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Some Amazing Ideas for Decorating Office Cubicles

Decorating Office Cubicles – The settings, especially the visual appeal of the place where an individual is spending the majority of his time, contribute vastly to the individual’s output. We spend a major part of the day in the office, so your office cubicle can be considered your second home. An individual’s personality is reflected in the way he/ she decorates the cubicle.

Why Decorating Office Cubicles?

Your surroundings play a very important part in your enthusiasm level, interest, and productivity. So if the surroundings are uninspiring, then it follows, that over a period of time, the creativity and enthusiasm of the person will ebb away, and productivity will naturally decline. This scenario can be countered by allowing the individual to personalize his workspace, and put up things that motivate and inspire him to give his best at work. It makes sense since his work is directly contributing to the company’s output.

Most companies have no problems with Decorating Office Cubicles (as long as it doesn’t cross the limit, because if music inspires someone, then you cannot really allow him to get his portable music system to his desk), and very few are not comfortable with it.


Professional Office Decorating Ideas transitional home office cubicles decor design


So if you find your office cubicle drab, why not give it a few personal touches and liven it up? A cubicle has the added advantage that it can be decorated in a very personal way. A cubicle gives privacy and freedom to the person who works there. Decorating office cubicles, and adding a touch of color, can create positive vibes, and will make you feel enthusiastic to give your hundred percent at work. Office decorating ideas certainly brighten up your workspace.


Photographs are perfect to add a personal touch to decorating office cubicles, especially for those who want to keep a fond memory in front of their eyes. If you work long hours and miss your family, then photographs of your family – spouse, children, or pets, will make you feel as if they are always present with you.

You can either pin them up or put them in a nice photo frame. Photographs of your pets, a happy photo from a vacation, or something unusual done by you, can also be framed.

Mementos could give that extra zing to your office cubicle. It could be a small idol/ poster of your favorite rock star, a baseball star, or a Hollywood celebrity. You can also put a memento you received for your achievements in school, college, or work.

If you have been felicitated by a prominent personality, then that memento could very well serve as a motivational tool. A cute and vibrantly colored wall hanging (something like a mini quilt), could brighten up your cubicle very effortlessly, and effectively!



Decorating transitional home office cubicles Surya Rug Home Office Furniture Design Ideas
Decorating transitional home office cubicles Surya Rug Home Office Furniture Design Ideas


If your cubicle is near the window and exposed to sufficient sunlight, you can keep a bonsai plant or ferns. If there is insufficient light, choose a plant that grows well even without sunlight. Plants add freshness to the surroundings and help to lift your mood. Green is a soothing color and will help you relax when you are stressed.


Go personal with your calendar or planner. You can get yourself a trendy calendar to adorn your office furniture. Choose a calendar that reflects your personality. Go for a calendar with nature photographs, if you are a nature lover, or buy a calendar with photographs of different bikes/ cars, if you are an automobile freak!


Put up a small whiteboard on your cubicle wall. Scribble down some motivational or funny quotes on it. Or you could just print them and pin them up on your cubicle. They are a sure-fire way of making your cubicle a better place to work.

You can also put up a poem or an anecdote that you read somewhere, which inspired you! This will work well as a dose of inspiration, or give you a good laugh when you feel low. Change them every day or weekly, as per your convenience.



Pick a few small objects/ knick-knacks in your favorite color and add them for decorating office cubicles. This will break the monotony of the color and give a pleasing effect. Your favorite color will surely help brighten up your day. Maybe a bright blue vase, or a turquoise photo frame?

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You can display your creative side, and make your office space motivating and lively. It just needs a bit of innovation and creativity, to make your office cubicle an interesting and fun place.

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