Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

The modern market for paints and varnishes is so wide that the layman is simply lost with the choice of the right material. For those who keep up with fashion, a relatively recent invention – slate paint for walls can be an excellent choice. This coating allows you to give the surfaces an unusual appearance similar to a blackboard. This article will describe in more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the material and the features of its application.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

You can write, draw and take notes on a slate wall.

Styling paint: key features

Slate-type paintwork or slate-type paint is a relatively new material in the market of finishing materials. It is distinguished by its versatility and originality at the same time. They can cover the walls in any room – whether it be a kitchen, hallway, children’s room or living room. The uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a paint on which you can draw and write, and then, if unnecessary, the inscriptions and drawings can simply be erased with an ordinary sponge.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

Chalky notes are easily erased from the slate surface with a damp sponge


Due to this feature, the paint product is popularly called “chalk”. In texture it is dull and rough to the touch. The slab coating after application has a strong hold. The history of the appearance of paint with a slate effect is directly connected with the school, or rather with the blackboard – the material was created in order to restore its coating. Sophisticated designers quickly found slate LMK application in the interiors of residential apartments.

Using this type of paint, you can radically change the situation in the room, making it unusual and stylish. Graphite wall paint plays both a decorative and a practical role in the room. In addition to decoration, it can serve for entertainment and education of children.

Adding magnetic powder to the material in compliance with special proportions creates a surface on which magnets and metal objects hold well. The powder can be replaced with a magnetic primer, which is applied after the paint has dried. Walls do not require special preparation for applying slate coating. It can be applied both on an empty surface, and on wallpaper for painting. Thus, an ordinary wall will be a great place for art and games with the ability to easily and quickly change its design.

It is interesting! Coating the walls with slate paint opens up opportunities for children’s creativity. Parents can not be afraid that children will ruin expensive wallpapers, using them as a basis for the realization of their visual skills. A graphite surface is a wall on which to draw.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior


Adding magnetic powder to the paint allows you to get a magnetic surface on which metal objects can be placed

Slate board paint: compositional features

The basis of slate paint is latex. This product is highly soluble in water, while it does not contain harmful substances that can pose a threat to health. The uniqueness of the appearance of this paint and varnish product and, as a result, the texture of the slate board lies in the fact that the composition contains the smallest iron elements that turn the surface after drying into a real magnetic board.

Components such as cement, gypsum, acrylic-based resin, marble chips, modifiers, and dolomite give a matte texture to the coating. All this together creates the effect of a blackboard. Photos of the wall covered with such material clearly demonstrate this. The difference is that the paint for the blackboard is green, and the wall in the room can be covered with any color.

You can use completely different surfaces with slate paint. The main foundation is concrete walls. However, they must first be plaster, putty and primer. Graphite LMK also lays well on such grounds:

  • drywall;
  • metal;
  • wallpaper;
  • glass;
  • ceramics;
  • wood and all surfaces based on compressed wood (fiberboard, particleboard, OSB).

Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interiorLatex formulations of graphite paints are absolutely safe for human health.

Slate paint for walls: species diversity and various forms of release

Given the color spectrum, on sale you can find such paints with slate color:

  • black
  • graphite;
  • brown;
  • Violet
  • blue
  • green
  • white.

They can be used both independently and in the process of coloring, that is, mixing different colors. Adding white paint allows you to get various shades.

The tool is also classified by the form of release of the material. It can be:

  • aerosol sprays;
  • ordinary paint cans of various sizes.

Aerosols are applied by simple spraying, and means from jars are applied with a brush or roller. If a surface with a large area is to be coated with paint, then it is necessary to stock up in advance with a magnetic-slate set of paints and a variety of painting accessories. In hard-to-reach spots for painting, it is better to use paint in cylinders. Similarly, it is better to paint small areas and individual interior items.

Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interiorIn addition to standard black and green colors, slate colors are available in white and other shades

Given the properties and content, slate paints are divided into such subspecies:

  • classic chalk wall paint;
  • marker paint, which is used as the basis for drawing not with chalk, but with special markers for the slate;
  • magnetic paint with a slate effect with iron additives that
  • provides magnetic properties to the coating.

Note! In order to obtain a durable coating, not one but two or three coats of paint should be applied. This condition is mandatory if the wall is used as a magnetic board. The insufficient density of the application of lead ink with a magnetic effect will lead to the fact that metal objects will not adhere to the coating.


Slate magnetic paint: advantages of the material

Slate-type paints and varnishes have a number of advantages, the main ones include:

  • form a fairly hard and durable coating on the surface of the walls, which can last for many years, since it is not afraid of abrasion, wear and mechanical stress;

Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interiorYou can use slate paint to cover not only walls, but also doors and furniture

  • the material has excellent adhesion, that is, it adheres well to various surfaces, including smooth ones, for example, glass, ceramics, which extends the life of the used surface;
  • paint for drawing with chalk when coating the wall forms a matte surface that does not give shine, which makes it easy and convenient to draw, and then with the same ease to wipe the inscriptions or just wash the surface with water using various detergents;
  • fire and explosion-proof slate paint, does not ignite when exposed to fire;
  • the material is environmentally friendly, therefore it is suitable for painting walls in children’s rooms;
  • blackboard with the effect of a blackboard dries quickly after application, while it does not produce a toxic pungent odor;
  • applying the material is quite simple, you can do it yourself, without the involvement of specialists;
  • a certain type of paint contains antiseptics, which allows the material to be used in conditions of high humidity;
  • the product can be used in individual areas as a decoration, creating original drawings, that is, it is not necessary to paint the entire wall completely;
  • a coating with slate paint creates excellent opportunities for the development of children’s creativity;
  • You can decorate various parts of the room with graphite paint for walls, for example, create a reminder board in the corridor, equip a kitchen apron, decorate doors or update old furniture.

Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interiorSlates can only be used indoors; they are not intended for outdoor use.

Disadvantages of Magnetic Slate Wall Paint

One of the main disadvantages of slate paint is its high sensitivity to low temperatures, at which it collapses, so it can only be used for decoration indoors.


A wall covered with this type of paintwork requires regular washing in order to prevent the formation of stains and stains that create a scruffy appearance and the surface loses its attractiveness and aesthetics.

Among other shortcomings, it should be noted that slate paint for the board can quickly become saturated and bored, and soon it will be necessary to make new repairs. In addition, the dark color, which mainly has this type of paint material, creates a gloomy look in the room. For this reason, paint is not suitable for covering walls in small rooms, as it helps to visually reduce its area.

Interesting to know! One of the properties of magnetic slate paint has both a positive and a negative side. The peculiarity lies in the fact that magnetic microparticles in the composition of the material on the walls muffle the effect of electromagnetic waves from objects of electronics and household appliances. The plus is that the negative impact on the human body is reduced, the minus is the decrease in the quality of the Wi-Fi signal.

Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interiorOn marker coating, you can draw and record with special markers


Slate walls are not suitable for certain styles. For example, they are inappropriate in rooms with elements of classics, but they look great in interiors stylized as a loft or minimalism.

Paint for chalk boards is suitable for application exclusively on a flat surface, otherwise the intended effect is lost. Therefore, in order to achieve the appearance of a blackboard, it will be necessary to first carefully align the base.

Rules for the use of graphite paint: preparation and painting

The main feature of working with graphite paint is the ease and ease of application. It does not require special knowledge, experience or special professional tools. It is enough to purchase a regular set of painter, which includes:

  • tray for paint;
  • brushes of various types;
  • construction roller.

Before starting work, surfaces that are not to be painted should be well covered with a cellophane film, since even with all the caution of applying to the floor, drops that are very difficult to remove may get on the floor. To protect against ink, cover window sills, window frames and doors with paper tape.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior


Graphite paint hardens very quickly, so it should be applied very carefully

The wall to be painted must be carefully leveled:

  • remove old paint and wallpaper;
  • remove the old exfoliated putty material and apply a new layer;
  • coat the surface with a primer.

If the wall is old, it is best to completely remove the worn putty and re-putty the surface, and then apply a primer that is suitable for this type of paint. Only after this procedure can you start painting.


The surface painting itself is very simple. The main thing is that the substrate for application is clean, free of dust and dirt. The paint must first be thoroughly mixed, and then slightly poured into a special tray or other container, as it quickly hardens. Further, picking up a small amount of the product with a roller or brush, it is distributed on the surface. After two hours, a second coat is applied. You can draw and write on a slate three days later.


Magnetic coating after slate paint is applied in a day, if the iron-magnetic powder has not yet been added to the composition of the paintwork.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

Three days after application on a slate, you can draw and take notes

The use of paint for chalk in the interior

Slate paint is used very widely. Thanks to safety, it can be used in children’s educational institutions and not only for coloring blackboards, on which you can draw with chalk. This type of paint is also used in cafes and offices for the purpose of applying notes. At home, the material can be applied to walls in different rooms. It is especially popular in the children’s room and in the kitchen.

Helpful advice! Manufacturers of slate paints recommend washing the surface with exceptionally clean water during the first month. Then you can use chemical detergents, but without aggressive additives.


The slate wall in the nursery is an ideal space for learning and creative development of the child. Children do not want to paint walls in other rooms, having their own spacious “training ground” for creativity. Older children can use the wall to memorize various educational material, for example, formulas, rules, tables.

In the kitchen and in the hallway, slate paint, as a rule, is partially used – to cover certain areas or interior items. A kitchen apron with such a coating is popular: here you can write recipes, product lists and daily menus. Some types of paint can change color when heated or exposed to hot temperatures. This should be considered during the organization of repairs. Individual items decorated with slate paint look beautiful. For example, cabinet doors, a bar counter or even boxes for storing bulk products or flower pots.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

The most popular place to use slate paint in the interior is the kids room.

In the hallway, paint is usually applied to the area near the front door, with the aim of applying various notes and reminders to each other.


Slate paint: price and consumer reviews

According to customer reviews, the slate coating is particularly durable, it freezes quite quickly. Therefore, inappropriate drops that have fallen on surfaces that cannot be painted should be removed immediately before solidification. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to eliminate them. The defects will literally have to be peeled off, and when you try to paint them with another type of product, the graphite paint and varnish will simply appear on the surface.

You should be careful about this type of interior decoration for people with allergies. It is not the agent itself that is harmful, but the effect of dust from the chalk, which is painted on a board covered with slate paint. Customer reviews recommend wiping the coating more often and doing wet cleaning, and it is best to use special hypoallergenic marker paints.

For better adhesion of a smooth surface, such as glass or aluminum, with paint, experienced users recommend applying a special primer first.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

People with an allergy to chalk can use marker surfaces in the room on which they draw with markers rather than chalk


As for the price of graphite paint, it is quite high. The cost of some types of funds reaches 8 thousand rubles. for a 1 liter jar.

Helpful advice! Owners of catering establishments can successfully use slate-and-paint and varnish-and-paint materials in the design of their premises. Wall paint or special stands are covered with graphite paint, where it is convenient to place important information for visitors. For example, about discounts, promotions or new items on the menu.

DIY slate paint: recipes for making

Typically, slate paint is sold in jars or cylinders with a capacity of half a liter or liter. Given the high cost of production, sometimes such volumes are simply unnecessary, for example, when it is necessary to paint individual interior items or areas on the wall. To this end, you can prepare the material yourself. There are two popular ways.

For the first version of the paint you will need:

  • 250 g of acrylic paint;
  • 50 g of dry powder cement mixture.

Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interiorThe slate can be easily prepared at home.

The cooking process is simple. It is enough to mix both components and add the desired color pigment. It should be noted that the cement-based product can be quickly scratched. Therefore, it is better to add a little marble chips to the mixture. True, this technique complicates the cooking process a little.

You can choose any shade for tinting, but bright tones look best from deep purple to poisonous green.

The second recipe for the preparation of paint involves the presence of such components:

  • 75 g of the already tinted acrylic-based paint;
  • 25 g of acrylic varnish with a matte texture;
  • 25 g of cement putty;
  • 50 ml of water.

First, cement powder is poured into the dishes, then paint and varnish are gradually added. All is thoroughly mixed and finally diluted with water. The product is ready to be applied to any surface.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

Before applying, it is necessary to carefully cover all surfaces from accidental contact with paint.

Tikkuril slate paint and products of other manufacturers

The construction market offers a not very wide selection of slate paints, different textures, packaging and, accordingly, price and quality. There are less than a dozen manufacturers of this type of paint and varnish products, including the following:

  • Tikkurila;
  • Magnetico;
  • Siberia;
  • Rust-oleum;
  • MagPaint
  • Benjamin Moore & Co;
  • Craft Premier.

Speaking about manufacturers, first of all it is worth mentioning the Finnish brand Tikkurila. This paint is characterized by high quality. It is produced in only two colors – black and white. Further, the consumer himself, at his discretion, can tint. After application, the surface acquires a matte structure on which it is good to write with chalk. Another type of paint and varnish from this manufacturer is Tikkuril marker paint. It is available only in white, so you need to apply it in two layers. The result is an excellent magnetic surface.


Siberia slate paint is produced in Russia. This is a new production that specializes in producing the latest types of paints and varnishes. The range of Siberia, in addition to slate, also includes magnetic and marker paints. They include atiseptic, which increases the level of wear resistance, coated with paintwork, the surface and its resistance to moisture. The range of products is also very wide, with the exception of the Siberia PRO series, which is produced exclusively in black and white.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

Manufacturer Tikkurila offers buyers black ink in white and white colors

Helpful advice! If you need a magnetic type paint, then it is best to use the products of the German company Magnetico. It is produced exclusively in gray colors. However, the main advantage is that, with excellent quality, the cost of materials is comparatively lower than analogues of other manufacturers.

What is Oleum, Craft Premium and Benjamin Moore & Co

The American company Rust-oleum is considered the pioneer in this sector of production, which was the first to put slate paints for mass production. She is still the leader in the sale of similar products on the American continent. The company produces ink slate type only in black and white colors. Such marker and magnetic mixtures are most popular for room decoration.


Benjamin Moore & Co. also specializes in graphite inks in the United States. Its products are among the premium materials, the range includes a variety of tinting. The surface coated with material from Benjamin Mo has maximum resistance to various external influences. In terms of price, this brand is considered the most expensive, nevertheless, it has its own niche of consumers.

MagPaint is a manufacturer from the Netherlands, previously it specialized exclusively in slate paints, although recently it began to produce marker paints as well. Dutch materials from Magpaint are of high quality, which entails a high demand for products of this brand.Slate paint for walls: funny notes in a modern interior

Rust-Oleum Brand Launches Graphite Paints with Magnetic Powder

Speaking about the production of slate paints and varnishes, the Russian brand Craft Premier should also be mentioned. The production uses exclusively environmentally friendly components. Finished products are produced in small packaging. Color is black or brown. Walls painted with GraftPremium can withstand more than 10 thousand sponges.


Styling paint has long been known as an excellent coating for blackboards, but it began to be used in room decoration relatively recently, having gained popularity very quickly as a new fashion trend. Slate-and-paint products are easy to use, excellent adhesion and quick drying. Practicality is an important feature, since you can write and draw on a graphite surface, and place objects on a magnetic surface. Premises decorated in this way look stylish, original and modern.

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