The Best Ideas for Modern Bedroom Interior Decorating

Modern Bedroom Interior – Moving to a new home or apartment is the perfect time to try a new look. If you’re considering a modern interior, your bedroom is a good place to start. Bedrooms should feel restful. Thanks to their clean lines and lack of clutter, even the boldest modern bedrooms invite you to relax.

Modern Bedroom Interior
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Modern Bedroom Interior Styles

Modern bedroom decor spans a wide range of styles. There’s no set formula, just a common contemporary aesthetic that’s not bound to any historical style. The ideal Modern Bedroom Interior may have white walls, a low-slung, teak platform bed and un-dyed linen bedding; peacock-blue walls with a 1960s upholstered headboard, Danish modern dresser and a transparent acrylic accent chair; or a stainless steel canopy bed, orange coverlet and a gallery wall of framed black and white photography.

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Modern Bedroom Interior Inspiration

Study the way design professionals decorate modern bedrooms for ideas and inspiration. Visit the library or bookstore for books on modern decorating; many feature tips as well as full-color photographs. Flip through magazines and catalogs with a modern bent, and pay attention to the way the stylists have accessorized and arranged the furnishings. When you’re traveling, take notes at your favorite boutique hotel. Don’t copy any one room exactly. Mix your favorite ideas together to create your own personal style.

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A room stuffed with lots of small-scale furnishings, no matter how fine, does not look modern at all. The eye can’t rest, and it registers all that stuff as clutter–which isn’t compatible with a sleek, modern vibe. Instead, choose fewer objects of larger scale for your furniture, accessories or artwork. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a king-sized bed if you prefer a queen, or that everything has to be huge. It just means that you should choose furnishings with some presence, and you should edit the objects you don’t need.



It’s not true that decorating a modern bedroom means every item must be new and cutting-edge contemporary. Many vintage furnishings have modern appeal, whether they’re mid-century modern or 1920s Art Deco. While the majority of your furnishings and decor should have a modern look, it’s perfectly fine to add traditional–even rustic–pieces for contrast. You can even use a majority of historical pieces as long as the lines are clean and you treat them in a modern way.

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Though well-decorated modern rooms range from peaceful and neutral to bold and dramatic, they usually tend to feel sleek and uncluttered. That’s tough to maintain in a bedroom, where you dress, undress and store clothing, accessories, and jewelry. The solutions are ample closed storage–even for the top-of-the-dresser stuff–and the discipline to use it instead of flinging your goods around the room.

Modern Bedroom Interior

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