The Best Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces – A small space can be a serious challenge to any concerned decorator.

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

While it is important to not leave even a small area bare and blank, overcrowding a small space with ornaments and decor can lead to a cluttered mess. Understanding some basic Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces can help lead the way to a pretty and organized area where only a confused nook previously existed.

One of the most important Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces is to reduce clutter.

Narrow Living Room Small Space Decor Home Design Ideas

In office cubicles, foyers, or even small bathrooms, efficient storage space may be necessary to help keep the space clean and neat. Narrow shelves and furniture elements with built-in storage compartments can help improve storage capabilities without diminishing necessary space.

Some Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces involve making the space look larger through optical tricks. Correct use of light and contrast can be major contributing factors to enhancing the appearance of size in a small space. Mirrors are excellent at reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger space. Some experts also recommend using pale paint colors to give a feeling of airiness to a cramped space or using a lighter shade on the top half of the room to add a sense of height.


Maximizing vertical space is one of the most useful decorating tips for small spaces.

Cabinetry in Small Spaces modern living room home decorating ideas


Floor-to-ceiling shelves or bookcases provide tons of extra storage without diminishing floor space. Put less-frequently used goods, such as Christmas decorations, on top shelves to reduce the inconvenience factor of high shelving. Another idea to consider is the use of open shelving instead of heavy cabinetry in small kitchens or pantries; open shelves give the illusion of space, where an enclosed block of cabinets may appear bulky.

Use efficient organizing systems in all household closets to help get rid of clutter in small spaces. By installing inexpensive storage compartments, the storage space and efficiency of any closet can be greatly increased. The more things that are neatly put away out of sight, the more room there is to incorporate decorating ideas for small spaces.

Consider installing corner shelving units to best serve oddly shaped rooms. Corners can cause problems due to their irregular shape; couches, tables, and other furniture may not fit gracefully into these areas. By installing corner shelves, the efficiency of a small room can be maximized as no space is left empty.

Cabinetry in Small Spaces modern living room home decorating ideas

Try choosing a single design element to tie together small space decor, rather than relying on several coordinating pieces. A chandelier, painting, or even an unusual wall decal can help add personality to a small space without taking up extra room. Even a boldly colored mirror or vase filled with vibrant flowers may be enough to provide a small area with the entire enhancement necessary.

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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