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The Best Country Kitchen Ideas for Small Ranch

Country kitchen ideas appeals to homeowners who prefer a slightly vintage style to their ranch-style home decors. Characterized by a light color palette, antique accessories and open storage, country kitchens are inherently casual and cozy. It is fairly easy to create a country style in any size kitchen, ranging from large to small. The translation is in the scale, color and details. The result is a kitchen that is a comfortable space to cook and entertain.

Country Kitchen Ideas
Beautiful Small Country Kitchens With Whimsical Accents rustic kitchen cabinets ideas

Country Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Light Walls

Make the entire small Country Kitchen Ideas appear larger than its actual measurements by incorporating light walls into the decorating scheme. Light colors help walls recede to give the illusion of additional space. Choose a color, such as buttercup yellow, sand tan or creamy white, for the walls. Formulations in a satin variety will give the walls a saturated result but also provide easy maintenance at the same time. Pop the light walls with bright white moldings around the doors and windows in a gloss paint to make them prominent. Finish the backdrop of Country Kitchen Ideas with white, gloss doors to make the room feel expansive without using any carpentry tools.

Rustic Kitchen With Rich Accents Country Style Home Ideas

White Cabinets


Paint or purchase warm, white kitchen cabinets to give the space feel large and open. White cabinets are often timeless, which makes them a good candidate for any kitchen; however, they are especially desirable in a kitchen that is small on space. Select cabinets with furniture details, such as carved bottom legs opposed to flush-mounted. Cabinet doors that feature beadboard are particularly country in style and will give the Country Kitchen Ideas an informal appearance. Add vintage-looking glass knobs, brushed-nickel pulls or white-enamel knobs as a finishing touch for a kitchen with a casual, vintage look with country style.

French Country Kitchens eclectic kitchen decor ideas

Apron Sink

Perhaps one of the most quintessential country kitchen elements is an apron sink. This variety of sinks has an exposed area that drapes over the front of the sink like an apron. It is a vintage element that was often seen in country kitchen ideas of yesteryear. Choose a white or cream sink, and match the color to the countertops for a seamless design. Apron sinks with one large sink instead of a divided one look and feel like old farmhouse sinks seen long ago. Add a gooseneck faucet in oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel to finish the kitchen sink with an additional design piece that has vintage roots.

French Country Kitchen Mini Pendant Hand Sculpted Lighting mediterranean kitchen design ideas

Country Accessories


Country kitchen ideas for small kitchens are best kept clutter-free to make them appear large. But a few decorative pieces add design without making the room feel smaller. Hang a small, rustic ladder pot rack from a high ceiling to hold pots and pans. Decorate it further with some dried herbs and a few woven baskets to add to the country feel. Hang a vintage plate collection on a small wall to add color and design to the room. Add a fresh bowl of apples in a wooden bowl to an open countertop as a crowning touch to the entire country kitchen decor.

Country Kitchen Ideas

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