroom.

C. Shouse floor plans with loft

This fits into any lifestyle. The built-in loft is a trend that contributes to its beauty portraying an impressive look. It particularly has an airy and open feel; it tends even to make the space seem much bigger than it is. Although, more comfort equals more cost as its drawback includes higher utility bills. An example is PL-62402 which is suitable for a larger family as it has about 5 bedrooms. The master suite is situated downstairs and the rest of the rooms are at the loft with 2 bathrooms.


D. Shouse floor plans with garage

Unlike traditional homes which barely leave enough room for storage and vehicles at the same time. This not only leaves enough storage space but also provides room for other activities limited by a simple garage of a typical conventional house.

E. Other shouse floor plans and these include:

  • 60×60 house floor plans; with a floor space area of 60×60 feet, there is enough space to include extra amenities. An example includes PL-60801 which includes a recreation room with a closet and can also serve as a guest room. 
  • 50×100 house floor plans with shop; this style although difficult allows for more flexibility. An example includes PL- 60601 which is appropriate for large families. The spacious kitchen is furnished with six-seater Island and a dining area is just right beside it.
  • 40×40 house floor plans; this is perfect if you’re on a budget. PL- 60301 is an example. It has free zones where daily activities can be performed.
  • 40×50 house floor plans; in the floor plan, PL- 60401 no definite space is reserved for the living room and dining room. Dividers can be utilized temporarily.
  • 40×80 house floor plans with shop; both indoor and outdoor storage spaces would be needed. Each bedroom may include respective built-in closets and two bathrooms. The shop is attached to the west side of the house but is only accessible from the outside.
  • 30×40 house floor plans; suitable for a small family starting together.
  • 30×60 house floor plans with shop; PL-60201 has a vertical layout. The front part of the right half is where the shop is accessible only from the living room. The living quarters are in the back section; a master suite, two extra bedrooms, and a common bathroom.
  • Two-story house floor plans; the vaulted ceiling shelters the dining area which is open to the kitchen. The master suite has a private patio.
  • Single story house floor plans; natural lighting and ventilation are easily provided here as the ceiling is much higher. This plan provides versatility more than other structures. 
  • 6 bedroom house floor plans; capable of hosting big and extended families with a structure suitable for outdoor cooking and other activities.
  • 5 bedroom house floor plans; PL-62101 includes a huge workshop, a separate craft room, and large bedrooms.
  • 4 bedroom house floor plans; PL-62201 is perfect for anyone looking to have a large workspace attached to their home. The master bedroom is situated in an area that allows privacy.
  • 3 bedroom house floor plans; while this may be too much space for a smaller family, an average one suits this plan perfectly. Extra rooms could be utilized as guest and storage rooms.
  • 2 bedroom house floor plans; available as a house floor plan for small families that barely see the need for extra space.
  • Shouse floor plans with 2 master suites; a 50 by 30 plan can house two start-up families as both suites are constructed to ensure privacy.

Open Concept shouse examples:

PL-61-701; this is a 3 bedroom with a stellar master suite having a large walk-in closet and a separate dressing room. Off the kitchen is a pantry and laundry room with a lot of storage space. Both second and third rooms have walk-in closets. Leisure and study spot could be conveniently provided by the breakfast bar.

PL-61702; here, the dining room separates the kitchen and living room. The home office is located at the entryway which can serve as a spot for everyone to utilize for various activities. 


PL-61703; this possesses large porches. It consists of four rooms and an optional fifth bedroom which is a plus and can be used for any activity. The playroom is separate. The large living room and full-length veranda just at the front are suitable for a perfect chill time.

PL- 61704; this includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a front porch with a full view, and a full-length back porch just right for quiet time or relaxation.

PL-61705; comes with a dedicated safe room located off the utility areas and could be used alternatively as a storage area generally or for specific equipment. This house floor plan can be retouched/repurposed to a skylight located in the master closet.


PL-61706; has a large garage with two porches, a small office, the kitchen, and dining leading right to the living room.

PL- 61707; this offers much more space for hobbies and recreational activities. It includes a workshop at one end.

PL- 61708; includes room for kids. It has four bedrooms. The kids’ room gives way into the kitchen. There is a bath for the two smaller rooms. The third room has a bathroom. This particular house is made to be quite private.


Factors to consider for buying the best house floor plan for your needs 

Deciding the perfect house floor plan can be extremely tough and while personalized blueprints, books, and guides are available to enable you to plan and build a dream house, there are several things to consider in deciding the best plan for your home.

1. Family size 

When choosing a floor plan, the size and number of bedrooms, it is important to regard this. Popular floor plans for families place children’s bedrooms around a central game room which can also be a spot to hang out and the opposite ends can be for the master bedroom and home office.

 2. Natural light

 Open concept homes are famous for allowing an intense flood-in of natural light. This contributes to the cozy feeling the space provides. As attractive and as pleasing as this is an abundance of natural light could be an inconvenience if not properly planned. 


The bedrooms should be structured in a way that it doesn’t come into a direct hit with the sun first thing in the morning because even curtains could fail to block or absorb the extra light. Also, the Television should be properly positioned in a way that the illumination doesn’t make viewing difficult. 

3. Noise and activities 

In an open concept home, noise is easily carried across several rooms making it hard to get serenity and enjoy separate activities. 

4. Safety 

Incorporation of safety measures into balconies or porches is necessary as open floor plans could pose a threat to small children if not properly planned out.


5. Budget 

  Planning your dream home, you consider an amount you can work with and choose a house floor plan that would fit right into it. A house is still considered a residential property so utility bills are no exception.

Shouse House Kits

These are either metal or wooden outbuildings that come as a pallet containing pre-cut and pre-configured segments (i.e. pre-assembled kits) or as a semi tractor-trailer from builder to Jobsite depending on manufacturer and size of the structure.

These kits are sold by “turnkey” builders each with different offers and values.


The package can be referred to as a Do it yourself (DIY) house kit. However, if you lack construction skills or prefer not to, you could choose to have the manufacturer arrange for both the kit and workmen who could build your shop house floor plans. 

This kit is an assembly of materials that costs an average of $30- $40 per square ft. 

 Market leaders in shouse kits have in their packages a provision of the following features and building elements; 

  • Stained concrete floors
  • Exterior door
  • An engine concrete slab
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Energy-efficient windows which have options available for quality and number of windows that can be made available
  • A continuous roof.

 Due to competition, builders make features standard. Typically, each package could consist of one, two, or three-bedroom layouts with a bathroom, living room, kitchen dining, laundry, and even more.

 A bonus that includes an extra space that can be utilized for many purposes is available if you opt for a house with More than 2,000 square ft.

Shouse Floor Plan Prices

It is already a fact that shop house floor plans are much less expensive than typical traditional homes which is a big selling point. Although several factors like location and house floor plan type could determine the cost, the average is about $95- $125 per square ft for a new build as opposed to the $100 – $200 of a traditional house.


With materials made available, construction costs are as low as $30 per square ft although it would require one with solid experience to work with this less a budget. 

While an average is given per square ft it is difficult to ascertain an exact range for the total cost of building a house due to the availability of too many variables. 

However, a 30× 40 shop house floor plan could start at $38 -$45 per square ft with the building which sums it up to about $63,000.


 Notwithstanding, you can afford to skip the cost of exterior framing of walks and covering as well as a roof with shop house floor plans since the metal shell includes a roof keeping the cost lower.

Price Determinants include:

  1. Location; just like most other facilities, the physical location of the property will affect utility costs, taxes, landscaping, etc
  2. Size; this is mostly influenced by the main purpose of the house and is determined by the house floor plans. If what you require demands more workspace or storage space then it would most likely cost more than a simpler building only meant to connect home and a mini-workshop.
  3. Features; since it is designed to fit preferences and lifestyles, different designs intend to come with specific requirements and costs.

Shouse Interior Design

Since your building is multifunctional, it is important to consider decorative materials and accessories that fit every occasion, blend, and give your space the pleasantness and admiration you would love it to have. These decorative ideas and materials include:

  • Use of accent pillows
  • Accenting your walls
  • Soft pastels
  • Rattan storage bench
  • Acapulco chair
  • Iron storage stools
  • Load up textures
  • Use natural materials to accent the fireplace
  • Firewood rack
  • Woven rattan bay basket
  • Metal cabinets
  • Moon vases
  • Raven cans
  • Wool rugs
  • Cocktail table
  • Velvet pillows
  • Blanket seats
  • Floor lamp
  • Drift sideboard
  • Sculptures
  • Wooden candles
  • Dayna chair
  • Coffee table
  • Lounge chair

Who Should Own a Shouse?

Not everyone needs a shop with living quarters that serves as a multipurpose facility. It is specifically and most importantly for individuals who run home-based businesses and/ or participate in recreational activities. Such persons like mechanics, tailors, carpenters, artists, furniture makers, etc tend to have the urge, need or desire to blend normal lives with careers and hobbies. This has pronounced and increased the popularity of houses. 

Is a Shouse a Barndominium?

The major difference between a house and a barndominium is simply that the latter includes a barn. Both are still regarded as the same. The design of a barndomium is made to mimic the construction of barns. Their use can be dated back to decades ago when blacksmiths constructed forges as an extension to their home to be able to offer full services to locals from the comfort of their homes.

  With different families and individuals come various and multiple expectations while planning a shop with living quarters and the presence of numerous house floor plans do not make the decisions any easier. This is why shop house floor plans come with detailed guides. While family size and budget are obvious factors, work, business needs, hobbies, studies, number of vehicles, and total property could also influence decisions on a certain floor plan. If your work requires you to get soiled in the dirt, you might want to consider a house floor plan which has direct access to a bathroom. 


Hobbies like reading could warrant the need for a space area that can serve as a library. If you’d love much more storage space then there’s just the plan for you with more than one garage. Fun activities like hosting friends for outdoor meals also count. 

Maybe you’re a parent with a bunch of teenagers, there’s a shouse floor plan which includes a rumpus room where they are allowed to hang out and play games loudly. If you love some alone time in a corner to just sit and relax, probably with a glass of wine or juice in hand, several floor plans include luxurious breezeways and porches you can decide from. You’re probably tired of your apartment and desire a space all to yourself which allows you to have space for your favorite activities, certainly, there are shouse floor plans that allow you to go solo. Undoubtedly, there’s always a right house floor plan to fit right into any lifestyle.


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