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Sofa Buying Tips You Should Know


Sofas are huge investments for your home and office. It is hard to see a living room, lounge or reception area without a sofa. They basically provide comfort when you want to sit back, relax and read books, watch TV or have a chit-chat with friends and family.  In a formal environment, it could also serve as a comfortable sitting space for guests in a waiting area or a resting spot during office breaks. 

This is enough reason you should be careful when purchasing them. You do not want to make a mistake with such a huge item. 

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Sofa Buying Tips You Should Know

If you plan to visit a furniture store, do not just settle for the first sofa that catches your eye. Try to do some random checks to make sure it passes the test for quality and design. Here are some tips to help you make the right purchasing decision.


Check out The Frame Build: 

Getting a sofa with the best quality frame might seem like a high-end goal, but if you want to enjoy it for a very long time, you should stick to quality. Frames built with oak, ash or beech are more sturdy and strong. A second and less costly option would be those made with softwoods like pines. Avoid sofa frames made with metals or plastic. They never last. 

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Check out the Textile Material: 

Another point you need to consider when buying your sofa is the type of fabric used for the cushion and the upholstery. Try to go for fabrics made of cotton, leather or linen. They last longer and are comfier on the skin. If you would rather go for a sofa with fabric woven intricately, that is fine but be aware that patterned sofas are more difficult to maintain because of how easily they hide dirt. The fabric design you choose should reflect your lifestyle and the purpose you are getting it for.


Check out the Cushion Padding:

Sofas are known for the amounts of foam, feather, or fiber padding underneath the upholstery. 

When the padding is soft and firm at the same time, it is an indication that the sofa is good. 

Go for sofas with a combination of feather and foam fillings or one with a combination of feather and fiber fillings. The feather filling should be at the back of the couch, why the form of fiber fillings should be used for the seat. The combination is best because sofas with only feathers though comfortable will require constant plumping while the ones with only foam and fiber will flatten out with time.

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Confirm the Size and Dimension:

Before you decide on a sofa for your home or office, be sure to scale the surface of the space you wish to place it in and the length and breadth of your doorway. When you get to the furniture shop, also measure out the height and width of the sofa. 

It will be disheartening to get a sofa that does not fit into the doorway of your home or be extremely small or too large for the room. The depth of the seat is equally important especially if the sofa will be placed in a smaller space. 

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Inquire About The Joinery

Ask the seller for information regarding the materials used for joining the pieces of the sofa together. Look out for the kind of embroidery and threading used too. Do not buy sofas that are joined by staples, pins, or glues. They will not last. Go for the ones joined with hardwood or metal screws. 

You can take a look yourself, to see if it can be detected. If not, request such details from the sofa store owner.

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Confirm the Spring Mechanism

The best springs to have on a sofa are the hand-tied springs, however, they are sort of expensive. So most sofa makers use the serpentine spring. This is equally strong and supportive but it tends to give away with time. 

So if you really want all time durable sofa, go for those made with the Hand-tied springs. If that will be beyond your budget, you can settle for the spiral-looking serpentine spring sofa.

What you should do is to avoid those not made with springs at all. The webbed or mesh wireframes are not good choices for a strong sofa. 

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Try it out

A sofa should have a seat depth of at least 60cm, which should give you enough space for maneuvering if your legs are long. Nevertheless, the depths of the sofa seats vary, so it is a good idea to experiment with different styles so that your back is well supported. 


So it is important you try it out before buying it to ensure that it suits you and everyone in your family. 



A patient dog gets the fattest bone, they say. Why rush when you can get the best by just being cautious enough? It is better to say a resounding no to the furniture buyer than to cry over spilt milk. I hope you find this article helpful in helping you make better sofa purchase decisions. 

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