Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture

The kitchen is considered one of the most favorite places in any apartment where the whole family is going, as well as guests. Therefore, when choosing kitchen dining room furniture, you need to focus not only on the size of the room but also take into account the features of its configuration. If the kitchen and dining room are selected immediately in the kit, then the furniture creates a single composition, and all the elements are ideally combined in color and texture.


Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


Features of the design of the dining room in the kitchen

Not every apartment has a place to use it as a dining room, but often this is not necessary. You can create a dining room in the kitchen, in the living room, or make a single space that combines all these rooms.

Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture



It is interesting! The kitchen or living room looks more elegant and cozy if there is a dining table.

Looking through the photos of the dining rooms, you should pay attention to the fact that the dining room is usually separated from the common space so that it does not get lost in the background of the kitchen or living room. The main thing is to properly arrange and decorate the room so that it would be nice to dine and receive guests here. If the room allows, you can consider the presence of a partition or a false wall, which will separate the small dining room from the rest of the room. Also, as a zoning element, you can use a low rack, sofa, or chair with a high back. A universal option is the equipment of the bar or kitchen island.

The photo of the dining rooms shows that, in addition to furniture, the dining room can stand out through the decoration of the walls, ceiling, and flooring. Most often, a zone with a table is demarcated using an accent wall, near which it is located. To do this, use a contrasting color, decoration with a different texture, and wallpaper of opposite colors – the choice depends on the overall design in which the apartment is decorated.

Mosaic and wallpaper with a picture on a gastronomic theme look very beautiful in the dining room in the kitchen. If the registration of the dining room in the living room occurs, it is better to refuse this option. The living room will look beautifully decorated with natural stone or wood. There are other options for distinguishing the dining room.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture



Ceiling. In many photos of dining rooms, you can see the presence of ceiling elements that separate the zone from the rest of the space. Most often, this design is performed on the table and repeats its shape. In addition, a backlight is equipped or a chandelier is installed above a table in the kitchen.

Floor. It is much more comfortable to sit at a table if there is a warm cover under it. If the furniture of the dining room is installed in the kitchen, it is better to lay a laminate or parquet under it, and the rest of the room can be decorated with tiles. If it is decided to cover the entire floor with tiles, then it is recommended to lay a warm floor in advance in the table room. In addition, the floor panel, which is performed in the dining room, will look beautiful.

Designing a kitchen dining room with lighting and decor

The lamp above the table in the kitchen is considered the main element in the arrangement of the dining room. Even if there is already a chandelier in the center of the kitchen, you still need to install an additional light source near the table. It can be a small sconce or a floor lamp. The arched version, which is located above the table, is considered appropriate. When decorating the ceiling, you can think of built-in spotlights in advance.

Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture



Important! The floor lamp located near the table will fill the dining room with coziness.

If the dining room separates the kitchen room from the living room in the studio apartment, it is better to place a room of lamps united among themselves above it. This technique will create the effect of a separate room and visually delimit the rooms.

The wall near which there is a dining room can be decorated with a picture of beautiful fruit still lifes or decor with coffee motifs. The mountain landscape or the image of street cafes will look good in the living room – it all depends on the overall interior. Also, a wall mirror is considered a common decoration option, which visually enlarges a small room. If a covered dining table is displayed in the mirror, the number of dishes visually doubles.

Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture



The design of the dining room can be improved with shelves or built-in sideboards, where the service, interior dishes, and souvenirs are beautifully placed. The shelf above the table in the kitchen can be used to place seasonings for dishes on it. It is also appropriate to decorate the kitchen room itself: unusual and bright chairs next to the monochrome table will act as an independent element of zoning. On the table, you can arrange bright napkin holders or put a table vase. Plain chairs should preferably be decorated with bright pillows.

The specifics of choosing a kitchen or dining room

Often the beauty of kitchen furniture does not match its convenience. If acquiring a kit, based only on its appearance, you can get a not entirely successful thing. Ideal are chairs that are created taking into account ergonomics and structural features of the human body. If the table is additionally equipped with roomy drawers that are correctly hidden under the tabletop, and the chairs are equipped with armrests, then such a dining room for dining room can be considered quite comfortable.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


Designers recommend choosing dining sets at the end of the repair work when the walls, floor, and ceiling are already decorated. In this case, it is much easier to choose colors and textures that will be as close as possible to the interior of the room. Nowadays, classic dining rooms made of solid wood are considered popular, which combine elegance and reliability. Such furniture will last more than one year. Of course, if the budget is limited, then you can pick up options from plastic. They will look good in a high-tech interior, but you need to remember about the low wear resistance of plastic.

You can experiment not only with various materials but also with unusually bright colors. Recently, in addition to the classic options, such as white, coffee, gray, bright shades of furniture are becoming popular: yellow, light green, and purple.


Important! A round or oval table takes up more space than a rectangular or square table. At the same time, the rounded corners of the table are considered safer when designing a dining room for a small kitchen.

Why is it better to buy a set of tables and chairs for the kitchen?

Typically, a dining room set designed for decorating a kitchen interior and eating consists of several chairs or stools and a table. The main advantages of buying a dining room for the living room or kitchen are the following:

Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


  • the furniture is made of material of the same texture and color;
  • the same style is respected, due to which all elements are harmoniously combined;
  • time is saved because there is no need to select separately all pieces of furniture;
  • material means are saved: a set of furniture will be cheaper than all elements individually.

The main disadvantage is the difficulty of harmoniously fitting a kitchen room into an already organized interior. There are situations when certain elements of a furniture set are like, and some are not. Sometimes a room is represented by the same chairs, which have different upholstery, – so, for each family member, you can determine your place at the table. If you did not find a suitable kit option, it is recommended to order individual manufacture, then all wishes will be taken into account.


Lunch room for the kitchen: which materials to prefer

When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to build quality, check the level of coverage, and give preference to wear-resistant options, which are easy to care for. Below we consider the most popular materials from which kitchen furniture is made.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


Wood. All classic dining rooms are made from this material. Wood is highly resistant to mechanical damage and has long been considered the most used material. Tables and chairs made of wood will successfully fit into any kitchen interior, whether it be a chalet style, Provence, or loft. It is desirable that all kitchen furniture was made of wood, while the use of contrasting colors is allowed. Such wood species as oak, beech, pine, ash and birch are suitable for making.

Rattan. A rattan lunch room is able not only to emphasize the comfort of a country house or apartment but also add a peculiar chic to the room. This natural material is durable, resilient, and resistant, and is also considered environmentally friendly. When purchasing rattan furniture, you need to consider that it requires constant processing. This is necessary so that dust does not accumulate in the cracks and harmful insects do not breed. Such furniture is well combined with textile, wood and metal elements.

Veneered or painted MDF. Kitchen furniture made of MDF is very similar to wooden. In appearance, it is not so massive, it does not have a peculiar woody pattern. The main disadvantage of the material is the instability of various kinds of damage. Typically, the tabletop is advised to cover with tempered glass, and the seats of chairs are decorated with eco-leather stripes. A good addition to such furniture will be chromed legs.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture



Laminated by chipboard. Great for budget kitchens. Furniture can be made with any pattern and in different colors. For example, in a small kitchen, a white dining room will look great. However, the main disadvantage of chipboard furniture is the possibility of chips on the surfaces. Excessive moisture may cause bubbles to form on the countertop or on the back of the chairs.


Important! When buying a dining room from particleboard, you need to carefully study the quality certificate for furniture, because the material can release toxic substances when heated.

A separate room of materials includes glass, from which the tabletop is usually made. The safest and most reliable glass is considered to be at least 100 mm thick, the thickness of individual inserts should not be less than 80 mm. For the dining table, it is advised to choose a material such as tempered triplex, which is the most resistant to damage. When destroyed, such glass does not shatter into small pieces.

Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture



A glass table can be sliding or monolithic. The appearance of the products mainly depends on the configuration of the legs, which can be forged, chrome, or even wicker. The kitchen dining room with a glass table fits well into the interior in the style of hi-tech, loft, and minimalism. The disadvantages of using glass countertops include difficult care: to wipe the table without stains, you need to make a lot of effort. Some guests feel uncomfortable at such a table because outwardly it seems fragile.

Material, shape, and dimensions of the product. Various options and alternative designs. Compliance of product design with the style of the interior.

How to choose the right dining room table

As a rule, in modern apartments in the kitchen, there is a shortage of space. The best option is a dining room with a sliding table for a small kitchen. Such a transformer table occupies a minimum space when folded and is suitable for a family of four. In the case of the arrival of guests, it is displayed using an additional section. The most popular options for transformers are:Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture

First of all, choosing the size of the table, you need to focus on the dimensions of the kitchen

  1. Extendable table. Consists of two parts, sliding apart. In the niche below them is stored an additional section, with which you can make the round table oval and turn the square into a rectangular.
  2. Book. The classic version of the table, which has two rising side rails, is based on extendable legs.
  3. Folding. The sides of this table are located in special niches under the countertop. If necessary they are put forward and fixed.
  4. Hinged. This table has an additional section, which, if necessary, simply goes up. However, it should be borne in mind that this element usually does not have supporting fasteners, therefore it cannot be subjected to large loads.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture

To save space, you can put a dining table, which is also a work surface

The dining room for a small kitchen can include a bar counter instead of a table, which is used both as a work surface and as a dining table. Usually, choosing this piece of furniture, preference is given to options having a height of more than 100 cm. The following sizes are considered the most popular: height – 120-130 cm, width – 60 cm, length, as a rule, not less than 1 m. Accordingly, for such a bar the rack should be selected in height and chairs, which should not be lower than 75 cm.

How to choose the shape and size of the dining table

If we talk about the shape of the countertops, then dining rooms for the kitchen with a round table are considered a classic option. Although the oval shape of the products is no less popular. Such tables are considered very convenient for both small and large kitchens. The absence of sharp corners makes the products more convenient and safe. The legs at the round tables are located closer to the center, which creates additional leg space. In the photo of the dining rooms for the kitchen, you can see that most often the tables are located in the center. Other common forms include:Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


  1. Square or rectangle. Ideally placed along the wall or under the window, but have corners that you can hit. Fewer people can sit at the square table since not every guest wants to sit on the corner.
  2. Triangle, trapezoid, semicircle, hexagon. They are considered accent elements, they look beautiful, but do not differ in capacity, although they occupy a lot of space. Unusual shapes are often distinguished by tables in the Ikea kitchen.

Important! When choosing a kitchen table for the kitchen, you need to consider that the shape of the countertop should be in harmony with the chairs: oval table – oval backs for chairs.


Legs, which can interfere with the free movement of legs, are not always used as table support – the option of installing the table on a column is possible. In this case, a larger number of people will fit behind it, but it must be borne in mind that such a product will be less stable. Below you can see a selection of various photo tables in the kitchen.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


When choosing furniture, it is also important to pay attention to its size. An adult with an average height of 175 cm for a comfortable pastime at the table requires up to 70 cm (width). Therefore, when choosing a table, you need to think about how many people can fit behind it. It should also be borne in mind that a large kitchen table makes the dining room even larger. For a family of four, the optimal table size is:

  • length – 120 cm;
  • height – 75 cm;
  • width – 80 cm;
  • diameter – 90 cm (if the table is round).

Which chairs to prefer for the kitchen room

Of course, the table should be suitable for the shape and size of the chairs, which should be lightweight, durable, as well as hygienic, and moisture resistant. When choosing a set of natural wood, you need to make sure that the material is pre-treated with special means from a tick and a fungus.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


For modern kitchens, chairs with plastic backs and seats on chromed legs are often bought. In addition to chairs, stools are also often used, but due to the lack of a back and armrest, this option is considered the least comfortable.


If the room allows, you can choose a kitchen dining room with a sofa, but you need to carefully consider the choice of upholstery, which should not be a brand.

When purchasing chairs, it is imperative to pay attention to seat options.

Rigid seats are made of the same material as the base of the chair. The main advantages are durability, low price, and practicality. The disadvantages include a low level of comfort because sitting on a hard lining is not very convenient. Usually, in order to fix this drawback, use removable soft pillows, which are fixed with ties.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


Soft seat options are characterized by the presence of upholstery and filler. A chair with soft upholstery will cost more, but sitting behind it is much more convenient. Another disadvantage is the inconvenient care of a fixed pillow. To wash the entire chair will have to be placed in the bathroom or shower.


Types of upholstery and selection of the required number of products

The main upholstery materials include leather or analogs. It is easy to care for such a coating because if it is dirty, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. Their durability depends on the type of coating: pure leather upholstery will last much longer than leather substitutes.

Important! Good leatherette from the skin is almost impossible to distinguish. However, chairs upholstered in leatherette will cost several times cheaper than their leather counterparts.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


Another cheap but less practical material is fabric upholstery. It is better to give preference to flock or chenille, which are saturated with special means that increase resistance to moisture and pollution. To make it easier to care for fabric furniture, it is recommended to use removable covers that are easy to remove and wash. Below you can see several photos of tables and chairs for the kitchen.

The number of chairs is advised to purchase not only based on the number of people in the family but also depending on the size of the table. For comfortable accommodation of one person at the table, 65-70 cm will be required. Interior designers recommend choosing a dining room with the number of chairs corresponding to the number of family members, and for guests, it is advised to stock up on options for transformer chairs, which can be compactly stored in the pantry. Offers a large variety of tables and chairs for the kitchen Ikea – a Swedish company that specializes in the production of collapsible furniture and various accessories for interior decoration.


Kitchen corner as an option for kitchens of all sizes

Often you can find dining rooms with a kitchenette for the kitchen with a table, complete with which are also chairs. This option does not take up much space and at the same time is multifunctional. In addition to the usual L-shaped corners, you can choose other options, for example, U-shaped or semicircular designs. And the kitchen corners in the Art Nouveau style are completely distinguished by a variety of shapes and materials. The most common kitchen designs include the following options:Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


  1. Mini corner. It creates a convenient dining room, which, in addition to the table and seating, includes space for storing various kitchen items. When decorating a small kitchen, it is advised to give preference to a corner with a round table – in this case, it will turn out to use a non-functional corner and free up space in the central part of the dining room.
  2. Sleeping room. If the studio apartment is very small and there is no possibility of additional beds, then such a set of furniture in the kitchen will be an ideal option. During the day it plays the role of a dining room, and at night with the help of a sliding mechanism, it turns into a sleeping place for guests.
  3. Kitchen corner with drawers. By using additional hidden space, you can free the kitchen from various kitchen utensils – from lids to glass jars and winter blanks. Typically, drawers are equipped under the seats, and access to them is from the side or from the top.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


By choosing a kitchen room consisting of a corner and a table, you can simultaneously solve several issues at once. It is better to give preference to options where the table has one central leg: in this case, guests will be much more comfortable fitting behind it. Among the upholstery materials, it is recommended to choose a leather version.

Some tips for decorating a kitchen with a dining room

The design of the chairs and tables that create the dining room should correspond to the general idea of the interior of the kitchen, since only when this condition is met will the furniture fit harmoniously into the space. When choosing materials, it should be remembered that they should be in perfect harmony with the kitchen facades and furniture in the living room. The most successful combinations are:

  • the bright color of plastic and glossy facades from MDF or particleboard;
  • wooden dining rooms and matt surfaces, even if they are not made of natural wood;
  • patinated or chrome legs of tables and chairs and a kitchen wall, which is equipped with chrome fittings and metal inserts.Spectacular and Functional Kitchen Dining Room Furniture


You can harmoniously fit the dining room into the room using the correctly selected color of the tabletops and backs of chairs. They can be performed both in plain colors and using contrasting colors, the main thing is that the furniture and the interior are combined.


When choosing a kit, it should be understood that, first of all, the lunch room must be safe. When buying a set, you need to pay attention to the strength and stability of chairs and tables and check the quality of accessories. Be sure to inspect the furniture and make sure that there are no defects. Buying a dining room is not worth saving, because this furniture will serve for more than one year.

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