15 Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

Do you have sliding glass doors and wondering about sliding glass door locks? Sliding glass doors are sophisticated and modern, suitable for almost any modern structure. Its large glass area allows occupants to have a good view of the outdoors, more like bringing the outdoors in. This visual appeal is why most people choose sliding glass doors. Other top-level benefits of sliding glass doors include energy efficiency, safety, superior air circulation, easier access to the outdoors, etc.

Despite the numerous merits of sliding glass doors, they have a key weakness which is how to lock them. They don’t work in the same manner as regular, latched doors hence it is important to know the sliding glass door locks options available for use. This will help you address any concerns you may have about security.

Here Are The Top 15 Types Of Sliding Door Locks

Mortise lock

Mortise lock

These are generally regarded as the most popular type of sliding Glass door lock. This lock is included in the design of the majority of sliding doors; it is hidden in the pocket of the door and hence cannot be seen from afar. There are different types of mortise locks, Prime Line C 1225 is an excellent option. Being a non-lock, you need to turn the latch up and down to get it to work. It is made of alloy steel – durable and quite impenetrable. Finally, the installation is straightforward.

Double bolt lock

sliding glass door locks Double bolt lock

Double bolt lock is second only to mortise lock in terms of popularity. They are installed pretty simply while the interlocking bolts make it intact. This sliding glass door lock type is cheap and easy to use. One of the top brands that make this lock type is LockIt. High-grade metal is used for building it and can be installed at any height for key reasons such as child safety. The most distinguishing security advantage of a double-bolt lock is that it does not allow the detachment of the door from the sliding door’s tracks.


Keyed lock

Keyed lock for sliding glass doors

This type of sliding door lock can be operated both from the outside and inside. The pre-built knockout hole of the sliding door is the mounting point for keyed locks. Prime-Line C 1033 is a good option, featuring diecast iron for excellent durability. A hook is used in flush mounting it. If you want to replace a damaged flushed mount as well as any other hook-style lock, a keyed lock is the ideal option.

Offset thumb turn lock

Camco 44323 7/8" Thumb Operated Offset Cam Lock

It is similar in functionality to mortise and hook-style locks – hooks connect it to the door frame. However, it has a fundamental difference – the infusion of the latch into the door’s handle. Its major advantage over the two lock types mentioned above is the ease of reaching it when locking the door. An excellent option should have a two-way universal glass door handle and durable materials such as diecast iron are better.

Sliding Glass Door Loop lock

Loop lock

This lock type is usually an aftermarket option. It is mostly installed at the topmost part of the door, on the inside. A side of the lock is attached to the frame and the other side to the door. To unlock it, lift it and move the loop towards the receiver before pulling it out. If you prefer a loop lock, choose one with a sturdy build, nice finish, and extra child-care security features. You also get to choose the reach capacity you prefer.

Security bars

sliding glass door security bar

This lock type slides in between the active slider and the wall and at the jamb’s bottom of the door, creating a reliable blockade for any attempt to open it from the outside. The mounting is straightforward and has a stopper designed to counteract the jamb. It is also adjustable.


A security bar that can serve the purpose of jamming hinged doors and sliding glass doors is recommended. You should also look out for rubbered ends that work perfectly with almost any surface without leaving any mark.

Track locks

CR Laurence LK55KA CRL track lock

Track locks are very easy sliding glass door locks to installing. It does not require slider locks or drilling, making it suitable for all kinds of apartments including rentals. It is tightly mounted on the sliding door’s rails, acting as a blockade for all kinds of movements. A track lock with sturdy engineering is recommended.

Spring-loaded patio locks

Spring-loaded patio locks

This lock type can go on either the bottom or top parts of the door, allowing users to choose what works for them. It is connected to the door frame by a plate while a larger component connects it to the door. The spring loads to the slots when the lock is pulled. The need to drill this lock-in makes it quite inappropriate for rental apartments.

An option that features a double lock action to make lifting the door out of the tracks impossible is recommended. Whether in a closed or slightly opened position, the door will be kept locked. Such locks can withstand pressure up to 1000lbs.


Smart locks

Smart locks

This is one of the most recent sliding glass door lock types hence the options are not many. However, there are excellent options some of which have up to 6 types of keyless entry including mechanical key, keypad lock, smartphone apps, and fingerprint.

It has numerous benefits such as providing multiple security options and the ability to monitor recent logins through the smartphone app. Some can also lock or unlock automatically once smartphone movement is detected by the sensor and can save close to 200 fingerprints. Smart locks are quite expensive hence are typically outside the budget of many people.


Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic locks are cheaper than smart locks and hence are excellent options if you can’t afford the latter. They are equally very reliable and highly versatile, working with different kinds of doors e.g. glass, metal, wood, etc. The installation can however be quite difficult.

The build must be solid, supporting pressures up to 600lbs. Diecast aluminum is used for the finish while zinc is used for the mounting brackets.


Window locks

sliding door window lock

Window locks are excellent options for people who want a child-safe sliding door lock. It helps to keep active kids in check as the door remains shut once latched in. They are also the most budget-friendly on this list.

Window locks are typically easy to install and look transparent.

Twist-In Patio Door Lock

Twist-In Patio Door Lock

This is usually considered a secondary layer of defense by many homeowners but it works perfectly to keep your door in a ventilating position or closed. Also, burglars may find prying your door tough because a twist-in patio door lock is installed inside the house.

It is very easy to install and can go in any position to enhance strength and convenience. It is readily available and budget-friendly.


Door Lock Pin

Defender Security U 9858 Sliding Patio Door Lock Pin

This sliding glass door lock uses a pin, like a twist-in patio door lock. However, its pin passes through the door’s frame – engaging in the frame to secure the door. This steel pin makes it almost impossible to lift the panel off the track. It is an effective secondary layer of protection for your door.

It can only be used when inside the house and the pin can be stored in a steel holder when not in use.

Cylinder lock

PRIME-LINE Products E 2103 Cylinder Lock

This is a premium lock system with a top-notch mechanism. It provides reliable security because the door cannot be opened without a key. It is usually fitted to the end of the door but some may equally be at the center.

Foot bolt

The Hillman Group 852226 Zinc Plated Foot Bolt

This is the only lock type that can be installed either at the top or bottom corner of the door. The installation is straightforward. Users are required to press the button for final locking. This keeps the door locked not just shut.


How Sliding Glass Door Locks Work

The locking mechanism of the 15 sliding glass door locks discussed above works in different manners. However, they all have a fundamental link – a spring is at the center of the mechanism. To open the door, the spring contracts and is reactivated to lock when the door is closed.

Burglar Proofing Sliding Glass Door

One of the biggest weaknesses of sliding glass doors is that they are an easy target for burglars. There are several things you can do to make them burglar-proof, including:

  • The installation of a security bar in the sliding door track when you are not around will significantly hinder burglars.
  • Impact-resistant sliding glass doors are better though they are also more expensive. If you live in an area that’s highly susceptible to burglars, this is a worthy option.
  • Go for reliable locks for your sliding glass doors and keep the tracks well-maintained.
  • The installation of glass break detectors or door sensors is another very good option.


Sliding glass doors are excellent additions to a home, bringing in a feel of the outside. Most concerns you may have about burglars can be eliminated by installing reliable sliding glass door locks. All the 15 locks above are good options, choose the most appropriate for your peculiarities.

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