The Best Decorating Ideas for Bungalow Style Homes

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bungalow style homes
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bungalow style homes became popular from 1860 to 1930. Known for their horizontal footprint, 1 1/2 stories and streamlined look and feel, they are sometimes a favorite design for homeowners who want a nature-inspired, simple home appearance. Also referred to as Mission and Craftsman style homes, the interiors are often hallmarked by dark wood finishes, minimal decorative accessories and natural muted colors. The result is a home with vintage roots and timeless style.

How to Decorate Bungalow Style Homes

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Bungalow interiors often take their color inspiration from nature. Paint the walls soft brown, mustard yellow, sage green or terra cotta orange. Choose a color that is muted or has a little gray added to make the walls look slightly vintage in appearance. Conversely, wallpaper the walls in a reproduction Arts and Crafts wallpaper motif in geometric designs or nature-themed patterns to give any room of bungalow style homes an authentic look. Add a lower area of painted wainscoting or stencil a wall in an Arts and Crafts-style design to reinforce the decor. Frame the walls with dark-toned wood moldings and doors for a visually pleasing bungalow look and feel.

Bungalow Style House Craftsman Home Exterior by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc

Furniture of Bungalow Style Homes

Bungalows often feature Arts and Crafts-inspired furniture pieces. Use furniture with a streamlined appearance that is built of heavy oak and finished in a dark-toned wood finish. Choose pieces that have exposed frames that highlight their construction. Select furniture with straight lines in the form of slats on chair backs, couch arms and table sides. Mix the wood with natural leather or dense, tapestry fabric upholstery for a comfortable look that conforms to the style.



Many bungalow style homes have stained-glass windows that feature geometric or angular Arts and Crafts designs. Mimic this feature by placing geometric-themed stained glass lamps on either side of a credenza, entry table or accent table. Choose lamps with oil-rubbed bronze or copper accents to further the Arts and Crafts-style look. Mica is also a material common to the period, so place a mica-shaded lamp on an end table on either side of a couch to provide additional light. Hang a stained glass chandelier with an angular pattern on a high ceiling above a dining room table to give the room a feeling of height and connection to the house’s decor.

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Personalize the bungalow style homes decor with Arts and Crafts-style accents. Lay a large area rug down in a living room, dining room or bedroom area to anchor the space and add pattern and design. Rugs with angular motifs harmonize with the other elements of the interior to create a cohesive design. Hang a large, rectangular, dark oak-framed mirror on the wall above a fireplace to reflect natural light and give the space an illusion of spaciousness. Arrange a collection of handmade pottery in shades of blue, brown and green on built-in shelving to highlight the bungalow’s features for a home with Arts and Crafts-style flair.

Bungalow Style Homes

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