The Best Ideas for Planning the Right Studio Apartment Layout

When choosing a studio apartment layout, you should first consider its location, affordability, and your ability to fit your furniture and other possessions into what may be a very small space.

Studio Apartment Layout
Eclectic living dining room small layout studio apartment ideas

You may also wish to consider the reputation of the landlord or property management company as well as the general demeanor of your prospective neighbors. You should also inquire about the availability of parking and additional storage space, both of which can affect your budget and the livability of a particular space.

Studio Apartment Layout is typically rather small and generally consists of one room plus a private bathroom.

Scandinavian living dining room layout studio apartment designs

In some cases, however, what is advertised as a studio apartment may have some additional space, such as a sleeping loft or even a small den. If you are in the market for a studio apartment layout, it’s a good idea to request floor plans from landlords and property managers so you can have an idea of what type of space constraints you are dealing with. If you have a lot of furniture, ask a friend to help you measure its dimensions so you can figure out whether the apartment you are looking at can accommodate it all.

Portland Apartment Layout Modern Living Room – portland – by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If fitting your belongings into the apartment is a significant consideration, you may want to ask about the availability of additional storage space within the building. If this space is not available and you are reluctant to sell or donate your furniture or other property, you may want to look into hiring an off-site storage locker. While this is an additional expense, the cost of a storage locker plus your apartment rent may still be less than renting a larger apartment.


The location of the Studio Apartment Layout should be your primary concern. Ideally, you should select a home that is close to work, family, and friends. You should also strive to live in a safe neighborhood. Remember that, even though a Studio Apartment Layout may cost less to rent and heat, if you are required to spend a lot of money on fuel to get to work or to socialize, any savings in rent and utilities will be eaten up by other expenses.

Contemporary Studio Apartment Living Room Layout by Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

As you continue your search, be sure to find out about the reputation of a property management company or landlord. Ask current and former tenants about their experiences and visit online ranking sites to get an idea of how responsive the landlord or property management company is to problems and concerns. Finally, have a look around the building or complex to try and get an idea of what kind of neighbors you will have. It is important that you feel comfortable in the place you will make your home.

Studio Apartment Layout

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