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Some Great Ideas for Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans

To choose the best Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans, keep the size of the room in mind.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans
The Future of Floating Bathroom Vanities contemporary bathroom cabinets

Since the main idea of a wall mount vanity raised off the floor is to create a spacious, airy look to a bathroom, choosing one that will still leave space on either side can work well. It’s important not to place anything, even storage boxes or a waste basket, under a floating vanity or it can ruin the look. If you have a large bathroom, a double floating vanity could be a good use of the space. Consider the level of storage you hope to have in the vanity you want.

Choosing the Perfect Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans

Line Art Solid Wood Modern Floating Bathroom Vanities

Remember that the more cabinetry a floating vanity has, the more non-floating it becomes. Yet, innovative, stylish shelving can make the design more pleasant to the eye. View floating vanities with no shelves as well as open and closed shelving to see what you prefer. One great option may be to choose a Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans that has only a row of drawers under the counter top; this way, you can still get an intensely sparse look while still having neat storage options.

Floating Bathroom Vanities Contemporary Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles – new york – by Vanities for Bathrooms

Double floating vanities may have a supporting stand in the center between the wall-mounted sides. Some of these styles feature storage in that center stand which may provide one shelf each for two people sharing a bathroom. A bathroom large enough to fit a double vanity may still look spacious if the piece extends right to the walls without leaving room at each end. Before selecting a double floating vanity, consider the different fit possibilities and take accurate measurements of the space.


If you have an awkwardly shaped bathroom, choosing a corner floating vanity may be the best option. Some corner floating vanities are designed with a small shelf under one side and vessel sink on top of the other counter. This combination can look interesting and attractive in a corner. Since floating vanity styles are clean-lined and modern in their look, vessel, or dish-shaped, sinks tend to work well with them.

Beautiful ADA Compliant Libera Wall Mount Floating Bathroom Vanity Units

Whatever kind of sink you have or will buy to use with a floating style of vanity, make sure that the model you choose will fit. Look for Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans with easy installation as well as a guarantee, if possible. A wall-mounted faucet can be a great choice with a vessel sink and floating vanity; choosing all three at the same time can help you coordinate the styles and sizes.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Plans

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