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The Main Rules for Feng Shui Bedroom Designs

Feng Shui Bedroom Designs: Furnishings according to the main Feng Shui rules

On average, we spend about two thirds of our lives in the bedroom. Feng-Shui experts give special tips regarding the setting up of this room.

Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
feng-shui elements bedroom furniture layout design

Would you like to know what they recommend for the Feng Shui Bedroom Designs?

The general atmosphere

The living room must generally be comfortable and provide the feeling of tranquility. You must also feel safe in this room. For while you sleep, you are most susceptible to the negative energy.


You may not have to set up a transitional room as feng shui bedroom designs. It should only have one door.

According to Feng Shui, the sloping roof is not appropriate at this point. This would provide for stress and negative influences.

Lots of natural light

In the evening, the bedroom should obviously be darkened. But during the day, a lot of light would have to flow into this room. Because only then will he get enough Chi energy.


The location of the bed

The position of the bed is very important. It must be located next to a wall so that you feel well protected. It is not good when the bed is next to a window. This will make the energy escape and you will not feel refreshed after sleep. Your feet must not point towards the door. According to Feng Shui, this is the position of the dead man.

Do not position the bed under exposed beams. This will lead to chaos in the energy of the room and you will not be able to sleep peacefully.


Square headboard


The sharp edges are not recommended in the whole house according to Feng Shui. They provide for aggression and negative mood. This applies to the bedroom, too, with full force.

Avoid the mirror or position it correctly

In principle the mirrors in the Feng Shui Bedroom Designs are not recommended. If you need a dresser for your beauty care, position the mirror so that it does not reflect the bed. This can cause problems between the partners.

According to Feng Shui, water decoration and aquariums are also harmful in the bedroom for the peace and good sleep.


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The choice of color

The color in the Feng Shui Bedroom Designs must match the taste of the inhabitants. This is especially important in the children’s bedroom. Do not position pictures there. They activate energies that are too stressful. In addition, TV and PCs in the bedroom are not recommended.

Avoid unnecessary items


In the bedroom there must be order and plenty of space. The chaos and the superfluous items have a negative impact on your peace and relaxation.

Pictures of Feng Shui Bedroom Designs

Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
skin colors for a feng shui bedroom design
Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
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Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
marvellous feng shui bedroom furniture ideas
Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
Kevin Smith Gorgeous Master Bedroom With Wood Ceiling Accent
Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
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Feng Shui Bedroom Designs
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