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Split-Level Home Renovation

Arrangement of furniture in any room comes with endless options, and several things could go wrong or right. Generally, the best positioning and placement of chairs, sofas, tables, all depend on the layout, shape, and use of the room. 

With a Split-level home, planning an ideal furniture arrangement demands great care and a lot of considerations. While at this, be sure to note that the traffic flow through the spaces in the room, with the focal point, is located.

Before getting into details of furniture arrangements in a split-level home, it is important to take note of the layout. With the presence of multiple floor levels which are staggered, the main areas of a split-level home include the family room, the kitchen, and the dining room. It also has two sets of stairs which are short. This results in about three to four levels. The opening of the front door leads directly to the living area.


Although the living room, dining room, and kitchen are separated by being situated on different levels, they have the same floor plan and share a connection. In other words, the privacy or separation created by these levels is simply an illusion. However, with the right placement of furniture, a visual demarcation can be achieved.

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Split-Level Home Furniture Arrangement Ideas

First, What is furniture?


Furniture are equipment made from wood, marble, metal, plastic, glass, or related materials. These pieces are utilized in homes, offices, e.t.c. for different purposes but mostly for the provision of comfort and storage.

The interesting feature of furniture is the functionality that mixes with its decorative qualities. Both aspects have been emphasized according to trends, fashion, and economics throughout history and every passing year. Most of the time what distinguishes one piece of furniture from the other is the level of comfort offered and ornamental features. 

Other accessory furnishings that are considered subordinates include; mirrors, clocks, paneling, tapestries, and some other items that have interior complementing features.


That being noted, let’s take a look at how furniture can be arranged in split-level homes.

Furniture on Rug

Since split-level homes provide a large open space, this is very practical. Unify the seating area by making use of a large area rug. The rule guiding this arrangement is that all essential pieces of furniture should fit right on the surface of the rug. In cases where the rug is not big enough to contain all furniture, make sure that the front legs of every piece have contact with the rug.


Lounging Furniture Arrangement

Sectional sofas are the ideal furniture kind for this arrangement. This kind of sofa has various configurations which can all be combined. They include; chaises, armless chairs, ottomans, and loveseats. In an open-concept space like that of split-level homes, this kind of furniture can also serve as a divider.

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Balanced Distribution of Furniture


This is simply the opposing arrangement of identical furniture. The chairs or sofa are positioned facing each other to impose orderliness. Note that to achieve this kind of arrangement, the furniture used should not only be identified but be of the same proportion on both sides.

Focal Point

An effective arrangement of any living room begins with the main point of focus which serves as the central or prominent element of the space. In most homes, this fundamental element is the fireplace. Recognizing the focal point of your home and orienting your furniture towards it is another simple way to achieve a proper arrangement.



It is no news that a split-level home offer so much openness that the living room connects with adjoining rooms or areas which include the dining. To properly arrange your dining, choose a spot and gather together the table and chairs meters behind the living area.

L-shaped Furniture Arrangement


This arrangement requires the positioning of a loveseat and a sofa around a large center table to form an L. The space in the corner where both pieces meet should be filled using a table lamp or an end table. 

Diagonal Furniture Arrangement

The diagonal arrangement gives an open concept plan even more dimension than it already has. It creates a visual pathway that leads straight to the seating area. In this arrangement, the coffee table and sofa are used to institute an oblique axis. To ensure an exact fitting into the architectural structure of the area, use an area rug to align the focal point of your home.


Conversation Area Furniture Arrangement

This is an ideal arrangement for living areas that are mostly utilized in bonding and interacting with family and friends. Ensure the pieces of furniture are closed-in to the center and have them surround the coffee table. Ensure that the distance between the coffee table and the seats are close enough for placing and retrieving drinks. This positioning creates a cozy atmosphere which is hard to achieve in an open concept plan since it is usually filled with so much air and light.

Types of Furniture to Be Considered


Wainscot Chair

A wainscot chair is also known as a joined chair or panel chair. It is made of oak, and wainscot is the fine grade of oak used for paneling this chair, hence the origin of the name. It is a heavy wooden chair with simple construction and the front legs are turned. Features include; arm supports, back legs that are sectioned to form a square, simple upholstered seat, a panel back that is slightly raked, and an incised decoration with a carved cresting on the top.



This furniture has a characteristic deep upholstery and could come in any shape – with a back or without. It was introduced in the late periods of the eighteenth century into Europe from Turkey, which was the central piece of domestic furniture and seating. Early versions of the ottoman included a design fitted to go around walls of a room, precisely three. Afterward, smaller versions were designed, and they could fit right into small corners.

Ottomans of the nineteenth century took the shape of an octagon or a circle, and in the twentieth century, it took more forms.



This furniture is a wide chair capable of accommodating two people. Chairs of this size that were being produced in the nineteenth century, were also called courting chairs. This seat has two sections which sometimes are divided in a symbolic pattern.


A sofa or settee is an upholstered seat with arms and back. Sometimes even the arms and back are upholstered as well. The design of a sofa allows the accommodation of two or more people either in a reclining or a sitting position. The earliest versions are from the seventeenth century, and they could be let down to convert to a bed. Following this, various armrests and backrests were made. Twenty-first-century versions presented matching sets.


Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounge which translates in French as “long chair” is a long reclining furniture. It was developed in the eighteenth century and it shares physical features with daybeds. This furniture has a seat that extends beyond the front of the arms. 

Wing Chair


Wing Chair, saddle cheek chair, or grandfather chair is a heavily upholstered chair with a tall back, armrests, and wings that extend between the arms and back to form a support and protection against drafts. It is oftentimes used in the suites of homes.

Windsor Chair

This is a popular wooden chair that is constructed with the insertion of spindles into a solid wooden seat that takes the shape of a saddle. These spindles have two extensions; one upwardly from the back and arm and the other downwardly from the legs.


Brewster Chair

This furniture was first made in the seventeenth century. It has a rectilinear design and turned wood parts which includes a high post at the back and ornamental spindles.

Accent Chairs


Also known as side chairs, they are additional seats that create focal points in the space or room they are placed. They have single seats that come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Scissors Chair

This is also known as, Dante chair, X-chair, and Savonarola chair. The two curved and crossed structures give it support at the front or back. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of stool or chair. Originally, the seat which could be stretched across the upper ends of the X-shape is made of fabric or leather. 


The essence of the seat’s flexibility is so that part of the frame can be used as armrests.

Mission Style Furniture

This furniture type gained popularity in the twentieth century. The simple materials and design are amongst the few features that distinguish it from other furniture. It is made of oak and finished with stain. 


The carpentry is exposed and it has a rectilinear design.

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     Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture

Kitchen Furniture

  • Kitchen Cabinets: these are built-in furniture usually installed in the kitchen for storage. Food items, silverware, cooking equipment, dishes, etc are stored in it. Sometimes, they are custom-made to fit kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. The standard height of a kitchen cabinet ranges from twelve to forty-two inches, and the standard depth ranges from twelve to eighteen inches. The best materials for kitchen cabinets include; solid wood, wood veneers, laminate, aluminum or stainless steel, and PVC.
  • Kitchen islands: this graces any kitchen large enough to contain it with traditional and modern kitchen design. It can be constructed and finished with different materials. It serves as a work surface, storage, and can be functional as a dining area.
  • Baker racks: originally, Baker racks are from wrought iron or metal. They have shelves that are utilized by bakers for storing baked food until it cools off. Additionally, they are ornamental and are now designed for the storage of decorative items and wine bottles.
  • Bar stools and chairs: For kitchens with peninsulas or work tables, these sets of furniture are available to accent these areas and add to their functionality. They can be made of wood or metal. They are equipped and made with leather cushions, suede, etc. 
  • Kitchen Carts: this furniture would be of great use in a large busy kitchen. They are very portable and comfortable. Also, they can be used in an outdoor setting for entertainment or as barbecue accessories.
  • Pot racks: this furniture is used for hanging pots and pans. It is one favorite piece of furniture for full-time cooks and chefs. It makes these cooking equipment very accessible and keeps the kitchen free of clutter.
  • Kitchen buffets: this serves as an awesome worktop and a space for the safe display of kitchen heirlooms and dinnerware. It is artistic and gives the kitchen a sense of elegance while being functional at the same time.

Bedroom Furniture

  • Dressers: these are normally constructed out of wood and high-end dressers are made out of solid wood.
  • Bed Frames: this furniture takes up a large area of the bedroom alongside the bed and this makes it important bedroom furniture. Types and sizes vary a lot. Some bed frames come with headboards or footboards. 
  • Vanities: these are highly revered for introducing elegance, style, and luxury into the setting of the room. Aside from their decorative use, they can also serve as storage for personal items.
  • Nightstands: this is essential for the storage and easy accessibility of bedside items like mobile phones, lamps, and alarm clocks. It can also be used to keep your favorite books within reach.
  • Wardrobes: this is another essential piece of bedroom furniture. It is designed and constructed for the safe and tidy storage of clothing. Options available are either custom-fitted or free-standing. 
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Furniture Purchase Guide

Every piece of furniture has certain features that determine its functionality, quality, and use. Having at least a fair knowledge of how to purchase your furniture by acknowledging certain rules and tips would serve as enough guidance. Furniture is a great investment in any home and making the right choice is important.

  • Identify your needs: this is probably the very first thing to do. Furniture isn’t a name for just one thing. It’s a collection of a lot of elements, objects, and items. Get familiar with your needs and how it fits into the layout of your home. To begin with, measure the space by starting on the right foot, this would help you determine the ideal size of furniture to get. Also, consider colors and your budget.
  • Go for Environmentally friendly furniture: purchasing green furniture is essential.
  • Learn about fabrics: this has a role to play in your style and the level of comfort furniture offers. Your choice should be fiber or material that complements your decor, preferences, and lifestyle. 
  • Expensive is not quality: you need to understand that just because furniture is highly-priced does not necessarily mean that it is of great quality. However, sometimes this could serve as an indicator but not always. In other to be able to tell the genuine nature of a piece of furniture there are a few things to note; 
  • Find out what the furniture is made of. Solid wood furniture is almost always an awesome option. Furniture made of rubber foam, leather, also usually has high quality.
  • Take note of features like joints, dovetails, mortise, tenons. Some of these features signify reliable quality.
  • Note that some high-quality furniture takes a lot of time before they are shipped following order, this is because they are custom made.
  • Furniture that squeaks or makes sounds are not of great quality and should not be purchased.
  • The terms hardwood and softwood do not determine how hard or soft a furniture is. The difference is how they are obtained. Softwoods are from coniferous trees, and hardwoods come from deciduous trees.
  • Good quality furniture is usually assembled or upholstered with dowels and screws. Avoid furniture if it is assembled with glue and nails. 
  • Avoid purchasing cheap furniture: while expensive does not mean quality, cheap isn’t quality. These kinds of furniture have a long-term cost, not just to you but also to the local economy and the environment.
  • Keep an open mind: there are several options to choose from even after you have found your favorite manufacturer. Take your time and try out different furniture for different configurations and layouts. It would take you a couple of tries to finally decide on your dream piece.
  • Do a personal test: this is important especially for your sofa or couch. Test the texture of the fabric, comfort level, and even take careful notes of the dimensions and how it could look in your home.
  • Hire a professional: you can always do it yourself but if you need the project done in time, consulting a professional interior designer with great experience would set your steps ahead. Not only have they been in the practice serving different people with different preferences, but they also know the best manufacturers and can recognize quality by just the sight of it.
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Where to Buy The Right Type Of Split-Level Home Furniture

After deciding on the exact kind of furniture that would fit the layout of your split-level home and also appeal to your style, where and how to purchase could be difficult to decide on. 

Split-level home furniture of great and assured quality can be purchased on Amazon without hassle.


Once again, yes, it is difficult planning stunning, appealing, and elegant decor in a split-level home due to its large open concept space but, it is not impossible. With the identification and use of the right furniture and decorative elements, you’re one step away from making your split-level home a dreamy space.

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