Simple Ways to Make a Cozy Living Room

Create a Cozy Living Room with stylish charm.

Cozy Living Room
Cozy family sofa contemporary living room decorating ideas

Many homeowners want their rooms to be cozy and comfortable, but an intimate and relaxed appearance usually does not happen on its own. By using specific living room color schemes, textile accents and furniture styles, a cozy room is attainable. Cozy room designs can range from family rooms to kitchens, but they all have the same final result in common, which is to make a warm and welcoming room to enjoy time with family and friends.

How to Make Cozy Living Room

Cozy Living Room traditional living room furniture placement ideas

Walls and Ceiling

Use a saturated color for the walls. Dark walls often create a sense of intimacy and coziness. With this in mind, choose a rich shade of paint for the walls. Utilize a warm color palette to give the space an inviting appearance. Colors, such as deep red or chocolate brown, are perfect as a cozy backdrop for the entire living room. Further the cozy feel by painting the ceiling a hue as well, ranging from soft tan to Tuscan gold. Alternatively, use a tin ceiling in deep hues for a touch of added texture and pattern. Ceilings are sometimes seen as the fifth wall in design, so incorporate them into the decorating scheme for a maximum cozy appearance.

Cozy Living Modern Flair contemporary living room furniture ideas

Upholstery and Furniture


Add furniture that is overstuffed and comfortable. Cozy Living Room decors are meant for casual comfort, so include couches with soft, chenille fabrics with abundant cushion materials. Mix in two leather recliners to create a space that is relaxed. Choose an ottoman that is oversized, and use it as a coffee table as well. Books often make a space feel cozy, so add several bookcases to the room, and fill them with attractively arranged books. Place them together for a library appearance, or use them to flank a fireplace to create a study or den look to the cozy room.


Fireplace and Candles

Incorporate a fireplace and candles into the decor. Fireplaces give a room instant warmth and help to create a room with a cozy visual appeal. For homes without a real fireplace, give the illusion of one with a vintage fireplace surround. Bolt the surround to a focal-point wall, and fill the firebox area with a heat-resistant plate filled with candles to give a soft glow to the design. For rooms with little extra space, add a sleek fireplace that hangs on the wall. Finish the cozy living room with battery-operated or real candles on the mantel for added ambiance.

Cozy Chic Living Room minimalist modern living room decor designs

Pillows and Throws


Utilize cozy textiles into the design. Add myriad soft pillows to the couch in fabrics such as fleece, faux fur and velour. Pillows add extra comfort to any space, which makes them especially appropriate for a cozy-themed room. Complete the entire design with a few handknit, comfortable throws draped over a recliner, couch or ottoman for a crowning touch to the cozy living room.

Cozy Living Room

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