The Best Tips for a Split Level House Remodel

Modern Split Level House Remodel Garage Home Interior Plans
Modern Split-Level House Remodel Garage Home Interior Plans

A Split level home is simply a design of housing where the floors are unsteady with two sets of stairs- one that runs down to the basement and the other that runs up to the bedroom level. This design gained popularity in the twentieth century.


  • A key benefit of building a split-level home is the large home size without taking up too much yard space. Vertically, this type of house offers additional space in the living room. This home is great for land conservation.
  • When it is necessary to build a home by the hill, this is the best option. Split-level homes are the ideal kind for sloppy and steep lands. This permits the adjustment of the foundation to fit rather than the option of excavation through bedrock. 
  • This is the perfect house to have a home office. Split-level homes set up a vacant isolated space away from the main areas where there is a lot of bustling. This vacant area which could be located on the upper or lower floor is serene enough and could serve just right for a home office.
  •  Quieter and more peaceful sleeping areas are something the split-level house brings to the table. It is very unlikely you would be awakened by activities in other rooms or areas.
  • Split-level homes are more affordable. This is because they are not recognized as fashionable resulting in low demand for them. 


  • A good number of split-level homes have a set of stairs situated exteriorly that lead to the front door. These exterior steps could be a hindrance when transporting things into the house. It could also be a hassle to elderly persons and visitors
  • Living in a split-level home can be troublesome especially for elderly persons as accessing different areas of this living space requires you to climb several stairs. You go up and down several times every day, whether you are cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, or just looking for something you misplaced. This home is only appealing to younger families since it is not optimal for the elderly.
  • Not a lot of remodeling options are available for split-level homes. This is because the layout of a split-level home does not support changes. Each part or level of this home is constructed from the beginning for a particular purpose so switching areas or location of rooms becomes problematic.
  • Split-level homes have low resale value for the same reason they are inexpensive. They are not considered fashionable, hence, there is a very low demand for them. If you decide to sell and move out of your split-level home, you’d probably have to sell it cheaper than it cost you to buy or build it.

Types of Split Level Homes

  1. Standard split
  2. Split entry
  3. Split-foyer
  4. Side split
  5. Stacked split
  6. Back-split

Standard Split

standard split level home

In this type of split house, the entry for guests is situated on the ground floor. It can contain quite several bedrooms, the least being three. The middle section is the center of activities, it is where you find the living area, kitchen, and dining. The bedrooms are in the upper sections and the garage is in the bottom section. The pro of this flooring type is that it separates the bedrooms, setting them on a different level.


Split-entry split level home

This split-floor home has three to four floors. The entrance is an area separate from the main areas. The spacious design is a pro and would be of great advantage to larger families. 



Split-foyer split level house

This type of split lacks a functional middle area. It has two levels. The kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and bedrooms are all situated on the upper level/floor. The lower floor could serve as a garage, playroom, or den. The middle area which has no functional use is a downside.

Stacked split

Stacked split split level house

While the split-entry has a maximum of four floors, this split-level home has one more. The bedrooms are on a different floor from the kitchen and dining and the other levels give way to the garage or basement. 



Side-split split level house

This floor plan sets the patents’ bedroom/master bedroom in a different section thereby introducing a touch of luxury. The bedrooms are directly above the garage. A pro of this split home type is its minimal stairs but this plan barely permits privacy as people can see all levels of the house from the front.


Back-split split level house

This is similar to the side-split in several ways but only one floor is visible from the front. The lack of numerous stairs creates an advantage just like in the side-split.


Why are Split Level Homes hard to sell?

  •   Split-level homes are mostly dated. Most of them were built many years ago and some owners most likely have lived in them since they were first constructed. Dated homes are typically hard to sell especially due to high repair costs especially if parts of the house barely have recent replacements or amenities.
  • The abundant supply does not equal the demand. 
  • Split-level homes are not considered fashionable.

Tips on How to sell your split level home

  • Remodel
  • Redecorate
  • Use bonuses to make an irresistible offer
  • Sell the benefits
  • Get a real estate agent

Split Level Kitchen Remodel

plit Level Kitchen Remodel

 Due to how a split-level home is built, the interior could attain an unusual space which could affect areas such as the kitchen, especially because, in most split-level homes, the kitchen is often situated on the upper level. 


Remodeling a split-level home is a difficult and almost unachievable thing to do- almost!

Below is a list of remodeling ideas for your home;

  1. Open Kitchen
Open Kitchen

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are separated by walls but stay connected by short stairs. A popular remodeling idea is the removal of this wall to create an open kitchen. This gives the home a more modern and fashionable look, creates flow, gets rid of the confined and cramped feel, permits an inflow of more natural light, and makes the home more spacious and comfortable. 

  1. No-door remodel design
No-door Kitchen remodel design

This also creates extra flow, allows more light, and provides an illusion of space. This remodel design fits just right in a medium and large split-level kitchen. In this design, there is a wall in the middle that separates the kitchen from other parts and the open spaces or no-doors by the sides serve as entries. This idea is also suitable for a split-level kitchen because it was originally situated close to the main staircase.

  1. Half wall
Half wall kitchen

Removing the wall is a great idea but you don’t necessarily have to get rid of the whole thing. Taking off just half of it gives the house a fabulous look. This remodel design is just right if you want an open kitchen but also would love a little barrier. If your kitchen is small, this remodeling idea is very practical because while there is a little barrier, the kitchen feels much bigger and less cramped than with a full wall.

  1. Floor-to-ceiling fireplace
Kitchen Showcasing Cozy Fireplace

This is ideal for split-level homes that have an open floor with other rooms. The idea is to completely connect all these rooms with the fireplace being the focal point. Despite the connection, the fireplace serves as a barrier concealing the activities of the different areas making it hardly visible from the sitting room.

  1. More open and spacious dining and kitchen
More open and spacious dining and kitchen

This remodeling idea also involves the removal of walls. The result is a direct connection between the dining room and kitchen which automatically removed the storage area.

  1. Wall addition
Kitchen Wall addition

This is a great idea if you want some extra storage space for your kitchen. This wall looks like a barrier from behind but when viewed from inside a kitchen, it is not just a wall but also a storage space. This storage space can be customized to fit in anything, even a refrigerator. So instead of a shelf or refrigerator standing awkwardly in the center, constructing this wall that serves a dual purpose is just the best idea.

  1. Customized furniture
Customized Kitchen furniture

This just like the wall serves a dual purpose. It is a divider separating the kitchen from other areas and it is also a storage unit. The big difference is that it is a custom furniture and not a wall. This, however, is not entirely visible from the living room, it only separates the dining and the kitchen.

How to Improve Split Level Homes

If you’re trying to make your split level home look better either for sale or personal reasons, here are some renovative tips;

  • Replace and add windows
  • Remove walls
  • Utilize custom lighting
  • Use custom mirrors
  • Install a skylight
  • Replace siding
  • Repaint
  • Redo or update lower facade with new materials
  • Change and paint the roof with a different color
  • Replace garage doors
  • Add corner boards
  • Frame double front windows
  • Add trim beneath the soft lift
  • Move the front door or replace it with glass
  • Add a porch
  • Change or refinish interior flooring
  • Make use of light paint colors
  • Install a smart security system and whole-house audio
  • Add smoke detectors
  • Reconfigure Heat ventilation and air conditioning( HVAC) system

Although split-level homes are not considered fascinating and are barely even popular, the right plan, consistent and diligent work will get you your dream space. There is no such thing as an unfashionable home, if you love it, it can always be the right place.


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