Some Creative Ideas for Decorating with Old Vinyls

It is time to give them a new opportunity to those records that gave us so many good moments. Look at these 10 ideas to create decorations with old vinyls.Old vinyls wall decor ideas

Ideas for Decorating with Old Vinyls

What to do with Old Vinyls?

The old vinyl records spent years, decades, gathering dust in attics and basements around the world. It was like this until we learned that there is a lot to do with them, and not only enjoy that sensational music that they still have, but that surely we can not enjoy because we do not have the artifact to reproduce them. Even those who suffered stripes and breaks will find their new opportunity by applying these simple ideas. Let’s do it!

How to work with vinyls

To work with old vinyls it is important, first, to define what you want to create, and what the mechanics you need to use:


To fold vinyl, whether creating angles, copying forms of containers or others, simply submerging them a few minutes in very hot water. The heat will soften the material, and then you can press it carefully to give it the shape you want.

Create great ideas with old vinyl, to complement your decor without spending money.

“To drill old vinyl, simply use a drill with a self drilling bit, hot nails or even desktop drills. First you must dip them in hot water.”

To imitate figures you need to rest them in the hot water, while preparing the surface that you want to imitate by covering it with waxed paper or foil, lightly moistened with oil or release agent, especially if the container or surface is metallic.


To cut old vinyl, use sharp scissors, but be aware that the pressure could crack. To avoid this, immerse them in hot water for easy cutting, or use heat saws and cutters to create more accurate shapes. “Hair” or “thread” saws are also useful for sensational drafts.

For drilling, simply use a drill with a self drilling bit, hot nails, or even desktop drills. Again, you must first immerse them in hot water.

To paint vinyl we recommend using synthetic enamels, latex paints, or acrylics mixed with vitrifiable varnish, stained glass lacquer or other medium that is better attached to the surface. As for its application, use synthetic foam rollers, foam brushes and also synthetic or natural brushes, depending on what you want to achieve.

To adhere the vinyls to each other or to other elements, use universal adhesive (toluene free if the other surfaces can not tolerate it). Another option is to use hot silicone or contact cement, depending on the case.


10 ideas to decorate with vinyl records

Now that you know the techniques for cutting, drilling, folding and even painting old vinyl, these 10 ideas will allow you to create art with these materials:

  1. Containers: Do you have a baking pan with a nice shape? Submerge the vinyl in very hot water and, on the prepared surface, put the hot disk and press it gently. Uses heat from hair dryer or hot air gun, even an oven with adjustable temperature, if the delay makes the vinyl cool.
  2. Pictures: Draw with a white pencil or chalk a city landscape, animals, letters or whatever you want on the middle of a vinyl, and lock the figure to leave it in sight. You will have a great element for your walls.
  3. Shelves and shelves: Create great original shelves by immersing the vinyl in hot water and folding it to 90 °, for which you can help with the edge of a table. Make the appropriate holes and wall studs to create the shelf.
  4. Screens: Dip the old vinyls in very hot water and, helping with other heat sources, fold them up creating a rather small and closed base, to achieve a brilliant screen of lamp, a lamp, or to make tulips of hanging lights.
  5. Dishes and trays: Dip the disks in hot water and, on a soft basis, lay them on a flat surface. Carefully, fold only two to three inches from the perimeter, to make only a small edge. You will have a great dish and if you have old vinyl of different sizes, make a tower of trays by placing them at different heights of a threaded spout, to display chocolates and delicacies in an original way.
  6. Bottle holder: Dip the old vinyls in very hot water and prepare a PVC pipe like those used in cloacal installations, or another whose diameter is somewhat larger than a bottle. Fold the vinyl, one by one, by wrapping the tubular mold. Then drill where necessary to join the tubes created, and you will have bottles containers that you can hang on the wall or put on a table.
  7. Magazine holder: Fold two vinyls, one third of their diameter, at a 90 ° angle. Adhere the smaller parts together, and you’ll get a great container for your magazines.
  8. Watches: Install a watch mechanism to the center of the vinyl, and stick the numbers or paint them, to your liking.

“To adhere the vinyls to each other or to other elements, use universal adhesive, hot silicone or contact cement, depending on the case.”

  1. Album Covers: Heat two old vinyls, cut them out by creating a square, and use them as if they were the covers of a photo album. Another option is to apply this idea in notebooks, scrapbooks, cookbooks, song books, cardboard containers, old CDs, or whatever.
  2. Shelf Terminals: Fold a quarter of the lower diameter and a quarter of the right diameter of a vinyl, so as to have a base and two “tabs” at 90 °. Use one of these tabs to install underneath the end of a flat shelf, and the other fold to screw to the wall, or to leave to the front of the shelf, as a decoration.

What to do if the vinyl cracked?

Simply attach the pieces somewhat separated from each other on a flat background of contrasting color, place a frame, and you will have an original decorative element for your home, very easy to do !. Thus, you will complement your spaces without spending money, and giving them a second chance with these crafts with old vinyls

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